Brand new pictures from The Day Of The Doctor

News Louisa Mellor
7 Nov 2013 - 08:11

The BBC has released four snazzy new pictures from 50th anniversary special, The Day Of The Doctor...

A second trailer for Doctor Who's fiftieth anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor, is due to air on BBC One this Saturday the 9th of November at 8pm, when more will be revealed about the seventy-six minute special. While we await those revelations, feast your eyes on these new images released from the episode.

There's Matt Smith and Fourth Doctor-scarf-wearing UNIT scientist Ingrid Oliver, Matt Smith looking tense, David Tennant surprising Joanna Page (as Queen Elizabeth I), and finally, something all good 3D productions require: someone pointing. Wrong way though David, it only works if you do it towards the camera...

We'll bring you The Day of the Doctor cast interviews and more as soon as we're allowed to.


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