Steven Moffat on Peter Capaldi, Doctor Who, Russell T Davies

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30 Sep 2013 - 07:22

Steven Moffat addresses the fact that Peter Capaldi has appeared in the Doctor Who universe before...

If you've got half an hour to spare, or you're stuck in the office and want to pretend to do some work while listening to something, you could do a lot worse then check out a new, relaxed half hour interview that Steven Moffat has done with Nerd Cubed.

Sat on a very stripey sofa, Moffat was quizzed about various elements of Doctor Who, and he eventually turns to the fact that incoming Doctor Peter Capaldi has turned up in the show before (in both The Fires Of Pompeii and Torchwood spin-off Children Of Earth). And as it turns out, there's a plan to deal with that, that might owe just a little to Russell T Davies.

"We are aware that Peter Capaldi’s played a part in Doctor Who before and we’re not going to ignore the fact", Moffat admitted. "I’ll let you in on this. I remember Russell told me he had a big old plan as to why there were two Peter Capaldis in the Who universe, one in Pompeii and one in Torchwood. When I cast Peter, [Russell] got in touch to say how pleased he was I said 'Okay, what was your theory and does it still work?' and he said 'Yes it does, here it is'. So I don’t know if we’ll get to it… we’ll play that one out over time. It’s actually quite neat".

Moffat continued: "The big fun question is, we know that the Doctor when he regenerates, the faces, it’s not set from birth, it’s not that he was always going to be one day Peter Capaldi. We know that’s the case because in The War Games he has a choice of face and all that. We know it’s not set so where does he get those faces from? They can’t just be randomly generated because they’ve got lines and they’ve aged. When he turns into Peter he’ll actually have lines on his face – sorry Peter – so where did that face come from?"

Interesting. You can see the full interview in the YouTube embed below...

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