Doctor Who: first official picture of Peter Capaldi costume

News Simon Brew 27 Jan 2014 - 18:49
Doctor Who

The first official image of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor, in his new costume, has been released. See it here...

Earlier today, we reported the news that Steven Moffat had said that it wouldn't be long before we got to see the official costume for Peter Capaldi's iteration of the Doctor in Doctor Who. And he was right. Ahead of the show presumably going on location later in the week - when the costume would have been outed anyway - the BBC has released an official shot of Capaldi as the 12th Doctor, in the 12th Doctor's togs.

Take a look here...

We think he looks really rather dapper ourselves - something of a magician about him, in very shiny Doc Martens. We suspect the 12th Doctor takes boot polish with him in the TARDIS.

What do you reckon of the costume, then?

Production continues of Doctor Who series 8, which is expected to debut in the autumn.

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Seems to confirm that this Doctor will be more serious or fatherly, which is excellent.

Nice cardy!

Cardigans are cool.

I like it, Its a bit a Pertwee-esque, Dandy style but with an air of authority. I hope Capaldi steals this from a hospital and does some Venusian Akido

love it! simplistic but fantastic. wonder if the lack of a sonic is significant ?

Mod-tor Who

Ohh Suit you sir!

Inhuman noise and I absolutely love it.

Me and those around me think he should just wear the richelieu outfit. Looks fab and it's striking.

Yes, pockets!

Don't like it, but not here for the costumes. lol

There can be a whole new round of publicity for the new screwdriver design!

Yep, I like it. Simple, not gimmicky, but rather suave. :)

I find it a bit irritating that only the top button is buttoned, but that's just me.

That's what I thought!!!

Forget the suit, look at that pose and the look in his eyes, Capaldi is loving it hes going to be brilliant!

Yeah, it really works. Brilliant, not much of a surprise because it suits him so well!

I really like it. It has a back to basics feel about it, like he's not here to mess around.

I likes it.
but is he impersonating The Silence in this picture?

He's bringing dandy back?

Amazing. Minimalist, Pertwee-esque. I couldn't be happier with this.

Love it. Love the red. No tie or is that a canvas yet to be painted? :)

Love it! Very stylish! And the flare of red really gives him some mystery & sass.

Honestly, I'm unmoved. Indifferent to it.

I still think he'll be a wonderful The Doctor.

First thing that came into my head was Pertwee with the red lining. Very good costume

It suits him very well, couldn't imagine him with a bow or sand shoes (pardon the references) but ya I like it and can't wait to see him portray the Doctor!!!!

'Love the fatherly/Pertwee slant. This also strikes me as the kind of costumer Colin Baker would have gotten if the 80's were now and JNT were Moffat. It's a bit...silly...but not offensive.

I feel the same about it. I neither like nor dislike it - I'm more disappointed that I don't feel anything about it. It feels like it's lacking something, as it it's unfinished.

I like the costume but honestly when my eyes first dashed across it, I thought it was an official photo from the first episode with Capaldi still in Matt's costume. It's very similar, isn't it?

I like it. I like it alot :)

I'm not that much of a fan. It doesn't feel special.

But Capaldi is a great actor so I'm sure that he'll be quality whatever he wears.

Love it! But is it just me, or is that the kind of thing one would exoect the master to wear? Also, I agree it does lack something perhaps a cape?

Look Harry Potterish to me. :)

No thrills but the are cool...Doctor in docs...haha love it

I get the feeling that people involved with Doctor Who are beginning to get apprehensive with the idea of taking risks.
Matt's first costume was iconic. Tweed jacket, bow-tie, visible socks and suspenders. I'm aware that many won't agree, but I vastly preferred that over his long series 6 coat, or his 7b costume. Even 10's coat would look ridiculous out on the street. 9
Now this. It's not bad, but it's very safe, isn't it? It's obviously not a bad costume - there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Nothing at all. Not one thread looks out of place upon Capaldi, and it really suits him.
That disappoints me greatly.

(Be gentle with me. I understand it's popular to tear any Doctor Who naysayers apart blindly and with great prejudice, even if they probably adore the show much more than you can possibly fathom.)

It's kind of annoying me the way they're revealing everything about this Doctor, it just takes away all the surprise and fun in it

I think he need something else, i feel like something is missing. all the doctors have had something unique and special: celery, question mark vest, bow tie, leather jacket, hat, scarf.. etc. but what about capali? :(

looks too casual to me :/

All I got from this was

"Be nice to me or I'll condescendingly accuse you of being a fan boy"

Here Here!

Hopefully no more bloody flirting!

I should mention, I only use the example of Matt because his costumes are the only other reference for the Moffat era. I'm not some mentalist who can't move on - I was actually of the opinion that it was a good time for him to bow out. It would just be silly comparing Tom Baker's scarf to this. Different production teams, pointless.

I like it, but I don't think it's anything special.

Still Capaldi looks awesome what ever he is wearing so No complains here :)

Sir Bradley Wiggins would like his clothes back please,

CAPE!!! THIS IDEA IS THE BEST EVER!!! MOFFAT, GET CAPALDI A CAPE!!! AND POSSIBLY AN EVIL GOATEEE!!! AND- Actually, why don't we just give him Delgado's old costume.

I got the feeling Capaldi is going to do a lot of handgestures. In almost every picture he posses like a professional dancer.

Seriously- I said NO pleated pants. Christ, no not you son...

I believe I used the words "tear apart". I'm not interested in getting into a mud slinging match, as is the typical treatment of anyone who insinuates even the vaguest hint of disappointment with Doctor Who.

Thank you for proving my point, though, and reminding me that it's impossible to vocalise an opinion on this site without the "Whovian" brigade picking apart your comment for absolutely anything they can desperately sling mud at.

Fair play to you, Moustache. As a Whovian, I applaud some considered criticism of a show I love. It keeps us honest and stops some of our more fervent fans from running away with their fan-geek'gasm. As to the outfit, as an initial version I agree that it looks generic, but stylish. Almost Mod-like. I imagine there will be a few tweaks along the way, much the same way every other Doctor had.

i like this outfit. Minus the pants. they don't look like they would be comfortable and fit quite right. Looking forward to having a more fatherly Doctor! (seriously hope they change the pants lol)

"How very skinny... that is PROPER skinny! I've never seen it from the outside, it's like a special effect! Oi, matchstick man!"

You do realize that Capaldi, Smith, Tennant and Eccleston before him all picked out their own outfits right?

A cardigan and a ring, eh? Cardigans and rings are cool.

Yeah, I was expecting some eccentric details to go with it, like swirl patterns, gold accents, or a brighter color (I wanted the coat to be red). It's kinda boring for me, almost generic--which is not something you associate with the Doctor. I feel a little underwhelmed.

I like it a lot. Gives him a youthful appearence.

Exactly! That's what's missing. Something eccentric to go with the outfit. I wanted to see swirl patterns, or gold accents, heck switch the colors around to make it a red coat with black lining! I guess it does confirm my expectation of the Twelfth Doctor evoking the Third, but I wanted more to it. Let's hope Peter Capaldi's performance makes up for a bland costume.

Not just you at all - done-up top buttons without a tie or bowtie (RIP :( ) just looks silly.

I do like it as a whole, although I hope there's something a bit different on the cardigan that makes it more Doctor and less librarian.

Needs a tie or a fez lol

Very Pertwee, which makes sense since I think I heard he was Capaldi's favorite. :) He seems to be having a hard time adjusting to his regen too, given the glimpse of him at the end of the Christmas episode, just like 3 did. (If he starts going on about his shoes, we know we're in for a good time)

It's far too similar to 11's last costume. It really needed to be utterly different. Can't help but be disappointed.

Or a magician. :)

Fez sales are sure to be affected....

Heeey, he's a hundreds of years old Timelord - not dead! XD

My biggest complaint is that he's NOT GINGER! I mean what is the first thing both of the latest doctors ask? am I ginger? Why am I not Ginger? I would have loved to see a red haired Doctor. I mean Rupert Grint is about the right age to try it out, and that is just one actor. Now Nothing against Capaldi. I'm sure he will be a amazing Doctor, I just really wanted a ginger doctor.

The cardigan!

Is it just me, or is that costume pretty much exactly the same as the 11th Doctor's second costume, minus the bowtie and some red lining to his jacket?

I think I would wear that

I'm kind of hoping there's some sort of neckwear we've just not been told of yet, it looks so bare! I like the rest though, the red lined coat instantly made me think of pertwee, and anything linking to classics is good to me! :)

Yeah, I've always heard that. I can't say I've ever believed it. Always seemed a bit cute - something they would throw into an episode of confidential.

If I had to guess, I would say that the costume designers would keep the actors involved in the costuming process, and eventually allow them to make some kind of final decision on 3 or 4 options. "This one, or this one? We like both. You choose."

He needs a scarf…


It's like a Hartnell/Perwtwee look. Love the shoes too. :)
Extremly pleased :) ;) :)

It's definitely not Pertwee. Pertwee was Edwardian and frilly. This is boring.

Yep, I like it a lot, I like the fact that even though it's dapper and quite 'age appropriate' it also has shades of the third Doctor and a big shiny pair of Doc Martens - giving it that little hint of punk sensibility.

It works for me.

Exactly- lest we forget Bill Hartnell managed to get engaged during his tenure.

Looks suitably olde-worlde (apart from the Dockers!). No bloody "?" symbols either.
Perfect! Nice to see The Doctor looking his age again, too.

Be fair, there is NO way they would be able to keep this quiet. I'd rather the BBC reveal it to us, instead of some idiots putting spoilers on the net

Dreadful. Skinny guy pants and coat on a guy of his age. Yeesh.

But hes not young

Smart yet quite unfussy for the Doctor. I reckon it could be the basis of a more elaborate costume which could develop over time.

I tried to respond to this comment, but to tell the truth it's utterly baffling.


They're filming on location shortly. It would've hit the internet anyway. This is their way of keeping control of it.

The head costume people go out together shopping with the actor after having a budget given to them and they buy a few different costumes and then everyone reaches a decision on it.
It's like that for every show. Moffat said a while back in an interview that Capaldi was out shopping even as he spoke.

How about a cravat?

"So this is what replaced me? a clown and a dandy... Indeed.

Probably not. Its navy blue. And no tie.

Delighted with the choice of P.C as Doctor but only HoHum on the costume. Whilst I welcome the nods to Pertwees garb I would have preferred a darker, more gothic style (a cross between Pertwees dandy and Count Dracula !!)

Have not watched Dr. Who in years.

Nothing says I'm just about to 'cause it' like a Crombie, straight legs and Docs. I've a feeling this Doctor aint gonna be messing about!

I think this costume is cool, provided the red lining at the bottom is sewn so it's always out, as this would define his doctors costume (like the bow or scarf) otherwise it's matts costume blue without bow tie :)

I agree that this costume is really bland. It has no flair at all (other than the red lining). I also agree that when I first saw it, I thought it looked WAY too much like Matt Smith's outfit. The lack of neck ware really bugs me too.

I like it. It's understated, this means he can let his personality define him rather than his clothes. I do wonder if they went for a cardigan just because a waistcoat would be too similar to Smith's outfits?

Agreed--there is a Pertwee flavor to it, and that's not a bad thing at all, in my view.

Well, at least he got new kidneys!

Not impressed. Where is Dr Who going? Doubt this elder Doctor is going to appeal to younger devotees. Have heartbroken grandchildren who adored Matt Smith and David Tennant, so conclude that the producers have decided this is no longer a programme for them?

It does feel very magician-y. I'm not sure I like it all that much. It's a bit stiff. I like the attempt to be dapper, but there's just something about it that I can't quite place my finger on that feels off. Maybe a snazzy cane or a hat. There's just something wrong.

I thought Pertwee at first glance, but then thought, no; it's more like Cushing's Doctor.

Sigh, no bow tie, not even a necktie. Points for Morning coat, though!

Remember 11 kicking a dalek in Victory of the Daleks? He obviously realised back then those monkey-boots weren't up to the job so now he's brought in the DMs. He's going to finish the Time War 1970's terrace style.

aaah, I like it. I was really hoping there'd be some sort of red and black going on.

Mandrake gestures hypnotically.

He can flirts with River Song any time he wants and I won't complain.

No Capes. Remember what Edna Mode said in The Incredibles. No Capes

In all seriousness I love it. It's not extravagant in any way but for some reason really feels like classic Who to me.

It looks like it needs a kilt to me.

Don't despair. Jon Pertwee was my first Doctor when I was very young and I found him a real hero to look up to. I hope your grandchildren get half the enjoyment from Mr Capaldi that I did Mr Pertwee once the new Doctor adjustment period is over.

Or Tasha Lem. Sure she's a Dalek but we all have our little faults.

"Something eccentric to go with the outfit." I think you'll find Capaldi will provide the eccentric. And that's the point - it's going to emphasize the actor. Much as Colin Baker's outfit distracted from the actor, this will draw attention to everything Capaldi does, in much the same way Hartnell and Troughton's understated outfits did.

Actually, if you read up on what Baker wanted for his costume, it's actually not too far removed from what Capaldi got.

Yeah, it's been confirmed that Capaldi was very involved in the choice of costume. And for those who think it's a "pick one" scenario, Matt Smith is known to have been 100% responsible for the bow tie, so the actor's decisions count.

Cape would make it too much like Pertwee.

I know many skinheads and suedeheads who dress like this on a daily, easiest cosplay costume to ever fall in their lap!

Doctor Wholigan!

Love it. Black on black and shiny black with pure red and white accents. Dapper, hell, its Brilliant!!!

Does anyone else feel like something is missing. Some kind of decoration like maybe a fob watch.

I get the desire to see some piece of eccentricity added to the costume (and indeed it may be that we can't see it, or one will be added in story) but I'm hoping this is reflective of this incarnations character. I enjoyed Tennant and Smith, but it would be nice to see a less frivilous take this timgfte 3r655555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555c66 (damn cat!)

Suits him but it feels like it's missing a finishing touch like some kind of tie, scarf or hat. On the bright side i'm glad it's quite basic and not ridiculously outlandish like the clothes Doctor's 5-7 wore.

Not seen a cravat since Tom Baker but it may undermine the "rebel Time Lord" they seem to be going for with the docs.

I always assumed they shopped for inspiration, not the actual outfit as Moffat and Davies used to always imply. That's exactly what I meant by a bit too cute to be believable.

They have a whole costume and wardrobe department. They shop with the actor for ideas, and then return to the department to create and modify. Then, the actor would return to see what they've created/modified, and (possibly) select their favourite.

It's a romantic idea, that the actors choose their own outfits. The fact is, those choices will be streamlined by the trained professionals. It's like in Harry Potter. When Prisoner of Azkaban began production, the main tree were allowed to choose their own wands - however all three had a separate set of wands to choose from each, and all were extremely similar. Emma had a few designed specifically for her, as did Rupert and Daniel. I just suggest that it's a very similar procedure with Doctor Who.

Shades of Voldemort.

Apparently the boots are made by Loake, though they do resemble Doc Martens at first glance. The coat is by Crombie and modelled on a Naval style coat that retails for £795! Great look. Feels modern, sophisticated and "no frills". The sheer force of this fierce Doctor will be a joy to behold.

I like it, sleek lines, long jacket, no neck gear. It could use some kind of hat, but other than that, it looks fantastic.

An instant classic. Well done to the designer Howard Burden.

I think my issue with it, is most Doctors have a silhouette that their appearance creates. This won't create an outline, it will just be a man in a suit. A dapper, stylish suit, but a suit nonetheless...

You're thinking of the Sixth Doctor as inspiration?

Capaldi looks over 2000 years old?

In terms of specifics and detail, no, But in purely visual terms, yeah,

Will need a good excuse to explain why he looks like a cocktail waiter, not impressed.

I miss the bow-tie :(

If it's any comfort I think the jacket is invertable. You can turn it inside out and wear the other side.

I hope he doesn't twist an ankle when he runs. : /

Capaldi will be be a brilliant Doctor. Please, however, lose the cardigan from this otherwise good costume...or give him a pipe and carpet slippers!

Oh, that coat is *classy*.

But notice there is no sign of what his SONIC looks like!!! Oh I can't wait...

A coat and some layers to keep warm, check.
Sturdy, comfortable shoes, check.
A hint of colour to use when needed, check.

He's been doing the job a few years that chap.

Ooooh, I like this a lot, very dapper :)

What it lacks is context.
With them being forced to make the official release early, we haven't got the luxury of seeing him pick this out of the TARDIS wardrobe room after his initial outing in the last Doctor's gear, as we've had with nearly all the previous Doctors.
Just him on a white background, so it was bound to be a bit underwhelming. But I still think it's perfectly Doctor-y and he's going to rock it.

Like it!
Smart, elegant. An eccentric intellectual. (I'm getting an 'impromptu night out at the opera' vibe)
Perhaps they'll even throw in the odd anachronism as his character progresses.

So you've logged in especially to comment on this thread because...?

tbh, I hope in the first episode it breaks, and 12 thinks ah well, and its not used again. at least for a series because the sonic seems a bit OP

Me too, hate the silly Doctor outfits Tom Baker's scarf was about as silly as I could stand (I do have one) I have always judged the outfits on wether I would wear them. This is a much more GQ look for an older Doctor. I Approve.

I like it, the block colour of blue is broken up nicely by the flash of the red lining. The brogue boots are both smart and practical. The three quarter length jacket is a good statement piece, something all Doctors need. The layers, the plain white shirt without tie, the chinos; all very on trend. Clean lines and a strong silhouette are a quintessentially 'British' look, and Doctor Who is nothing if not a quintessentially British show.

I hope he goes hands-free and wears a vegetable.

looks to me what youd get if you put three and ten in a blender. but think the custom doc marten bogues are a nice touch

Good outfit, bad picture.

How long has it been you have seen a cocktail waiter?

9 just had a leather jacket, 10 just had trench coat, 11 just had a blazer, 12 will just have a Crombie coat.

Flat cap! that's what missing.

He's not wearing his eye of Agamotto

Yeah right, damn cat, even wrote damn cat and pressed submit.
If a cat jumps on your keyboard, delete the crap before you submit or you are just seeking attention.

Bit harsh but you have a point.
(damn cat)

or a a kidney


According to the BBC They're Doc Martens...

Not bad, I quite like. Not sure about the pose, though.

A 30 plus year Whovian here. I guess my biggest concern is that this incarnation of the Doctor is going to be "dark". There is enough darkness in the world and Doctor Who should never lose sight that it was originally a children's show. Yes adults love it, but it is because it was a children's show. Please Moffat, keep the joy in the doctor, don't be a part of this world, be better than this world.

I have a feeling Doc Martin wingtips are about to make a comeback.

But sadly they are the wrong colour...

no i'm afraid, it's a classic Crombie coat, they have red linings

"This world is mine. I have watched over it since the wheel and the fire. I have no need of screwdrivers."

"Don't ever call me Jon !@#!ing Pertwee again!". I was hoping for a bigger coat, but this look will suffice for now...

Loving the Teddy Boy look.

But please, wear a tie or unbutton your shirt!

Like this a lot. Could maybe do with a dress scarf (like McCoy) or perhaps a smart red hankerchief (if he was to go down the ska rude boy route)

I think it's Pertwee without the frills. I don't like it. I don't think it looks like a costume that is very distinguishable; Matt Smith had the bow tie, Peter Davison the cricket jumper, Tom Baker the scarf etc.

i think gordon ramsey would make a good doctor who

I like it "rebel time lord" I would change the shoes to new rock boots though xxplain and simple no messing x

Amazing costume,the doctor just got attitude!!love the classic english look,Britain rocks and boy does it show.just to set the record straight the shoes are by famous english shoe makers Loake brothers of Northampton,and made exclusively for cult shoe shop British boot company in camden town london!the shop is where bands like the Clash and Madness shopped, so i hear from a music journo friend!!!!been there last year with a Japanese friend and she loved it,right choice for his image moving forward I think??the guys at the store will laugh but when I was there it reminded me of a tardis there was so much stock inside for a tiny store!lol

Oh yeah I didnt think of it, but a cane would be a great addition!

Interesting insights Nathaniel06. Loake did indeed make the shoes as I pointed out earlier. A somewhat lazy BBC press release has given DMs much publicity. Loake are by "Royal Appointment" too. Good to see a smaller British company doing so well in the current climate.

yup I'm sold. loved it and yes very Pertwee-esque which is probably why I love it that much more.

The erm "hand gesture" (if you'll forgive the phrase!) echoes Pertwee's original publicity pictures for Radio Times when he famously "raided his grandfather's clothes chest". It was later adopted by Tom Baker notably in publicity for in City of Death and especially by David Tennant who seemed very keen to use it whenever he was photographed as the Doctor. Allegedly, it was a tip he passed onto Matt Smith, who has used it in several photo-shoots, most notably when he and Karen Gillan were promoting Series 5.

The coar costs 795 pounds? Cosplayers are going to hate that.

he has hands

I hope you're right! As I say, I don't enjoy feeling ambivalent towards anything Doctor Who

It's interesting that there are so many people saying "every other Doctor had a recognisable accessory", and I do see why people are feeling there's a gap where something should be, but no one seems to have recalled how minimalist the Ninth Doctor's costume was as well.

A cane. He needs a cane. Then it would look marvellous.

I thought that earlier today, but then again it made sense for Nine to be minimalist and monochromatic, since he was in a state of bereavement, killer-guilt, survivor-guilt and any other kinds of grief you may care to imagine after the Time War. Obviously I don't know the context of Twelve's narrative outfit choosing, but I feel like it should have more to it so he doesn't look so downbeat.

It's pretty decent - the trousers are a terrible fit though. They're like two different cuts above and below the knee and too long.

Simplistic, a little "Pertwee" like. Capaldi will be awesome as long as Moffat doesn't write him like a doddering buffoon. According to Moff, it's a new era, new Dr, new monsters, new costume, however what we really need is a new showrunner, tbh. I can't believe they didn't start filming until now. They must have thought we would give them some leeway because we got an anniversary special, and only six, yes, that's six, full of eps of Who, last year. And a christmas edition. Six eps a year is a full season now.

Sonic cane then we can get rid of the Potter wand.

Moffat can't write dark. don't worry.

More like an instant "meh"

So the Dr is rich now?

MS's outfit looked far too similar to DT's, the wardrobe DP are going for the safe options.

That's not a bad thing, btw.

Correct, they are taking safe options all round. Wouldn't want to rock the cashboat.

It will go with the, sonic :)

Colin wanted to be the doc in black.

That's how I feel about all of Moff era Who.

She looks dreadful now, watch Arrow S1.

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