Posters and promo pics for The Time Of The Doctor

News Simon Brew 5 Dec 2013 - 05:55

The BBC has released some pictures from the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, The Time Of The Doctor...

Is that a Cyberman's head in Matt Smith's hand, or is he just pleased to see you? The BBC has released the promotional posters and a few images from this Christmas' Doctor Who Christmas special, The Time Of The Doctor. And as was already hinted by the brief preview that played after the transmission of The Day Of The Doctor, there are a fair few monsters coming to bid Matt Smith farewell.

Here are the two takes on the poster first...

And there here are a few shots from the episode. Poor Clara will catch her death. Can someone lend her Tom Baker's scarf?

The Time Of The Doctor will be screened in December 25th at 7.30pm on BBC One. The Day of The Doctor, meanwhile, is available on DVD and Blu-ray now.

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"I have a Cyberman head clutch bag now. Clutch bags are cool."

Just a thought, Matt Smith's sporting a nice new costume, could this be Capaldi's???

That's the same one from last year's Christmas special.

Is it? I thought it was different. I only really remember the hat!

Ah, must just be his Christmas suit then.

the bow tie is too iconic as matt's, capaldi will ditch it

I like the Angel statue leaping out from behind a tree going 'Rargh! Hiss! Grrrr!'

Wonder if the cyberman head is anything to do with the one in the vault in Day of The Doctor?This Five Doctors style glorification of cyber dismemberment must be stopped.

That was so funny I forgot to laugh.

It'd be more geeky if it went "Grrrrr. Aaarrrgh."

Looks like the silence is popping its head out and going noooooooo dont leave us matt smith

And is it me or does matt smith look like he is in the middle of some dance routine in the last picture.

You're SO changeable.

Weeping Angels are easy to defeat. If everyone wore a pair of these they'd never move.

But we will presumably see Capaldi in it, before the de-rigueur outfit-picking scene. It's the sort of thing you can imagine him working with.

He's at it again in that last pic.
"That's a scientific instrument, not a water pistol!"

Indeed. I can picture his head comfortably sitting above that attire

I hope we can expect some more tongue-in-cheek foe-vs-foe interaction, à la Doomsday. What happens when an Angel forgets that one of the Silence is looking at it?

It's all become a bit too much Harry Potter. The Day of the Dr trailer with him pointing it up into the air was probably the worst instance.


totally agreed. I feel it should only appear a couple of times a series.

Exactly. I can see why they do it for the promo pics, but him whipping it out his jacket every time the doorbell rings is just excessive.

Weeping Angles, Cybermen, The Silence, Sontarans (those are Sontaran ships in the background) and the Daleks, it's going to be like the opening of the pandorica again...but are they still all working together harmoniously?

It's got to be linked to the pandorica, the TARDIS exploding etc. Got to be. Got to. Hasn't it?

Him and Jenna. Their feet are in perfect sync.
Maybe the BBC has had scheduling issues for the Christmas programming and they've had to combine Who with Strictly.

I like the Dalek at the back that's not looking where it's shooting.
Like it's saying "LOOK. WHAT. I. CAN. DOOooOO. (LOOK! LOOOOOOK!!!)"

I bet Daleks make excellent snow ploughs.

Lots of potential Spoilers. Please Avoid if you need to.

Behind them a Silence being fired on by two Human Soldiers.
Sky, Dalek Saucers and Two Sontaran Warships.
Angel's arm & Hand potruding from Ground grabbing Clara's Leg.
Doctor holding 'Repaired' Cyberhead (nightmare in silver), Repaired by him as a 'Remote Control or Tracking device?'.
Lots of Christmas trees, who owe the Doctor one.
And possibly most importantly, a WOODEN cyberman.

How the hell did you just manage to tag a Whedon reference onto a weeping angel?

I've been waiting about 5 years for someone to give me the opportunity to

*bows* Well played.

I can see their ad now:

Call 1-800-DA-LEK. We EX-TERM-INATE win-ter storms!

I believe Moffat said a while back that he is going to tie up all the remaining Smith Era loose ends in this episode so here's hoping...

So, not so much potential spoilers as complete guesses then?

And... a wooden Cyberman? Seriously?

Well what do you know... I take it all back. Just seen close up images of the wooden cyberman.

Like I said potential.
Most over the past few days have been verified.
AND yes, that is a wooden Cyberman, You heard it here first.

Androzani wood.

I get the feeling that is the only reason we have the Silence and the Angels together...

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