Lots of The Day Of The Doctor pictures

News Louisa Mellor
14 Nov 2013 - 07:02

The BBC has released yet more images from 50th anniversary episode, The Day Of The Doctor...

Anyone who's ever spent months planning a wedding or the holiday-of-a-lifetime will recognise the feeling; now that the fiftieth anniversary special is just days away (nine and a bit at the time of writing), it doesn't quite seem real.

Real though, it is. And here are the BBC's latest crop of pictures to prove it. There's Tennant and Smith, Hurt and Piper, Page, Coleman and a riled-looking Zygon. There are even a handful of those lovely white-backgrounded ones they do now that are just screaming out to be wittily Photoshopped, or you know, just left be. Your call.


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