Just brilliant: Doctor Who - The Five(ish) Doctors reboot

News Simon Brew 23 Nov 2013 - 23:18
Classic Doctor Who

Peter Davison donates a treat and a half to the Doctor Who 50th celebrations. It's The Five(ish) Doctors reboot...

This weekend, the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who has given us Mark Gatiss' stunning An Adventure In Space And Time, and the excellent birthday episode itself, The Day Of The Doctor. But there's a further treat, which was initially made available on the red button for BBC viewers. And now, you can see it here.

Trust us, you want to watch this, and we don't want to spoil any of it for you. It's The Five(ish) Doctors, and it's all kinds of amazing. I've never written the phrase "all kinds of amazing" before, but I'll make an exception here. Enjoy....

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Excellent work. We really are being spoiled today.

Absolutely hilarious. Real anniversary treat - we (and they) deserve more.

Even more fantasticness (why is this not a word Mr Brew, Why?).

That was brilliant, just brilliant.

I feel like I've been a guest at the ambassador's party, "you're really spoiling us!"

My viewing pleasure has gone off the scale!

I love the fact that they are all so comfortable taking the mickey out of themselves.

So how do you watch it if you're not in the UK? I'm a huge classic fan and I really want to see this!!!!

They've opened it up to other countries now.

What sites? The BBC one doesn't work, it's not on YouTube and BBC America doesn't have it. Grrrr....

In case my other post never makes it out of moderation (links and all that):

Search on youtube for:

The Big Whobowski


The Doctor Games

for some work by some very talented people doing some excellent parodies.

That's a shame. Working for us in Australia, though I first found it on AICN, though I suspect it's a BBC embed. Maybe it's only some other countries which may be unfortunate.

Ugh, maybe it's being on a Mac? I'll try on a pc but usually we just don't get BBC videos and have to wait for BBCA to grace us with their handouts.

Look up Graham Norton Red Chair for the show he did with Matt Smith and David Tennant just before this on youtube. Then look up the Facebook page for Matt Elliot who was one of the people in the chair (facebook dot com/matteleven). It's quite uncanny.

If you have a VPN service use that - I used an American IP and could watch it.

Well, I'm all doctored out for day! I'd also recommend a youtube search for this: "doctor who planet of goo" (spoof). Just another great little video by a fan. I think I'll be spending days watching these tributes...

Absolutely hysterical! What a wonderful day this has been! I hope this will be on a DVD. Everyone involved looked like they were having so much fun. I loved it. Truly, truly loved it! Thank-you to all who were involved.

Absolutely brilliant. They're such fun and it's great to see how well they all get on, and that they have such affection for the show after all these years. This just absolutely made the anniversary for me.

that ending...

I know! I was sort of expecting something like that, but was somehow still caught off guard and absolutely chuffed to bits.

can i just point out how lovely it was to see barrowman in the five(ish) spoof!

please put this on the DVD, this is brilliant, I sat and watched (caught a glimpse of myself in the dark screen) and had a stupid grin on my face the whole way through!!! love love love (to all of them too!!)

No, it's not a computer platform issue.

I enjoyed this every bit as much as the actual episode, tonight. It's also a nice reminder not to take everything so seriously. ;)

This is utterly amazing.

Now this is the anniversary special we truly deserved! :D

This was bloody brilliant. Excellent writing by Peter Davison. I loved the self-deprecating humor all around. Plus, the cameos...bloody brilliant! This really MUST be an extra on the DVD/BD release. I could easily watch this again. ^_^

Not even lying, I had more fun watching this than I did watching the actual special.

And his deep, dark secret life!

This was just brilliant! Peter Jackson running around the set of the Hobbit 'cause his Radagast has flown back home to protest not being in the Doctor Who 50 th? Comedy Gold! Well done Peter Davison and all involved. RTD with his 20+ minute voicemail? John Barrowman's shameful secret? Such fun! Ahh so many moments of pure awesomeness. Loved it!

I'm an american, I don't see anything there :'(

without doubt one of the best and funniest things ive ever seen!!!

Dear non-UK residents. You might want to perform a search on Expat Shield from AnchorFree.

It's an easy to use VPN tool, that masks your computer with a British IP address. I know some Brits living in France who use it to catch up on the BBC iPlayer.

Yep the John Barrowman bit had me on the floor from laughing so much

Wa .............. was .......... was that Adric?

I know! What a breeder huh?

Maybe the biggest laugh in the film; and that's saying a lot!

Richiec said ' It's the one I never knew I wanted, but now realise I always needed.' - spot on!! Absolutely loved this; bizarrely the most fitting tribute for the 50th - funny, honest, and loving

Ian Mckellen: "to be honest, it might an improvement." Nearly spilt my gin and tonic!

This is a real gem, its just a shame I had to sit through the godawful Doctor who live show to find out about this with Zoe Ball and Rik pretending they were too cool to understand the show and ask decent questions it was the same when David Tennant and Matt Smith on Graham Norton on Friday "you have different tardises?!" gormless presenters revelling in their ignorance towards the show that has millions of loyal viewers.

Best thing I have seen on TV(errrm, internet) all year. BBC, please take double my licence fee for this year.

Wonderful stuff. If they released this, I'd buy it.
"All the doors are locked!"

The mistake was to have TWO "bubbly young presenters" whose interview technique was "and you, what did YOU think of it?". They should have paired Zoe Ball with someone who actually knows the show - I don't know, Matthew Sweet maybe - someone who could actually have INTRODUCED the assistants instead of called them "you". And the One Direction thing was so bad and pointless it was hard to believe it wasn't a parody of some kind.

I have to give full thumbs up to EVERY actor that has played the Doctor (with the notable exception of Christopher Eccleston) for participating in public events, giving interviews and various extra goodies to celebrate "Doctor Who's" 50th birthday.

From the prequels (Night of the Doctor & The Last Day), to Adventure In Space & Time, the actual special itself and now this delightful treat, almost everyone past and present that's been connected to the show has made this a wonderful celebration to remember. You have all done us fans proud with your involvement and love for the show.

As for Eccleston, your non involvement with all of the above really puts a negative spin on you as an actor. Instead of being the better man and coming back to join in the festivities (even if you didn't want to do the special) is incredibly disappointing. Tom Baker regretted not being involved in the 20th and wish he had of done it. One wonders whether you'll end up feeling like that one day.......

Theres a low res (although not too low) version on the dreaded "shall not be mentioned" interweb torrent type site. Yarr it is. As someone with no other way to view it, and who shall buy it if its released, I didnt feel "too" guilty about grabbing it and watching it!

There are reasons Chris didn't put in any effort, one is that the production team treated him him in a very shoddy manner.

Awesome from start to finish - laughed out loud so many times - the Hobbit t-shirt on Sylvester, Colin reading the book, Barrowman's singing, Russell T's voicemail - I could go on forever! Thank you everyone involved - the Classic doctors truly are classic.

But the production team that was there when he played the role have all gone. An entirely new team is in charge of the show so that excuse doesn't really hold water and besides it was EIGHT YEARS ago.

He really needs to build a bridge and get over it. He was invited back to join in the 50th special and declined the offer. In short he was a massive party pooper.......

The only thing better than watching this show for an old dr who fan like me was watching my sons watch it and laugh out loud


Torrent is great.. it's the only way to actually see all of the classic era without spending your entire lifetime's worth of wages.

Maybe he was busy, working on other things. I noticed the first three Dr's were absent, too. I don't care if they have passed away, surely the TL's could have resurrected them for this special :)

Maybe that's what they are attempting to do!

It was better than DOTD!

All his unwanted CD's, no wonder pirating is so popular.

Me too!

yes, unlike Matt, they have personality!

The first three Doctors (William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton & Jon Pertwee) are all dead so there isn't much that can be done about that because if they were alive I'm sure they would have been involved in the festivities. These men were passionately involved with the fan base during the times they were playing the role and after they left the series.

The oldest living actor to play the role (Tom Baker - the Fourth Doctor) did a cameo in the special. The fifth, sixth and seventh Doctors (Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy) did the public rounds by doing press interviews and convention appearances not to mention this tongue in cheek feature leading up to the special and the eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) did the prequel "Night of the Doctor". In short, everyone chipped in.

Even if Eccleston didn't want to do the special which was recorded over six months ago, he could have done press events or a convention appearance or even given an interview but instead he's done NOTHING. In short, he's basically given the middle finger to fans by showing zero support for the show and distancing himself from anything related to the celebration. But what really burnt fans was when he was interviewed late last year about the possibility of being involved in the 50th special and he infamously replied "I don't bathe in the same water twice"........


Hell even Peter Capaldi (he hasn't been formally introduced yet as the twelfth Doctor) made a cameo in the special. Eccleston has kept away from everything "DW" related since his exit from the series and has remained pretty much silent on the whole thing. Not impressed with him at all.....

worked fine on my chromebook in the US last night. even casted it to the tv.

Who plays Steven Moffatt's secretary? She looks familiar somehow.

I agree, he should have come back and join into something. He was such a wonderful Doctor. Even if the team had an inappropriate behaviour towards him, he could have participated in something for the fans.

This was so sweet and funny. Great work. Experience certainly is a value!

Pretty sure it's Niki Wardley. I had to do some detective work using the "cast in order of appearance" on the credits roll. If I'm correct then one of her best known parts was in the Catherine Tate Show as Lauren's friend Lisa, and it seems that she is also not unknown to Big Finish fans and on the convention scene.

See, even old gits like me sometimes have their uses! :)

Just noticed (re-watching it via iPlayer) that in the shot of McGann starting at 8m45s, there's an old TV set at back left - and I bet it's Bakelite! It doesn't bring anything to the story, but I think my family still had a set such as that when Who first revealed itself to the world in '63.

Peter Jackson: Theres a problem with Sylvester
Ian McKellen: Sylvester..... who?
Peter Jackson: The little bloke... Bird poo

Brilliant! Like the funny bit in Extras when the celeb does their gag, but repeated a hundred times and all about WHO! Well done all involved.

And did you know Sylvester McCoy is in the Hobbit?

that was hilarious, pure class. would watch again.

Yes indeed!!!!! This absolutely MADE my DW 50th!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!

Well, apart from the trouble he might have had at the time causing bad memories, and his work promoting Thor The Dark World, it could be that, for him, it was just a job. Oh, he did a a fine job at it, he was and is a professional, but perhaps he wasn't there long enough to really get that attached to the role.

Just watched this and it was fab. Never mind the 'Starx/Vastra/Jenni' spin off. Give these 3 a show!! The chemistry between the 3 of them was fantastic and the script was genuinely darn funny too.

I think it's his choice. You can be upset about it but it has happened. Move on.

Sean Pertwee made me smile as a tribute to his dad and was Patrick's son in their somewhere.

Yeah, when the caption came up 'New Zealand Production' part of me thought 'Year, right - or a BBC parking lot'. So when they actually went on set with Peter and Ian I sat bolt upright and ate my own internal monologue, lovely stuff!

David Troughton was the 1st Dalek Operator (the one on the left as we viewed).

Laughed my socks off. What a brilliant end to the 50th celebrations. Very funny, loads of in-jokes, some great people not taking themselves too seriously. When Sylvester decided to leave the Hobbit set the first thing I thought was "I hope Peter Jackson shows up" and he didn't disappoint. Now I understand what all the protests outside the BBC a few weeks ago were all about. It was a real treat, very funny, very sweet and just all kinds of lovely really.

So they got to be in the special after all! This was really good and the fact it works/everything falls into place: ten minutes needed to be deleted, they deleted the bit with the old doctors inside the daleks...so clever, Davidson - "I liked the way everything wobbled!" = hilarious. Hope this is on the DVD of the 50th!

Yeah, I did mate. He plays Radagast the Brown

"Quel damage, Davros" and then I kill him with my sonic eyes...

Fans will be quoting these lines for the next 50 years, the Dr Who equivalent of Airplane.

My Mum is 72 years old and I'm pretty sure she is not a Doctor Who fan. But today at Sunday dinner she couldn't find something in her handbag. Mum "Damn this bag is like the bloody TARDIS" Respect Mum --- I love you :D

I met Colin Baker today at the Who Event in London; he seemed genuinely chuffed that it was getting the reaction that it was...

For me; funniest bits were the 3 of them together - outside Television Center, in the 'not real' Tardis and invading the Cardiff studio (and a special mention to the old vs. new music gag too). I really would like to see them do more comedy stuff together.

Oh and the return of Russel T.....marvelous!

I agree. It's a shame he wasn't involved, but that's his prerogative. Certainly nothing he should feel ashamed about.

It was good. But I wouldn't go that far.

Different beasts really, but both good.
We've had three decent films out of this really. The rather slight (but great to fill in a blank and see McGann) Night of the Doctor. Day of the Doctor and of course this. Great stuff.

I guess he was too busy playing Destro in the "G.I. Joe" movie. Priorities, y'know?

yup. Made me giggle.

They may have passed away but David Troughton – son of Patrick Troughton, the Second Doctor and Sean Pertwee – son of Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor took part in this

I vented my annoyance which I think I'm allowed to. And as far as Eccleston is concerned, I have moved on but thanks for your concern about me.....

*rolls eyes*

Yep, that's a priority to play a supporting role instead of being a lead......

That's who the 3rd Dalek operator was! I couldn't for the life of me remember his name and now I get the connection. Thank you!
As an aside, I thought it was big of Pertwee to at least put in an appearance in the Five(ish) Doctors. Considering he didn't have the smootest relationship with his dad shows the man has class. Oh he apparantly does a kickass Worzel impression.

Erm...that doesn't make sense.

Perhaps, but he could have risen above it and done a little turn for the fans. I do hope he knows how Tom Baker reacted for the 20th and now the 50th. Gives him 30 years to reflect on his place in our affections.

William Hartnell wasn't involved in the 5 Doctors - the 20th anniversary special, due to being dead. His role was played by Richard Hurndall. So from my perspective, a dead actor put in more effort for the fans than Mr Eccleston did.

"Quel Dommage"

Or use the "Hola! Unblocker" plugin for Chrome or Firefox. Far less intrusive than Expat Shield I've found.

Was not aware of that - cheers for the heads-up!
Hopefully, the ex-colonials should now be able to join in the fun, one way or another. ;)

Any idea if this will be available on DVD? Hope so!

Look for him - little bloke - bird poo...

After the disappointing kiddie-romp that was the Anniversary Special, this was like a breath of fresh air. Why on earth is it being treated like a poor relation? It deserves massive kudos, and so do all the people who appeared in it.

This is absolutely fabulous; I hope the BBC puts this an an extra on the Dvd release of the 'Day of the Doctor'

Loved every second of this. Does this mean we got a double bluff and we did see 5/6/7 under the sheets in TDOTD?. Loved the in jokes and most random appearance of all goes to Frank Skinner. Loved that so many old faces cropped up and and my jaw dropped at seeing Peter Jackson and Ian McKellen. Peter Davision might actually have a career ahead of him as a writer if this is the standard he can reach.
I wondered if one of the office workers was Elizabeth Sladen's daughter.
This rounded up four wonderful shows all of which I have really enjoyed this week.

It works for me, but only on my (Windows) PC, not on my ipad.

Ha Ha ::D

you mean it wasn't a parody? I had hoped it was self referential and enjoyed the 10 minutes of it (that's all I could stand) on a meta level.

That was glorious, a doff of the fez to all concerned. How about a DoG feature on A Very Peculiar Practice as a thank you?

Nice comment. Stupid and not true and obviously your opinion, but still a stupid comment.

Aren't you the one who thinks love and monsters is misunderstood? Yup, I thought I saw RTDs dick in your mouth.

Outstanding fun! Gratz to all involved !

Tom didn't want to come back because it hurt his feelings too much relinquishing control of "his" program. Eccleston didn't come back because he's a disagreeable prick who can't seem to put his "big boy" pants on and grow up. Okay okay...you say you were mistreated...get over it. He's just a dick....every interview he's ever done he sounds like a grumpy arse. I say good riddance.....the anniversary was just wonderful without him!

So he says. Chris seems to have problems with everyone on everything he works on. I'm starting to see the connection!!!

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! That was amazing. The Anniversary day that keeps on giving!!

Chris and RTD were professionally close when he did DW. Without him, would we be here, now, discussing fifty years of magic? To whoever it was who thanked all the doctors, I wouldn't exclude Christopher Ecclestone just because he's too morose to join the party. And didn't The Moff do a wonderful, *wondrous* job without him? I'm beginning to suspect that by forcing Steven Moffatt to use his amazing imagination and work-around Ecclestone's non-involvement resulted in the most thought-provoking DW story so far and possibly best Sci-Fi drama episode in the history of television.

No, I'm not exaggerating. Much.

For years, I've been longing for a Time Wars feature film showing the transition from McGann to Eccleston, but this single anniversary episode has quelled that thirst and fulfilled a dream.

As for The Five-ish Doctors... meh. Loads of in-jokes and cameos, but ultimately self-serving and raggedly directed. I don't expect Mr Davidson will be writing too many DW episodes in years to come.

On the plus side, RTD's "Quel domage" and the music gag both made me LOL.

Cat... meet the pigeons....

I agree with you except for the Five(ish) Doctors. It was brilliant. I enjoyed that almost as much as Day of the Doctor. What kind of fan couldn't enjoy that? Lol

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