Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi begins filming series 8

News Louisa Mellor 7 Jan 2014 - 13:36

The BBC has released the first official picture of Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman filming the new series of Doctor Who...

“New job, first day, slightly nervous. Just like the Doctor, I'm emerging from the TARDIS into a whole other world.”

According to the BBC. those were Peter Capaldi's thoughts on his first day filming Doctor Who's eighth series in Cardiff, released along with this accompanying image showing the Doctor and Clara in their Christmas episode gear.

Notably, Capaldi's Doctor's is still in Matt Smith's clobber (minus the bow-tie), keeping his costume under wraps for a later reveal.

The actor is currently filming the first two episodes of the eighth series, the first written by Steven Moffat and the second by Phil Ford, both to be directed by Ben Wheatley (SightseersA Field In England).

Steven Moffat's bon mots to mark the event were, “First the eyebrows! Then, at Christmas, the face! Coming soon, the whole Doctor. In the Cardiff studios, the Capaldi era begins.”

Many hurrahs for that. More news as it arrives.


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I cannot wait for this

Squeeking like a fan girl!
(no disrespect to fan girls)

My excitement for Capaldi is manifesting itself as ugly screaming. I’m stupidly joyful that I want to punch myself in the face.

Good to know I'm not alone...

Great! But when will it air?


I hope the writing really does him justice!

Because Capaldi has got such a recognisable face, I can't see him as the Doctor until he's got his own outfit sorted. As it is, it's just Peter Capaldi dressed as Matt Smith.

Where do we think they'll go? Standard suit? Neckwear? Hat?

Even more good news:
-Ben Wheatley directing two episodes
-Phil Ford (co-writer of Water of Mars) is writing an episode

Ben Wheatley tells me one thing, this is going to be a very different "Doctor Who" to the last one, from production style all the way to the man himself.

To quote the Pointer sisters "I'm so excited"!!

next Autumn seems to be that answer. i hope i'm wrong though.

I think your right but at least its not split.

I wonder if he will go for a kilt. That would be surreal

Glad it is under way but really want to see a trailer . Photos dont do it for me lol

I read August somewhere. Fair play to them, they've got to film the thing first.
I'm very glad the series isn't split too.

A dapper eccentric with the odd anachronistic detail or two.
I imagine they'll assign the whole "I wear a [...] now" to the past.

That's the BEST KIND of joy.

Autumn is fine with me - all my childhood memories are of watching Dr Who when it was dark only concern is that Atlantis has an Autumn slot and I have a feeling that it will air in the lead up to Christmas 2014 - the BBC seemed more committed to giving Merlin a regular slot than Doctor Who when it was airing and I suspect that Atlantis will, bizarrely, be given that too.

So, perhaps the next series of Doctor Who will be late Summer into Autumn? Or, I might be completely wrong and Atlantis may be moved to early 2015.


She's fit. Medical fact.

He could keep his sonic screw driver in his sporran.

You do realise they've literally just started filming? There physically isn't enough footage to show, let alone anything with finished visual effects. You're going to be waiting a good six months, at least.

This is all well and good, but I hope the writing and the stories aren't the same old same old and we some good stories too. otherwise, it'll be a case of great acting, crap stories all over again.

You're not, as Moffat previously announced it will air in the fall without a split, which is why they're chug-a-lugging production through to August without a break.

As above, fall 2014 has been announced by several key sources, so scheduling of Atlantis is irrelevant. Doctor Who is the cash cow and BBC America will want it for its fall season.

Man, Capaldi is going to be so awesome as the Doctor. I just wish it was Autumn yet.

I hope you're right but when it came to the Autumn showing of the second half of Season 6 Merlin retained it's usual slot while Doctor Who was relegated to the less prestigious August start date.

So, until a start date is confirmed I'll have my doubts :)

As a friend of mine has just pointed out to me, this is actually a recreation of a publicity photo that Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning did in the 70's!

I bet he was talking about his caravan trailer. They get some quite nice ones for the actors these days.

Also, I'd smash her.

but then where will the kittens live?

as a lifelong lover of fan girls...oh wait, that sounded sounded ok in my head
Anyway, uh...the point, yes as a life long stalker of fan that's worse...
My point is, "Squeeing" not "Squeeking" I think is the term...I may be wrong, it has happened before, I mistook a pre-Green Lantern Ryan Renalds for a post Chasing Amy Jason Lee, that cost me my geek valedictorianship.

so is this a caption competition?
Capaldi "and over there, is the list of words I'm not allowed to say..."

you want to punch mckay90 in the face too?

starring peter capaldi as 'Catalogue Man'

It's a timelord sporran, plenty of room inside,

Except Manning looks rather doubtful in that one, as if Pertwee is saying "See that gigantic warehouse over there? It's where I park all my Jaguars."

yeah am aware they had just started it was more a harmless wish. promo then would of be nice or if they had started filming earlier an actual trailer

yeah am all about the caravan trailers lol

or attach it to his sock like that knife thing your meant to have on weddings etc etc. that might be impractical but funny when he has to tell a dalek , excuse me while tie my shoe laces.

Cant wait for this! FINALLY an actor with some bloody gravitas (something Tennant and Smith have lacked)

Prefer "squeeking", I really think "squeeing" is a horrible term and I hate the fact its become so over-used..

Moffat has just confirmed: No split to series 8 or 9!

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