Doctor Who: Moffat says Capaldi costume reveal coming soon

News Louisa Mellor
27 Jan 2014 - 08:42

When are we going to see Peter Capaldi's Doctor's costume? In a matter of days, according to Steven Moffat...

We've seen him sans bow tie in Matt Smith's get-up and we've seen him in a Victorian nightshirt, but we've yet to see Peter Capaldi in his very own Doctor costume. That time is at hand, according to Steven Moffat, who told Film Review Online on the 20th of January that we can expect the new costume to be revealed in a matter of days.

According to Moffat, Capaldi's outfit would be made public, "In the next few days I would think. It's just the first time we hit daylight with it, and then it will be out".

About to start the fourth week of filming the new series, the Doctor Who team has avoided filming a costumed Capaldi out of doors for almost a month, but won't be able to maintain the mystery for much longer.

When we spoke to them for Sherlock last April, Moffat spoke nostalgically of the days when surprises such as the Doctor's costume could be kept until on-screen: "I remember a world in which I didn’t know what Tom Baker would be wearing as the Doctor until his first episode." Mark Gatiss agreed, "I miss those days". Those days, of course, are well behind us, and the fan clamour for a look at Capaldi's new duds is louder than ever.

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