Doctor Who: Steven Moffat confirms series 8 won't be split

News Louisa Mellor 9 Dec 2013 - 12:07

The next series of Doctor Who won't be split into two chunks, confirms Steven Moffat. Hurray!

'Please can we have a thirteen-episode series again, without a break in the middle?' was item number one on our series eight wishlist.

Here's proof that if you ask politely enough, sometimes things will go your way: Steven Moffat has confirmed that there will be "no split" in the next series of Doctor Who. To all concerned in making that decision, our deepest thanks.

Speaking at this weekend's BFI Who event, the Doctor Who showrunner announced that Peter Capaldi's first series in the TARDIS will not be divided into two chunks, as the previous two series were. Series eight is expected to contain at least twelve episodes and to air in late summer/early autumn 2014.

With any luck, the continuous run will help our second and third wishes ('Can we have cliffhangers back please?' and 'Can we have longer stories please?) to also come true...


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A good decision. Capaldi will be able to make more of an impact as The Doctor in a long run than in two short bursts.

My wishlist for a 12 episode series would be either 6 two-parters, 4 three parters or, like the good old days, 3 four parters.

About bloody time to Moffat RTD managed to do 4 seasons back to back all full seasons yet poor Moffat cant do more than 1 with out splitting them up. If Moffat had done full seasons we would have had another 13 episodes. I am looking forward to the new season even if have to wait 9 months until we see it.

A strong rumour is they're planning to run production of the next two seasons together.

(*AIR PUNCH*) realise that Steven Moffat likely has virtually NO say in how the BBC elect to structure their Doctor Who broadcasting? The Series Six split was intentional from Moffat on his own terms, but it's well known that the BBC could simply not afford two seasons of Who in 2012 and 2013 and so split one ambitious season over the course of Autumn 2012/Spring 2013 instead before the 50th Special. Moffat has to make do with what he's given by the Beeb. Hopefully The Day of the Doctor's success will motivate the corporation to commission full annual seasons again from 2014 onwards, but there's no need to blame Who's exec producer for scheduling decisions which are out of his hands.

Sign... You do realise you just completely contradicted yourself, saying Steven Moffat has NO say in the scheduling, but then that the season 6 split was his own choice?

Dear Santa: I want story arcs that don't stretch beyond one season, I want two-part season finales, I want less terrible CGI, I want more conventional stories, I want less 'super' sonic-screwdriver moments, I want more intense scenes and less goofing around. But most of all, I want the Daleks to start killing people again.

I don't ask for much.

I think "I want more conventional stories" is the most ridiculous comment I've seen in a while. Why not just say "I want safe, unambitious stories so that I know what I'm getting and aren't pulled out of my comfort zone."

Because Moffat's 'unconventional' stories have either involved a stone Dalek aimlessly wonder around a museum or River song making sex jokes - Both of which aren't something I'd like to see again.

Thank. the. Lord!

And do you realise that you tried to 'hilariously' mimic Tom's 'Sigh' and spelled it wrong?

I want some good scares again, (c.f "Are you my mummy?")

I want more of the same. I think the 50th has shown that the show is in capable hands. We don't need a repeat of the past, let's just see what's happening and enjoy the shock of the new.

like the good old days … as in 25-minutes long episodes ?

That would be OK - but it would need to be a longer season than 12 episodes or we'd feel short changed..

Four three parters of 45 minutes would be nice. I think a four part adventure of 45 minutes per episode might feel too long.

Anything would be better than the one-shots of the last series though - the set-ups were great but the resolutions were sloppy and lazy.

Time Lord*

There is a huge difference between what happened with series 6 and series 7. While series 6 had a split, it was only two and a half months, and we still had 13 regular episodes in 2011. The issue with series 7 is that the 13 regular episodes were spread over 2012 and 2013. Big difference, I had no issue with series 6's schedule, but am still very annoyed at how series 7 was spread over two years.

Would really like some two part episodes, and story arcs again. No need to dumb down the show.

I really wish I'd wrote that

Wow, just wow. I'm going with MurrayFutterman there,

The Big Bang was one of the most creative and visually stunning pieces of television in years - and the FIRST finale not to be a mass invasion of Earth for no real reason.

The CGI is also terrific for a sci-fi show in general, for something on the BBCs budget, it's damned near amazing.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I really liked the way season 6 was split up as it meant we got two shots of Who in one year, rather than one with a very long wait between series/seasons. The season 7 split was the worst of both worlds, though, as we got two half seasons over two years.

I'm genuinely not bothered whether the next series is split or not, as I enjoyed the structure of Series 6 and 7 - I thought it worked well. I'm just excited to see where Steven Moffat et al will take the show next, and to see Peter Capaldi in action as the Doctor. 'Doctor Who' is in very safe hands, as far as I'm concerned.

wait a second..... somebody actually asked politely?

did i miss a meeting?

Im so jazzed for the new series, i think its going to bring new life to the show, if not a bit of the wise older doctor vibe its been missing

I personally think they went to split seasons as Matt Smith wanted to lower his commitment to the show so he could do other things. Therefore his announcement he was leaving was not really a shock.

Same thing with David's specials.

With Strictly, Casualty and Banal Lottery Quiz already fixed in place on Saturday nights, there's only one slot remaining for either Doctor Who or Atlantis. I assume Atlantis has either been canned (wishful thinking) or moved to Spring 2015 to accommodate.

It always impresses me how many people want to go back to the Doctor Who format they grew up with. The simple fact is times have changed and the show moves on. One might say it regenerates itself.

The reason they got rid of the multiple parts stories in the last series is they simply were getting too complicated and too reliant of someone at the end going timey wimey and all is well again.

I want multiple stories but ones based on a good plot that needs two episodes. As for the season arcs yes they are good but I need to feel at the end of the season that things have some conclusion. Two many of the arcs recently have had no conclusion. Moffat has said he will tie up loose ends for Matt at Christmas. This means the Christmas episode is probably going to have to be at least two days long.

Series 7, and series 6 were split, This was a cheap work around. They promised us more, and we got less. I wonder if the BBC is owned by tory benefactors?

The show as been dumbed down since Moff took over.

The stone dalek was ok, but Mary Sue is the worst thing to ever happen to the show.

It was also one of the most sleep inducing.

As long as Moff can write him.

The unintelligent tend to say that about all the great works

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