Lots of The Day Of The Doctor pictures

News Louisa Mellor 14 Nov 2013 - 07:02

The BBC has released yet more images from 50th anniversary episode, The Day Of The Doctor...

Anyone who's ever spent months planning a wedding or the holiday-of-a-lifetime will recognise the feeling; now that the fiftieth anniversary special is just days away (nine and a bit at the time of writing), it doesn't quite seem real.

Real though, it is. And here are the BBC's latest crop of pictures to prove it. There's Tennant and Smith, Hurt and Piper, Page, Coleman and a riled-looking Zygon. There are even a handful of those lovely white-backgrounded ones they do now that are just screaming out to be wittily Photoshopped, or you know, just left be. Your call.


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"just screaming out to be wittily Photoshopped"...

Miss Mellor, why do I get the feeling you are talking to me? :-)

Challenge accepted!

Matt Smith reveals real reason behind Doctor Who departure...

Does anyone think that the close up of Matt's eye looks like the shot when he was looking into his 'room' in the God Complex?? Maybe we will actually get to see what he saw.. its one of my favourite cliff hangers, its so mysterious

Obi Matt Kenobi, a new fan favorite

In that picture with the halberds, does anyone else see John Hurt's face? Matt Smith and David Tennant look battle ready, but he is making that face my science teacher did when I broke a beaker on his foot.

Ah. School.

(He wasn't Hurt for the record. See what I did there?)

Also, the Night of The Doctor just came out. Mcgann regenerates into Hurt, but not in the way one would expect. Technically, Hurt is not the Doctor. Thus, the numbering system still works. Hurt, instead, is the Warrior.

BBC put it on YouTube if you are interested (as you should be). The question now is, can Mcgann still appear? The BBC clearly wanted to show him regenerate, but does this squash the rumors of his appearance in the special?

That, my fellow friends of Gallifrey, only TIME will tell!

I always assumed that was John Hurt, being that now we learned that he is Matt's "greatest secret".

Awesome as they are, they put me in mind of H&M commercials.
Jacket - £49.99
Moth-eaten Shirt - £1.99
Jewel-bedecked Court Gown - 489l.8d.6s.
Latex Zygon Bodysuit - price on request

Can't help wondering how 10 and 11 are planning to use sonics against polearms. Maybe just pretend they're laser guns?
Hurt's Doctor is all "Put 'em away, gentlemen. Nobody falls for that s***."

Indeed! Especially since their shafts appear to be made of wood.

Hurt knows what's up.

Ah yes...

See. Why would anyone want sonic when they can have laser?

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