Doctor Who features in new BBC Christmas trailer

News Simon Brew 4 Dec 2013 - 07:10

The BBC's Christmas trailer teases Matt Smith's farewell in The Time Of The Doctor...

The BBC has released its first big promo for its Christmas range of television. And in amongst its plug for the Toy Story trilogy, Bruce Forsyth, Mrs Brown and a bit of EastEnders, there are a few Doctor Who clips to be found. We'd imagine a full Doctor Who trailer isn't too far behind this one.

Doctor Who: The Time Of The Doctor is set to go out on December 25th at 7.30pm. And the clips of Doctor Who interspersed in this promo reveal one or two returning foes that Matt Smith will face in his final adventure as a full-time Doctor...

We'll have more on The Time Of The Doctor in the weeks ahead. 

Doctor Who TV.

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Woah, that looks interesting. All of the Doctors oldest enemies; Cybermen, Daleks, Bruce Forsyth...

It's about time he put those dolphins in their place. Smug, chuckling aquatic mammal bastards.

I liked it where Clara introduces the Dr as her boyfriend... It'll be interesting then when he regens into old man Mally Tucker! Priceless

and his most fearsome adversary.... Phil Mitchell!

"The Doctor? What sort of name is that? What's his real name?"
"That can never be spoken! Silence will fall! Trenzalore! AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!"

*everyone runs around frantic for a bit before David Tennant's head pops out of the turkey and shouts "Alllllo!"*

'This is the Doctor, my boyfriend.' Well, after the Christmas Special people will look a lot more weirded out when she says that.

and he's also against the enemy that once killed him...Coronation Street

No, next year he'll be her "grandfather", and I'm sure everyone will find that absolutely fine..

I know the fans love to see the old monsters come back, but after such a great job on the Zygons I was disappointed with the glimpse of the new Bruce Forsyth. The old ones back in the 70's looked much better, even with the limitations of rubber masks and makeup back then.

*places bet that at the end of the episode Clara is returned home. "This boyfriend's Dad"*

I see the redesigned cybermen from "that" episode are present. Bad sign?

Apparently the son of the dude who designed the original Bruce Forsyth is suing the BBC over it, which necessitated the re-design. Moffat's on record as saying he loves the original and wanted to use it :(

Cybermen? No thanks please! I know they're iconic and all, but they're also quite rubbish.

Cybermen? No thanks please! I know they're iconic, but they're also quite rubbish.

As an ex-pat I really miss British TV at Christmas.

Nice to see you Doctor, to see you…...

Ahh yes but this time we have the power of technology. No more complaining to Mom and Dad about not being able to watch Doctor Who.

Oh i'll do it then!

Ya know with all that tech and CGI these days you'd think the new version wouldn't look that old.
Of course they might just do something similar to what they did with The Master in 'Utopia' and make him regenerate into Bradley Walsh.

She'll start calling him grandfather as a joke referencing susan foreman. Then we'll see the arrival of the other teacher in 'The Day Of The Doctor' as a companion.


Agreed - last time they could only be defeated by blowing up the planet - and we know Trenzalore is still there. We also know they can upgrade once attacked. Oh and expect them to battle the Daleks - again -_-

Not just Doctor Who but Toy Story 3 (don't judge me!), Royal Bodyguard 2 (by the looks of it) and Mrs Brown...what a line up! Of course there's no Outnumbered (Have to wait til 2014 for that) but I hope there's a Miranda Christmas Special.

Can't wait. Also ... um ... Still Open All Hours on Boxing Day. I love the original series and am keeping my fingers crossed ...

I wonder how Susan would react...

After the Day of the Doctor, they make this crap. Cancellation will come next. We can thank the cheap production values of the BBC for this.

For looking forward to Toy Story 3 I judge you as having impeccable taste and values.

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