BBC releases special Paul McGann Doctor Who interview clip

News Simon Brew 4 Dec 2013 - 14:00

A short interview with Paul McGann, where he talks about Doctor Who and keeping surprises...

There's a spoiler for The Night Of The Doctor here. But you probably guessed that if you made it this far.

We figure the vast majority of you by now will have seen - or be aware of - The Night Of The Doctor, the sublime prelude to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode The Day Of The Doctor that the BBC released online.

In said episode, Paul McGann returned to play his incarnation of the Doctor, and managed to bring the internet to its proverbial knees in the process. Now, the BBC has released an interview with McGann where he talks about his temporary return to Doctor Who.

It's a nice little clip too, and demonstrates McGann's well-known affection for Doctor Who. Take a look and see what you think...

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The Night of the Doctor was probably my highlight of the whole anniversary... a genuine surprise and entertaining to boot. Two thumbs up Beeb!

It's all so bittersweet. He would have been a brilliant, brilliant doctor, easily on a par with Troughton or Baker, if only he'd been given a proper series. Such a missed opportunity.

In many ways the two surprises surpassed the event itself (Night and The Fiveish Doctors).

Couldn't agree more!

Surely there is nothing stopping them from making a series with him...he must have had many adventures in between the film and the Night of the Doctor!

He has. They're called the Big Finish Audios.

As amazing as both of those were, I still feel that seeing Tom Baker appear alongside Matt Smith was the icing on the cake that made the anniversary fantastic!

I have high hopes that if they do a Dr. Who movie, they'll use McGann's Doctor. He deserves more than an American TV movie and a short clip.

It would lovely if somehow the Doctor that was fleshed out with Big Finish could also be a TV series.

We've just had AMC announce a Walking Dead spin off which would follow another group of survivors, and I don't see why we couldn't have two Doctors. Perhaps this could somehow be made by BBC Worldwide and target an older audience to distinguish it.


If you'd asked me this on the Sunday after "The Day", I'd have agreed. At that stage I'd watched "Night" many times, "Day" once and "Fiveish" once. Having since watched "Day" again, my appreciation of it is growing, whereas "Fiveish" is pretty much a one-off pleasure. Excellent in it's own way, but the goal is completely different - affectionate and fun, but ultimately, as it clearly points out itself, just a bit of entertainment for the fans (and the actors). 'Just' is probably not the right word there, it was brilliantly pulled off. The main event however repays several viewings, in my opinion, and not just because I can never get all the dialogue the first time around.

I've yet to watch it again (still on my HDR though) so will definitely give it another shot before the Christmas episode.

"big fishish bloody audio are not comparable with a proper tv series!

"A coward you are, Dr Simeon. An expert on Sontarans you are not!"

But they are in cannon. But I see your point. More adventures of his would be good televised.

McGann's a class act. So humble and passionate. The audio adventures are fantastic.

Some of the Flicks and the City YouTube interviews with McGann and others have been enlightening too, especially the 17-minute one with Steven Moffat recorded after the anniversary which inexplicably has only 4000 views.

Maybe darker...

The Night of the Doctor and five ish Dr reboot were the best

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