Fantastic retro posters for An Adventure In Space And Time

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29 Oct 2013 - 10:32

Take a look at these wonderful retro posters for Mark Gatiss Doctor Who drama, An Adventure In Space And Time...

November, the month of Doctor Who's fiftieth birthday, will be upon us in a matter of days, and with it comes ninety-minute Who origins drama, An Adventure In Space And Time

In a BBC interview released today, writer Mark Gatiss explained the scope of the special, which is principally "the story of how Doctor Who was created, so we concentrate on the very beginnings and the first few episodes. There are lots of treats for the fans but it's also the story of William Hartnell, the first Doctor and how the part transformed his life." 

Gatiss describes the drama as "my love letter to Doctor Who", explaining that his hope is for "fans [to] enjoy and be thrilled by it and all the kisses to the past it's laden with. But my greatest wish is that it appeals to people who know very little or nothing about Doctor Who and see the struggle of talented people (almost) accidentally creating a legend!"

Fitting Doctor Who's origin story into a ninety-minute script, Gatiss understandably had to streamline events, "I had to focus it down. Simple as that. This is a drama, not a documentary, and though it's extremely painful to have to leave out some people who played a huge part, it makes dramatic sense. You simply can't do everyone justice in ninety minutes. For instance, the story of how Terry Nation and Ray Cusick created the Daleks is almost a film all on its own! Jeff Rawle plays Mervyn Pinfield, who was the Associate Producer, and his character sort of absorbs several others including Donald Wilson and the brilliant David Whitaker – the first script editor - whose contribution was immeasurable."

We'll bring you our thoughts on the drama as soon as we're able, but in the meantime, feast your eyes upon these rather lovely retro poster designs.

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