BBC America trailer for The Time Of The Doctor

Trailer Louisa Mellor 19 Dec 2013 - 03:48

Matt Smith's final episode as the Doctor approaches. Here's the latest trailer for Christmas Special, The Time Of The Doctor...

"Everything ends, Clara, and sooner than you think."

With exactly a week to go until The Time Of The Doctor arrives on our screens, BBC America has released an extended trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas Special. We're treated to a glimpse of the Oswald family's Christmas dinner, a little more from the episode's raft of villains, and new footage of Orla Brady as Tasha Lem.

We're sure nothing in the below constitutes a spoiler, but this comes with all the usual caveats etc...

The Time Of The Doctor airs at 7.30pm on BBC One and 9pm ET/PT on BBC America in the US on Wednesday the 25th of December.

BBC America

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Ooohhh looks fantastic. Far more tantalizing than the trailer for the 50th was.

Could she be the Rani?

Who the hell is doing that annoying voice over.

Ooh we're seeing insode room 11. Maybe Moff will ties up all the loose ends!

Pretty sure the voiceover for the trailer is genre legend/

Pretty sure the voiceover is Mark Sheppard.

Couldn't concur more - watched God Complex again the other day and was wondering if it had ever been revealed.

All national sentiment aside, speaking purely as a fan, I can't help wishing the BBC mothership would take a leaf out of BBC America's book for cutting trailers.

Whilst it hadn't been officially revealed, after "The Name Of The Doctor" I'd assumed that John Hurt's Doctor would've been inside The Doctor's room... Now I'm wondering if it's this Tasha Lem person, whoever she is...

11th or 12th?

definitely a good shout. he knows her, reference to his new body and the threats to begin the time war anew.
not long to wait

Sounded like him to me too

Sounds like Mark Sheppard

There is a very interesting write up about the christmas special in this months Doctor Who magazine. Specifically referencing the regeneration limit and a very tantalizing quote from the Dr and Clara themselves....

.. A thing I noticed. That silhouette with the cane that looks a lot like a heavily shadowed Matt Smith.

I was binge watching Doctor Who earlier, and I came upon Let's Kill Hitler. It's an episode I thoroughly dislike, but the moment Smith strutted out of the TARDIS wearing that long tailed dress suit thing, along with his "sonic cane", I realised that it's the suit from the silhouette, cane and all.

During this episode, there was a lot of talk about regenerations. River even ended up giving away her remaining regenerations to an 11 wearing that suit. There has to be a connection, then? "Regeneration, disabled" and all that?

Yup - we will be. Far sooner that was left alone. Particularly as it's difficult to see what could haunt a man more than the 2.47 billion children he thought he killed on Gallifrey...

The Abzorbaloff? ;)

Not just trailers - I wish they would give us the same Bluray releases as they do the USA. They get far more of the programs we made than we do!

Terrible wig..But still looking forward to tying up the old and starting the next 50 years..

No - that's MY nightmare - that someone writes another story with that... (Probably the only Who ever I have purposely not rewatched...)

The BBC shop is stating the UK DVD & Blu-ray Matt Smith 'specials' release of Time of the Doctor has the 4 Xmas specials from 2010-13, so includes Time of the Doctor (2013), Carol (2010), Wardrobe (2011) and Snowmen (2012) but doesn't include Day of the Doctor 50th or the 3 minsodes that the Snowmen etc… had

Some of these xmas specials have already been released twice on individual releases (apart from Time and Snowmen) or in series box sets

I think the voice-over man could do with a Lozenge...

I want to know who that is walking with the Silence and wielding some kind of stick.

A great trailer far better than the one we got in the UK.,

Now that we know Matt's 11th is the final version, I think the "regeneration disabled" was Steven Moffat's way of telling us there were no more regeneration after poisoned by River, until the end of the that same episode River gave him all of her's and that's why 11th can use regeneration energy to heal her broken wrist in Angel in Manhattan and why River was so mad at him for doing so. At least that what I'm thinking. Which means the Doctor can't count.

At this point, I just want to Christmas special to be over so I can stop thinking about every little details of the 11th tenure and starts anew with 12th.

the guy who was at the doctor "death" with amy, rory and river in the impossible astronaut

You're thinking of W. Morgan Sheppard, Mark's father. He played the older version of Canton Everett Delaware III. It didn't sound like him. I'm pretty sure it was his son Mark, who played the younger version of Canton.

That guy is in everything! And if he isn't he soon will be.

Yep - even as far back as The X Files - he played the gardener Cecil L'ively who could set fires with his mind in the very first season

my bad i meant the younger version but it was interesting to learn thats mark father i had not notice. i did mean the young one as hes in firefly, white collar and leverage.

That's the fella! And X-Files, Warehouse 13, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica and most other stuff too!!!


...and his Dad once stole Max Headroom.

It's me.

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