New trailer for The Time Of The Doctor

Trailer Louisa Mellor 11 Dec 2013 - 16:05

With just a fortnight to go until it airs, here's a brand new trailer for this year's Christmas Special, The Time Of The Doctor...

"The Doctor is regenerating"

With no messing about, here it is, a brand new trailer for Matt Smith's farewell episode, The Time of the Doctor:

The Time of the Doctor airs on Wednesday the 25th of December at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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Every time I see a bit of Matt Smith as the Doctor I don't want him to go. Every time I see a clip of Peter Capaldi (generally) or here him talking about it, I can't wait for him to take over.

I'm in the same place. I still feel that Matt should have stayed on for one more series but I also feel Capaldi is such an a accomplished actor that I'm generally excited to see where he takes the role.

crikey. Mid-battle regeneration then? Perhaps Capaldi's 13 will deliver the battle-winning blow with one flick of his angry eyebrows.

Looks fantastic! I can't wait for an older, more theatrical actor to be the Doctor. I have enjoyed Tennant and Smith but seeing Hurt and McGann reminded me of how great Eccleston was and the gravity he gave to the role.

Sorry to post on a totally unrelated topic, I imagine it's a bit of an online faux pas. But why no love for The Mentalist on this site? Thought It would be right up your street. The time of the doctor does look great though!

"The Doctor is regenerating". Best... Dalek... line... ever.

I'm not normally a fan of 'event' episodes of Dr Who but given the something-really-quite-special 'special' that the team gave us a couple of weeks back I'm looking forward to this a lot.
Also, it kinda feels like this is the final part of a trilogy, what with 'Name setting up 'Day, as well as giving us our first taste of Trenzalore.


'You see these eyebrows? They're old eyebrows. And one thing I can tell you...'. Etc. :-)

I'm sad that Matt Smith is leaving as he is my favourite doctor but I can't wait to see 'The Time Of The Doctor' and I especially want to see how they get around the regeneration rule because now we have the War Doctor added in (and remember David Tennant's Doctor regenerated twice) so somehow the rule will have to be broken.

All signs point to this story being "A story about regeneration", rather than just "A story featuring a regeneration".

Yeah - starts with a regeneration, or even Doctor Capaldi driving the TARDIS, and then we get flashbacks to what happened. That would be nice.

Better than the schmaltz fest that led up to the last regeneration.

I can imagine 12 having a mixture of the seriousness of 7 and 9, the eccentricity of 11 or 4, the genteel stature of 1 or 3 and even the boyishness of 5 or 10.

Anything but a repeat of that!

There's a TV show about my ex now?

I can't quite understand why Moffat has thrown away such great dramatic potential by not giving us a run with a final doctor who knows he is at the end of his re generations. We could have had 3 to 4 years of a more cautious doctor who didn't want to die. Every scrape would have been nerve wracking and also given us years of discussion as to how he would have got out of it come the final regeneration. I enjoyed the idea of the war doctor but to essentially piss 2 re generations up the wall in the space of a month seems fecking ridiculous. I can only hope that what he has up his sleeve for capaldi is even more dramatic than having that game changing final doctor but given we have waited 50 years for our final desperate doctor I can't help but feel cheated.

Can't say I feel cheated as we don't know how it's going to play out yet (might be highly satisfying), but I know what you mean. There's definitely a wasted dramatic potential in not having a doctor at the end of his regenerations.

Actually.i would argue that approach would be detrimental to the character as the Doctor regularly demonstrates that he's willing to sacrifice his own life for other peoples safety.A storyline concerning some kind of quest to extend his own life because he's aware he's nearing his end wouldn't seem right to me.Trailer looks awesome.

That looked bloody good. like others are saying I feel so conflicted. I don't want to lose Matt but I'm really looking forward to Capaldi. This is why the series 7 split was so bad, we lost a whole series of Matt which would go a long way to making this regeneration a wee bit easier

It was a bit shouty...and mixed up.
I'll wait until Christmas Day to get my next Doc fix methinks.

It doesn't have to be a quest to extend his own life. It can just be a normal series, but with the regeneration limit hanging over it. For all intents and purposes it could play out mostly like any other series but with the Doctor aware that, should something go wrong, he won't be getting any more chances.

My problem with this whole 'the doctor is on his last life thing' is that in the impossible astronaut, he says a lot about being killed before he regenerates, and in let's kill Hitler he nonchalently says he can just regenerate. If this is his last body- did he not know?

AGREE & it should be followed by...."RUN!" or whatever the Dalek equivalent would be

Yep, that's exactly the point. Long running tv shows need to keep adding a slightly different slant to keep them fresh and this was a chance to do that. A chance that was 50 years in the making/waiting. If the doc gets a new set of regens then we will prob have to wait another 50 years to see it play out as sweetly as it should have.

Seems like only yesterday the newly born 11th Doctor crashed in front of Amy Pond's house.

And gang...just stop torturing yourselves...debating the whole regeneration limit thing is pointless - they came up with a way to keep the show going after the original actor died, what makes you think won't just give him "extra lives" like in an old 16-bit videogame?

They've already worked around the regeneration rule, if my memory serves me correctly they retconned it during Matt Smith's appearance on the Sarah Jane Adventures.

This 'retcon' was called a joke by RTD and Moffat has confirmed he is ignoring it. In other words, no retcon.

In "Let's Kill Hitler" he said he COULD regenerate. Then the TARDIS (Amelia Pond) said "regeneration disabled" Maybe it's because he had no more regenerations left. Otherwise, it seems kinda weird that he just couldn't regenerate.

That looks amazing, they upped the explosions budget too! Can anybody tell me what he's yelling at the end though?

thank christ the comments section hasn't descended into puerile Andrew scott nonsense!

Done very recently, and with more dramatic effect with the end of Tennant's doctor. I wasn't a fan of Tennant, but the 3 specials were something of a neat trick in revealing the underside of a doc who's loves himself a little too much (very self-consciously cool) - the signs of growing meglomania, deliberately avoiding responsibility in order to delay his regeneration, and the idea that he seriously considers, even if just for a couple of seconds, sacrificing a friend instead of himself - when he is CAPABLE of regenerating, had more dramatic potential than a doctor who is simply cautious.

That's what came into my mind. Rather than standing still in the TARDIS, arms spread out and head thrown back in typical post-2005 regeneration style, he'll do it while fighting instead. Wouldn't that be interesting? The Doctor, legging it across the battlefield while leaving a golden glow of regeneration energy behind him - Capaldi delivering the final blow?

I hear you buddy

The War Doctor was intended as a gift to the fans, and I thought it was a great addition to the continuity. I wish some fans would stop being so pedantic about the regeneration count - if you're going to treat it too seriously, be annoyed that the Doctor (seemingly) got through 9 and 10 in just a few years, at least he gave the 11th a couple of bonus centuries.

Matt Smith leaving hasn't struck my emotional center yet, though it probably will on Xmas night. I feel like I'm ready for him to depart.

I'm also hopeful that the Capaldi era will usher in more serious writing. The tone of the McGann mini-sode was near perfect. Nevertheless, I'm in it for the long haul, being a longtime fan.

"If you want my life, come and take it!"

"...come and get it", actually.

It's not weird, Melody Pond kissed him with a poison specifically created to prevent regeneration ! ;)

"Run Away?"

I am getting old but I really can't hear what the voiceover is saying, little help people?

Regeneration is never a given. I believe the doctor says he may regenerate at some points before regeneration. In one of Donna's alternate realities he doesn't regenerate from drowning. McCann doesn't regenerate from the star ship crash without help. It's not like the doctor runs around carefree just because he has a few regenerations in the bank.

Just use the names of the actors, loser.

Wow - That was both big AND clever. Well done.


There are a lot of good american shows that just do not fit the profile for this site perhaps?? Mentalist is a crime drama..... I really like The Blacklist (even though the female character has abilities far beyond her freshman status!), the last two episodes were particularly good, very Die Hard!

Anyone else think that Capaldis forehead actually looks like a Silence??

Nonsense? I generally find it hysterical. I saved a copy of his musical idea cause I laughed so much at it.

Maybe he is the leader of the silence. Part of some paradox where he needs them to put a plan into motion that allows Smith to bypass the regeneration limit.

In a similar vein, I couldn't help thinking when I was re-watching An Unearthly Child recently how the Doctor's first incarnation apparently lived into his 600s before regenerating. After that he got through 10 (or 11) regenerations in around the same amount of time. Seems like that first incarnation was very careful and the rest distinctly less so!

Awwww, I agree to some extent but Tenant's Doctor revisiting Rose the Christmas before they met for the first time and telling her she's going to have a great year was a really moving moment.

Let's face it, they make it all up as they go along. Trying to gather all the references to the rules around regenerations from past episodes, series, and spin-offs is a waste of time because any that are inconvenient will be ignored/worked around.

"Drive!"? "Wheel!"?

"Let's roll!" perhaps?

I for one thoroughly enjoy Andrew Scott nonsense.

He would have, If the BBC had not split one season over two years. Part of me hopes he fails in Hollywood like Tennant. And part of me hopes he does well. I still think he is stupid for leaving so soon. But I cant blame him after all the gaps and messing about.

As for Capaldi, I will be amazed if he stays more than one season, or two at the most. I would love for an actor to come in to this show and do a full five year run like Jon Pertwee, with full seasons. But thats modern BBC and actors these days....


Exactly...could not agree more. Maybe at some point in the future we will find out EXACTLY what was/is going on and all the reasons and truth behind it.

I am still angry with the whole more Doctor Who than ever and it wont be off your screens, and then them doing the exact opposite in the 50th year. And all the spin, lies and BS that went with it.

What about River's regenerations? At the end of "Let's Kill Hitler" it is mentioned that she used all of her regenerations at once to bring the doctor back to life. Maybe it means that the Doc gets a second set of regenerations from her ?

I just hope they'll show us more about his darker side like they did in "Amy's choice". Capaldi has the acting prowess to gives as a darker doctor maybe even a prelude to 'the oncoming storm'?

"Making it all up as they go along" has been why Doctor Who has been so succesful...but really Moffat's long-game storytelling is very easy to peice together if you just pay attention to what is being fed to you and not wander off into unproven fanon b.s that you come up with because you're incapable of following what's on the screen

River gave him her energy, not her ability to regenerate, the Doctor also gave that energy back to her in the final story for the Ponds to heal her broken wrist.

"So now it's time for one last bow
Like all your other selves
Eleventh's hour is over now
The clock is striking Twelve's"

Much obliged, thank you!

Like the valeyard

This is so true, Tennants era was tainted forever because for the winey, wingey way he went... I don't want to go...oh bugger off already!

But don't forget - this is Capaldi's dream job. He's been a massive DW geek since his teens. He's always wanted to be The Doctor since he started acting - for that reason he may stay a bit longer.

Come on now Paul. Play nice. I'll do what he says...

"I can imagine The Doctor having a mixture of the seriousness of The Doctor and The Doctor, the eccentricity of The Doctor or The Doctor, the genteel stature of The Doctor or The Doctor and even the boyishness of The Doctor or The Doctor."

There - that wasn't so hard now was it?

No no, he said the seriousness of The Doctor, and the genteel stature of The Doctor. You got those two the wrong way around.

Just "The... Doctoooor .... Is.... Regenerating.... Shhiiiiiiittttttttt"

I dont hate everything about moffats era, but i do hate most of it. I hate his story arcs and complete disrepect to RTD and The lore in general.

Actually they stated at the end of "let's kill Hitler" that she "used all her regenerations in one go, you shouldn't have done that ..."
In the last story with the Ponds the Doctor use a portion of his energy to heal her wrist. That amount of energy is not comparable to what was given at the end of "LKH".

DaireConstantineOReilly - Your reply to me has been hidden due to language filters but I disagree with you - yes actors take any job they can get and yes there's a lot of PR about the casting of him but, respectfully, you are wrong. I am not being naive. It's well known (and has been for decades) that Capaldi was a Doctor Who super-fan as a teenager and that being sent DW scripts by the BBC (which he pestered them for) is a large factor in his choice of career as he would re-enact scenes from his favourite episodes. He was quoted as being a "thorn in the side" of the president of the DW fan club as he kept writing in over and over trying to oust him as he got the job over Capaldi

I am sure he's glad for the pay cheque too but this really is the job he has always wanted.

This episode was the most boring regeneration ever. Seriously.

Clara is dreadful, most boring companion ever, and whilst there were some genuinely good moments in this episode, it was yet another boring snoozefest from Moff. Still, now we know how thy dealt with the regeneration limit, what a cheap get out clause. And after five years, we finally know who blew up the tardis.

10 was around more or less the same amount of time as 11.

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