Fantastic retro posters for An Adventure In Space And Time

Poster Louisa Mellor 29 Oct 2013 - 10:32

Take a look at these wonderful retro posters for Mark Gatiss Doctor Who drama, An Adventure In Space And Time...

November, the month of Doctor Who's fiftieth birthday, will be upon us in a matter of days, and with it comes ninety-minute Who origins drama, An Adventure In Space And Time

In a BBC interview released today, writer Mark Gatiss explained the scope of the special, which is principally "the story of how Doctor Who was created, so we concentrate on the very beginnings and the first few episodes. There are lots of treats for the fans but it's also the story of William Hartnell, the first Doctor and how the part transformed his life." 

Gatiss describes the drama as "my love letter to Doctor Who", explaining that his hope is for "fans [to] enjoy and be thrilled by it and all the kisses to the past it's laden with. But my greatest wish is that it appeals to people who know very little or nothing about Doctor Who and see the struggle of talented people (almost) accidentally creating a legend!"

Fitting Doctor Who's origin story into a ninety-minute script, Gatiss understandably had to streamline events, "I had to focus it down. Simple as that. This is a drama, not a documentary, and though it's extremely painful to have to leave out some people who played a huge part, it makes dramatic sense. You simply can't do everyone justice in ninety minutes. For instance, the story of how Terry Nation and Ray Cusick created the Daleks is almost a film all on its own! Jeff Rawle plays Mervyn Pinfield, who was the Associate Producer, and his character sort of absorbs several others including Donald Wilson and the brilliant David Whitaker – the first script editor - whose contribution was immeasurable."

We'll bring you our thoughts on the drama as soon as we're able, but in the meantime, feast your eyes upon these rather lovely retro poster designs.

Read more about An Adventure in Space and Time on Den of Geek, here.


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That last one reminded me of Del Trotter.

You know it makes sense.

Why can't more posters nowadays be like the bottom one?

These are so lovely! :D I wish that the "blockbuster"-posters of Series 7 had been more like this. "An Adventure in Space and Time" is definitely the one thing I'm most excited for in the 50th anniversary celebration.


Those are just beautiful! Can't wait to see this.

They have the Richie seal of approval. (It's hard to get you know?)

Very appropriate. Reminiscent of the cover of the first Doctor Who annual.

I agree with all, they look fantastic.

I wish I understood what people like about Doctor Who. I have tried, and I feel like I should like it, but don't :(

I shouldn't feel too bad about it. It's ok not to like the show. I love the good Doctor despite feeling like I'm watching it out of habit lately. That's more to do with the writing and pacing rather than Matt Smith who is good. Hoping Capaldi will shake things up.
The posters above are wonderfully nostalgic and I'm looking forward to this, perhaps slightly more than the Smith/Tennant/Hurt anniversary Who special.

It's a deeply subjective thing whether it gels with you or not. I can only speak for myself, but to me it's the imaginative mixing of different genres into a bizarre and very British blend. At its best the show is like a cross between Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Doctor Snuggles, with each story featuring a Whovian take on a specific genre or trope. But each era is different in what type of stories it focuses on, with my personal favourites being all of the 1970's with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, as well as the RTD-era (2005-2009).

Same here. The writing and the pacing has become far less to my liking, with almost everything being too fast and too hyper-active. I recently watched through Series 1 & 2 on DVD and was surprised at how slow and methodical the episodes were in comparison to how it is now. Yet they had plenty of room for all sorts of little scenes that furthered character development and fleshed out the atmosphere. No way in hell would there be a conversation like the one in The Satan Pit, where the characters take a their time to have an interesting philosophical discussion about faith and religion, all the while exploring a large empty cave.

The show has unfortunately gone such a route that currently there is only one thing that might make me check out Series 8: The casting of Peter Capaldi. Besides him there has yet to be any announcement that would attract me to keep watching at all, because I'm not at all glad at the continued presence of Steven Moffat as head writer or the return of Clara and the Paternoster Gang.


This is worthy of Ebert's and Roeper's two thumbs up.

And believe me, I have knowledge on fingers.

Ramsay flayed Theon's, don't you know?

Also, they better have the Cybermen look like that in Day of The Doctor. Those things were "fantastic" (quoted by Roose, Eccleston approved).

The Richie seal of approval?!

Well done, Mr. Gatiss.

Doctor Who episodes are often really great or are episodes you watch once and only return to on occasion.

Many of the concepts take a bit to wrap your head around, and eventually, you will just give up trying to wrap your head around them and just go with it.

It is a great show, but it does take a little while to ease yourself into. I personally with Eccleston, being that I never watched the classics (I do now, though). He is a pretty good doctor to ease your way into the show, even if he hates being related to the show in real life.

If you aren't much of a sci-fi person, this probably won't be your show. If you want to ease into the genre, I'd suggest Stargate SG-1. It is a great show for sci-fi, but not as confusing as Doctor Who can be at times.

If you actually do enjoy sci-fi, I say give this show another shot. I have a few personal favorite episodes, and I am sure people on here would love nothing more than to tell you their favorites to watch.

There is another great show out there too. It is on HBO. It also includes bastards.

I let you put the pieces together.

I'm tempted to go see this at the BFI where they're premiering it.

Yeah I'm a massive fan of scifi and fantasy in general... SG1, Atlantis, Star Trek (DS9 being the best) and Game of Thrones and co on the fantasy side (I get your username for example). It may be petty but I think I like my scifi with American accents. British accents in scifi don't work for me. Why is Fitzsimmons in S.H.I.E.L.D. for example? Girly girl, you're from Sheffield, what's with the Radio 4 accent?

+1 for the Dr Snuggles reference

I'm sure he's considering retirement now.

OMG so it isn't just me! The Satan Pit still stands as one of my all time favorites, a perfect two parter with plently of room to breathe, completely agreed with everything you said. Now it's all tiny squashed 40 minute episodes that don't make any sense. Yeah if it weren't for Capaldi I'd have probably decided to quit already.

To be honest, the development over the past three years have made me question why I even watch the show and why I have in the past considered it my favourite show at all. But luckily I got my hands on Series 1-4 on DVD and got myself a reminder of why I fell in love with the Whoniverse. So far I've watched through the first two seasons and each episode has made me think "Damn, this show used to be so good", with only two episodes as an exception to that.

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