Doctor Who series 8 news round-up

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12 Feb 2014 - 10:56

Steven Moffat, Ben Wheatley, writing news and the Who's Changing documentary feature in our latest Doctor Who news round-up...

Production is, as you probably well know, underway on the new series of Doctor Who, which sees Peter Capaldi take charge of the TARDIS, alongside Jenna Coleman. As a result, an assortment of stories have been filtering through, and we figured we'd round them up in one place. Here, to be exact.

Firstly then, the known writers for Doctor Who series 8 are led by Steven Moffat (as you might expect). He's brought the excellent Phil Ford back (Wizards Vs Aliens is a real treat if you've not caught it), along with Stephen Thompson (who last penned Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS). Rumours also suggest that Neil Cross (Hide, The Rings Of Akhaten), Gareth Roberts and Mark Gatiss are back.

We also know that amongst the directors are Ben Wheatley, Douglas Mackinnon and Paul Murphy.

Wheatley, in fact, has been chatting about the episodes that he's directed, which are set to be the first two of series 8. In an interview with Collider, Wheatley said that "Peter Capaldi is excellent and I’ve been able to go into the TARDIS and do all this stuff I always dreamt of doing as a nine year old.  So I’m in the process right now of achieving my childhood dreams".

Chatting to io9 meanwhile, Wheatley also revealed that "it seems to me the episodes that we're doing now seem more like classic Who. We're going back to that style. But you'll have to wait and see".

Steven Moffat, meanwhile, gave an interview to Assignment X that was run last week where he was asked how long he planned to continue heading up Doctor Who and Sherlock. "You never know that in advice", he said. "I can envision just doing [Sherlock] for a while - for quite a while possible. The fact that we only do it occasionally means it's not swamping anyone's schedule. Eventually I'll stop doing Doctor Who, because it stops me doing anything else".

Oh, and if you get a supposedly leaked script for an episode called Nemesis Of Neglect, which some are suggesting is a Steven Moffat story for Doctor Who series 8, then it's fake. But you probably guessed that.

Finally, occasional Den Of Geek contributor Cameron McEwan - best known to most of the world as Blogtor Who - has released his documentary, Who's Changing. It's good this, a film looking at how Doctor Who fandom has changed over the years. It's on sale now, and you can find it at Amazon here.

More on Doctor Who series 8 as we hear it...

Assignment X.

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