UPDATED: Can you identify the 11th Doctor stories in these drawings?

Feature Louisa Mellor 11 Dec 2013 - 08:45

Just for fun in the run-up to the Doctor Who Christmas Special, how many of these Eleven Doctor stories can you identify?

UPDATE: Two new images of the children's drawings have been released by the BBC. See them below:

Amongst this morning's generous heap of new promo pictures for The Time Of The Doctor were these little gems, a series of child's drawings depicting the Eleventh Doctor's adventures. 

With ever a keen eye for an opportunity to waste some time thinking about Doctor Who, we thought it might be fun to spend a few minutes identifying the stories referenced. So here you are, fill your Cyber-boots and leave your answers in the comments section...

BBC Pictures

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#1 Post - Sleep in today RichieC?

Atraxi (The Eleventh Hour)
The Horse from A Town Called Mercy
Four blue envelopes (The Impossible Astronaut)
Amy Pond with marks (Day of the Moon)
River Song (Day of the Moon)

Kala Jex (A Town Called Mercy)
Wodden King and Queen from TDtWatW
And Slitheen

Lots of Daleks, some from Victory
Smiler (The Beast Below)
Cybus Cyberman
Doctor's Cot (A Good Man Goes to War)

and some other familiar ones but I can't think what they are.

Also in the first picture, looks like the Doctor is sonicking the Saturnyne Signora from Vampires in Venice.

I take it these are pictures sent in by real fans of the show, which have been worked into the Christmas Special plot somehow?
How cool is that :)

He probably drew the pictures!

There's Prisoner Zero in the second picture (in Olivia Colman form).

You know what those kiddie pictures mean don't you? It's the Return of... CHLOE WEBBER ! ! ! You know. From "Fear Her". It's about time! I know WE ALL have been wondering when she was coming back!

Actually, I guess it would be the return of the Isolus. Maybe the Isolus was the one who said, "Silence Will Fall" and it's the one in control of the Silence. Oh boy, oh boy! I can't wait to find out!

He didn't post on the trailer page today either. I can only assume it's really hit him that a new doctor is coming and it won't be Andrew Scott.

Also new Sherlock without him as well.

They all appear to have been drawn by different children so Chloe is unlikely. Also - Abisola Agbaje must be in her late teens or early 20s now but the Isolus sought out children.

Almost all of them are stories with the Ponds! Don't think a return is likely (or wise) but a tip of the cap to 11's main companions would be pretty cool.

Just seen this, sorry but I can't tell any of them. Were they drawn by Moff?

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