Doctor Who: Steven Moffat confirms series 8 won't be split

News Louisa Mellor
9 Dec 2013 - 12:07

The next series of Doctor Who won't be split into two chunks, confirms Steven Moffat. Hurray!

'Please can we have a thirteen-episode series again, without a break in the middle?' was item number one on our series eight wishlist.

Here's proof that if you ask politely enough, sometimes things will go your way: Steven Moffat has confirmed that there will be "no split" in the next series of Doctor Who. To all concerned in making that decision, our deepest thanks.

Speaking at this weekend's BFI Who event, the Doctor Who showrunner announced that Peter Capaldi's first series in the TARDIS will not be divided into two chunks, as the previous two series were. Series eight is expected to contain at least twelve episodes and to air in late summer/early autumn 2014.

With any luck, the continuous run will help our second and third wishes ('Can we have cliffhangers back please?' and 'Can we have longer stories please?) to also come true...


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