Doctor Who: new series 8 filming photos

News Louisa Mellor 29 Jan 2014 - 10:02

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman have been snapped out and about in Cardiff filming new episodes of Doctor Who...

Filming continues in Cardiff on Doctor Who's eighth series, and now that the Doctor's new togs are out of the closet and snuggly wrapped around Peter Capaldi, fans have had a chance to see them in action.

Specifically, the Capaldi-containing-costume has been snapped walking alongside, hugging, and standing next to Clara Oswald in what's thought to be one of the first two episodes of the new series, directed by Ben Wheatley.

The wonderful Ryan Farrell has a marvellous selection of images from the filming on his Flickr account, here, a few samples of which are below...

Blogtor Who / Flickr

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Some VERY interesting spoiler rumours about this scene kicking about...

Wow, they are really cutting the set decoration budget for series 8.

Has the Doctor specialised in a field and become a Consultant? From now on we need to call him Mr Who!

Andrew Scott Andrew Scott Andrew Scott Andrew Scott Andrew Scott Andrew Scott Andrew Scott Andrew Scott Andrew Scott Andrew Scott Andrew Scott Andrew Scot.

Isn't that just surgeons?

They'll fix it in post.

I think that's a great look for the new Doc, and the hug ( I reckon ) is the Doc consoling Gemma just after he has regenerated and she is having a bit of a problem adapting.

I'm sick of every ones obsession with Andrew Scott, are people gay for him

Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi

I agree with most of what you've said but forgive me, who is Gemma?

That's the boarded up shop next to specsavers on Queen Street in Cardiff, so whatever angle they shoot from, it'll be a basic high street.
I'm so upset I missed this. I walked a different route to work and if I had turned left instead of right (or walking down the street itself as I usually do) I would have seen this. Curse the luck!!! Keeping an eye out for more.

I'm assuming it's episode 1 as Clara is still wearing the same outfit as she wore at Christmas

It was filmed in front of a boarded up shop on Queen Street in Cardiff... I commented on this below

Learn how to use the apostrophe, the comma and the question mark properly you dolt.

He's already in the top three Doctors. Medical fact.

I felt that Andrew Scott was terrible casting for Moriarty and to this day, so disgusted was I by his portrayal of the character, I have never watched past the swimming pool introduction scene. They may as well have just cast Graham Norton and be done with it.

If you'd turned left instead of right,,,

Sounds like a useful plot device for Doc... oh, wait...

oh piss off, seriously

I really like the outfit, but I just want there to be a tie. Not a bow-tie. Just a normal one. The buttoned up white shirt with a coat looks strange without it.

The only people mentioning him here these days are that apewit who keeps changing his guest login handle, and you.
The joke's been buried and the only people keeping it alive are the ones who claim to hate it.

Gallifrey's been hidden in some manky public toilets, and it's in the Ladies' so Clara's sad because she's the one who's got to go in and find it.
(Man, this stuff just writes itself...)

There is something vaguely Amish about the buttoned up shirt and overcoat ensemble...

Has anyone else noticed that Mr Capaldi's Doctor appears to be wearing a wedding ring?

I don´t get why this is still so popular, a much more fitting name would be Dr Poo and the Turdis

oooh, careful with that kind of talk, you'll get all the wrong downvotes talking that way on this place.

It's been going for 50 years - haven't you worked it out yet?

oh, really genuinely believe that don't you? You just wait till the next time there's some serious Sherlock or Doctor Who news, or the next time RichieC shows up to grace us all with his varied sense of humour and jokes that don't revolve around one single random actor. (Where is he these days? Probably taking a sabbatical to think up some new lame annoying Andrew Scott jokes.) He's the one keeping it alive, NOT the people like me who are sick to the back teeth of his B.S. Next time, get your facts straight.

Facts? I'm basing this on observation of the forums over the weeks since Christmas. My facts are as straight as they can get in the circumstances.
But thanks for the vitriolic outburst. They're always entertaining.

Yeah I guess your right, its mostly aimed at middle aged single overweight men

I'm not middle aged....

But seriously: It's interesting you make that assumption about the audience - most people tend to call it a kid's show.
I took my 56 year old mother to see the Day of the Doctor in the cinema (which was sold out); there were about 5 people there under the age of 20. Everyone else was between the age of 20-70 and from all types of background. People were dressed up as Tom Baker, Eccleston, Tennant, Smith etc.
Doctor Who is a 'family' show. It appeals to all sorts of people. It's such a shame you don't seem to get it.

Gemma Louisa Coleshaw.

She plays Lara Osmond.

...and those who are clearly "gay" for Andrew Scott. :)

All I'm saying is, how many affectionate mentions of the-actor-who-shall-not-be-named can you find in comments on this site over the past, say, two weeks?
Whereas, within that same time period I'll bet I can easily find ten instances of that moron spamming the name and/or people complaining about the joke.
I've got three right here. What have you got?

Ah yes, my mistake! ;o) Is that Paul Capeterdi with her? Think he plays The Surgeon...

I'm not single....

That's so genius and I can't believe I wasn't even trying for it. Thanks :D

Ed Balls

I apologise, was just messing around, I have just never been able to get into it

apparently its the eleventh doctor one the phone saying by to clara, she turns to him and hugs him

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