Lots of The Time Of The Doctor promo pics

News Louisa Mellor 9 Dec 2013 - 08:36

More promo pictures have arrived from Doctor Who Christmas special, The Time Of The Doctor...

If the last little crop of The Time Of The Doctor posters and promo pictures weren't enough to scratch your itch, then feast your eyes on this lot, released by the BBC over the weekend.

There's Jenna Coleman holding a turkey, what looks like a Cyberman made of wood, guest star Orla Brady as the mysterious Tasha Lem, and finally, Matt Smith dressed in a magician's cape and flourishing a Dalek plunger. It doesn't get much more festive than that...

The Time Of The Doctor airs on Wednesday the 25th of December on BBC One.


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hate to nitpick but isn't that a dalek eye stalk not a plunger that the doctor is flourishing?

On closer inspection, quite right! Knew I should have worn my glasses today.

Shame on you Louisa, shame on you. Lol!!

So the 2010 Dalek redesign seems to have been fully dropped then...

Three cheers for that....death to the telly tubby Daleks :)


Maybe they're Time War-era Daleks? Have to say though, the Jennifer Lopez-arsed versions were a major miss for me.

They do listen to the fans sometimes...

We hate to see you nitpick too

Wooden Cyberman because sonic screwdriver doesn't work on wood? But how could organic material be compatible with electronic circuits which generate heat?! And why is the Doctor dressing more like the 8th?
So many questions based on those pictures, and then all those outstanding 11th plot lines, how on earth are they going to fit them all within 60 mins????

Can't wait!

I get the impression they're only using them as Command daleks now. Like in "Asylum..." when they had the white one in the background on the stage and all the others were the good old bronze ones.

He's trying to fool Penn & Teller.

It could do your head it actually trying to figure out the Daleks timeline/ path/ where we are up to now with them

S*d the wooden cyberman. I want to know how Clara's not burning her hands on that freshly roasted turkey? Or is it cold turkey for Christmas in the Oswald household?

Can anyone else spot the giant Dalek gun/ plunger in the flames? Where the Daleks are moving away from the house? Second down

The cyberman looks to be doing carol singing

The picture of Orla Brady with her arms out-stretched, is it just me or do the soldiers behind look like the same uniform as Lorna Bucket and the soldiers in A Good Man Goes to War? Hoping for some epic continuity to tie up Eleven's story.

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