Doctor Who: new series 8 filming photos

News Louisa Mellor
29 Jan 2014 - 10:02

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman have been snapped out and about in Cardiff filming new episodes of Doctor Who...

Filming continues in Cardiff on Doctor Who's eighth series, and now that the Doctor's new togs are out of the closet and snuggly wrapped around Peter Capaldi, fans have had a chance to see them in action.

Specifically, the Capaldi-containing-costume has been snapped walking alongside, hugging, and standing next to Clara Oswald in what's thought to be one of the first two episodes of the new series, directed by Ben Wheatley.

The wonderful Ryan Farrell has a marvellous selection of images from the filming on his Flickr account, here, a few samples of which are below...

Blogtor Who / Flickr

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