Does a BBC book give a Doctor Who 50th anniversary clue?

News Simon Brew 4 Nov 2013 - 07:47

Could a BBC book from earlier in the year give a clue as to Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special, The Day Of The Doctor?

SPOILER WARNING: Don't read this if you've not seen Doctor Who: The Name Of The Doctor

Maybe sometimes you can read too much into things, but back in April, the BBC published Who-ology, an official Doctor Who book that it billed as The Official Miscellany of Doctor Who. It's a fun read, and well worth a look, that came out on June 7th this year.

Now, let's get the disclaimers in first. This was put together therefore in the months before The Name Of The Doctor screened at the end of Doctor Who series 7 on May 18th, and as such, there's a limit on how much fully up to date information could be included.

That said, scripts for the likes of The Name Of The Doctor would have been written, and it's more than likely that John Hurt had shot his infamous scene when the book went to print. At the very least, there could have been time for a late edit before the book was printed. So, in short, it means there may be something to what we're going to show you. Just possibly.

It refers to the theories surrounding where John Hurt fits into the life of the Doctor, and specifically, whether he's an extension of sorts of the eighth Doctor.

Thus, turning to page 95 of Who-ology, as I did over the weekend, there's a section on Reasons For Regeneration. It goes through each Doctor in turn and explains what ended that particular iteration of the Time Lord's life. But what's this? Rather than just say 'Unknown' next to the Eighth Doctor, it says the following.....

So then: just covering bases, or a subtle inclusion that ties into something that may lie ahead in the very near future? Probably the former, but you never know.

Here's the cover of the book, in case you fancy tracking down a copy...

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Yeah, I loved this book. AKA "How to win a Whovian pub quiz in one pocket-sized hardback". Cute info-graphics too.
I so want to read more into this, but my gut feeling is saying they were just leaving the door open.

Hmmm... you know, there's buzz that the mysterious minisode "The Last Day" is going to focus on McGann's regeneration.
It's all just conjecture, and the mini is apparently only 3 minutes and 57 seconds, but if it finally shows us what happened to 8 then I'll take it.

8 deserves more than 3 minutes 57 seconds, but I do have a kind of good feeling that we'll be seeing 8. Interesting how Paul McGann has been chatting so much about the 50th anniversary & pointedly pointing out he's not in it :-)

Now if only a tv show special in the near future would explain this. Hmm. If only an event would occur in November that would possibly be able to give evidence to it. Hmm.

Wow, never before have 2 words meant so much. So it's probably likely that 8th regeneration will be explained, but I don't think it will be into Hurt. I just think that's too much of a cop out. But then again, KISS

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