BBC releases picture, teaser sting for The Day Of The Doctor

News Simon Brew 28 Sep 2013 - 21:19
Doctor Who

The promotional campaign for the 50th anniversary Doctor Who episode, The Day Of The Doctor, gently moves forward...

The BBC has been playing its cards relatively close to its chest where the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who is concerned. We've had a poster, certainly, and we've had the title reveal. Other than that, we know the same information we did several months ago. There was a special trailer screened at Comic-Con, but the BBC - to some disgruntlement - decided that it would only be shown there, and not anywhere else. Thus far, it's been true to its word.

Instead, a new trailer is now apparently in "post-production", and the BBC has released a behind the scenes picture to prove it. You can see that right here...

It's also launching a promotional hashtag for Twitter - that'd be #SaveTheDay - and we're hearing that new information may not be too far away now.

Furthermore, following tonight's transmission of Atlantis, the BBC revealed the ident that will be used for The Day Of The Doctor. This is what it looks like...

We'll have more on The Day Of The Doctor in the next few weeks. It screens on November 23rd.

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Oh Doctor! Please save us from Atlantis.

Is the ident the same on BBC America?

Well that absolutely pointless. Nothing against you Den of Geek. It was more like a desperate act by the BBC to make people watch Atlantis.

What is the BBC's logic behind this stupid decision of not showing the goddamn trailer? Seriously, somebody explain it to me.

I can't blame them for their desperation, having watched Atlantis though. I only gave it a try on the promise of these non-event teasers. The eight seconds of DW tease were annoyingly pointless, but still better than the entire episode of Atlantis, which was to family fantasy drama what The Wright Way is to sitcoms.

I imagine the idea is that those of us who are hardcore fans will be watching no matter what, but that if they show the trailer too early it won't have as much chance to pull in new viewers. Non-fans who see a trailer close to the air date can think "Oh that big Doctor Who thing is in a few weeks? I should remember to check that out." But if they started airing it in August folks would just say "Oh yeah there's some big thing later on in the year... no idea what I'm doing that month yet though." Don't get me wrong I'm not at all happy about it, but the marketing just isn't aimed at us because we're already watching.

Hopefully though, the special WILL be aimed at fans! This may be another reason they haven't aired it yet. There may not be a lot they can show without giving away the surprises, so they may be saving what they've got!

When the trailer is shown then fans will have an idea of the quality of the 50th anniversary - they will know roughly about the plot and direction the show is going.

This also means most secrets they are saving will be revealed - they are still trying to keep the 'Time War' aspect quiet and John Hurts identity (Despite both already being confirmed indirectly)

It also leaves time for people to pre-order the DVD and the BBC to make more money. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the trailer airs mid October-November or on the 50th day in the lead-up to 'The Day of the Doctor'

The closer the trailer release to the episode - the more likely people are willing to pre-order the DVD from hype alone.

The ident reads "23.11.13". The DW/TARDIS symbol stands in for the "11". We in America write our dates with the month first, then date, then year. So BBC America probably won't use it. Or BBC America could come up with their own version with the DW/TARDIS symbol first for the month. "11.23.13".

The 50 day countdown begins next weekend. I'm expecting the first in a series of trailers/stuff.

No offence to all you guys at DoG, I know you've given a lot of column inches over to Atlantis, but it kinda stinks! I think the BBC know that and it's cost them a bloody fortune at a time when they are skint. I suspect they will be using lots more Who teasers to help those ratings and hopefully get people hooked and tuning in out of habit.

People would've watched the first episode of Atlantis to give it a go, but how many of them would come back for more? Not me that's for sure. BUT with the promise of Who 50th trailers? Well, I'd have to tune in for that!

It was an absolute shocker, wasn't it? I imagine the person who commissioned it trying to smile and big it up through a screening to the board, then breaking down in a toilet cubicle with sweat pouring off their pallid brow, and rusty water pouring down the backs of their thighs. Two things I will not accept as excuses for downright sh*te television are:
1) it's just a bit of Saturday teatime family fun.
2) you need to give it a chance.
It's either worth watching or it isn't, and this definitely isn't.

those two "excuses" I have no problem with if the show is actually decent. I would never have got to the final season of Breaking Bad if I hadn't given it a chance...
The generation game (all those years ago) wasn't genius in any way shape or form, but it was a bit of Saturday teatime family fun - inoffensive and appropriate for all ages.
The problem is that they have built up Atlantis all summer... I've been hearing about it and seeing trailers all summer long. It tried to be a bit of everything and ended up being a lot of nothing. It wasn't cheesy enough to be a cheesefest, but it was too cheesy to be taken seriously. It was historical enough to pique interest, but not enough to maintain it. It was to light-hearted to be a drama, but not enough to be a comedy. It felt more ITV than BBC - and I'm not trying to insult the millions that enjoy the lower-brow entertainment of ITV, it just didn't live up to expectations of a flagship BBC drama.

"John Hurt is the Doctor" at the end of the last episode seemed pretty direct to me!

After I endured Atlantis to catch the sting, they put on an ident for Have I Got News for You where Ian Hislpo and the other guy came out of the Tardis dressed as the 4th Doctor. The marketing already began at the BBC, plus they announced that they are preparing a NEW trailer to be released very soon. So why not release the comic con trailer already? I still don't get it.

The problem is that they are preparing a NEW trailer and not showing the comic con trailer. If it's to not reveal secrets they failed because like most of us I learned what happens in the trailer by reading every freaking article written by those who attended the panel at Comic Con describing the trailer.


"I'm not trying to insult the millions that enjoy the lower-brow entertainment of ITV"

Bwah ha ha. Love it.

You're right though. But I think it wasn't even up to the quality of SKY (*cough* Sinbad) let alone ITV.

The Other guy is ONLY PAUL BLOODY METRON One of the greatest comedians performing today. Also Ian HISLOP

It's not our fault your country uses an irrational dating system. Dates and time are written in ascending or descending order. Writing dates as month/day/year is like writing time as minutes/hours/seconds i.e. stupid

Pardon my French. Literally. I'm French. My understanding of British comedians stops at Stephen Fry and those who appear on QI.

I'm not watching that Atlantis thing. looks like a watered down version of some other show.

No the trailer at Comic-Con was "unfinished"... they've finished filming it and it's in post-production.
It's a specially shot trailer so it takes a lot of time. And the 50th is two months away... casual viewers will lose interest too early if they release it now!

From my understanding of various BBC annoucements, official tweets, and articles, the Comic Con trailer will never be shown to us the earthlings who weren't at San Diego this summer. Instead, like you said, they are preparing a whole new trailer.

I don't buy this "casual viewers will lose interest" just because they saw a trailer, and that the comic con trailer was "unfinished".

I suppose that by casual viewers you mean casual brit viewers. They are the ones who will be surrounded by Doctor Who, on TV, on the radio, with live events etc FOR WEEKS! How the hell could they lose interest just because of a trailer?

And for the "unfinished" part. It was finished enough to show it at a Comic Con panel. It was finished enough to show it at the Edinburgh Television Festival. And for some reason, when it comes to show it to the viewers, it's unfinished!?

Also, why other shows not half as cult as Doctor Who can afford to reveal their trailer for a simple season premiere months before the air date, and DOCTOR WHO can't do the same for its 50th anniversary episode???

Haha, I love your evocative description of the ill-starred commisioning editor there - I'd love to see Ken Loach do a gritty drama about them as they descend into a self made hell, kinda like Taxi Driver but with rubbish family telly taking the place of the private transport industry.

The Comic-Con trailer was the unfinished version of the one we're going to get. The end result will be different but there's nothing in the comic-con trailer that won't be in the eventual one. In fact there will obviously be more.
Broadcasters do that all the time - put material out at comic-con to get a view from the audiences. A second series of Black Sails was commissioned by Starz (the first episode of the 1st series doesn't premiere til January) after the pilot episode of the first series was shown there because it got good feedback. It's all about feedback.
And that's the point - this isn't a series. It's a one off episode that's shrouded in secrecy. They can't put a full length trailer out without ruining plots and showing key developments. Why in gods name would they want to do that two months before it airs?!
P.S I didn't vote down your comment btw.

I'm trying to find as to where in my above post I said it was your country's fault. Hmmm. Can't seem to see that worded up there anywhere. You seem to take offense (at things that aren't there) very easily. Perhaps you should consider seeking the help of a good psychologist who could help you with your anger issues. As for our method of writing dates? I could start waving the American flag, pushing out my chest and shouting for all to hear that the American way is the best way, but if there's one thing I've learned from watching "Doctor Who" it's to be open and understanding of others. And to acknowledge that everyone has different ways of doing things and not degrade others or oneself by labeling others or their ways of doing things as being "stupid". -ProfZed, 09/29/13

Then why not release the old trailer after comic-con? Thus allowing fans to be hyped - then release a new variation now... makes no sense why we didn't get the variation of the trailer shown at the Edingburgh festival or comic-con.

Yes, the trailer at Comic-Con was not finished - however another version at the Edinburgh festival was.

Its actually barely a month and a half away - barely 50 or so days.

That was the BBC's part. John Hurt is the ninth incarnation of the Doctor who never gained the title of 'The Doctor' - they putt he title there so people would realise he is 'The Doctor' even if he never gained the title or 'Name of the Doctor' - every Doctor since McGann has been referred to as 'The Doctor' or the '9th,10th or 11th Doctor' - The BBC have never stated they were the 9th, 10th or 11th incarnations.

Check BBC merchandise for proof.

What is so bad about it may I know. The first episode is very based of Merlin which was downright spectacular. Of course I am just in my young teens, but any Greek myths and legends nut should have a field day unraveling all those mysteries that surround Jason who seems to be the JASON as in of the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece. I love Doctor Who to, but in these annoyingly long gaps between seasons Atlantis is the perfect combination of Greek mythology to watch and have fun with. Boom!

What show?

Hey America is awesome, even though we want to be as separate as possible from the rest of the world!

That sting was 11 seconds second for each doctor? I want an actual trailer..very soon.

I didn't say it offended me, I just said it was irrational and stupid. I can't think of any logical reason to display a date in this order. The Chinese do it backwards (Year/Month/Day) but at least it's in order of magnitude. Only USA do it in this bizarre manner. Once again, I'm not raging and no offence was taken. It is, however, incredibly annoying when trying to fill out forms online.

Look at what BBC one tweeted 2 days ago: "We have shot a brand new never-seen-before trailer for the 50th anniversary which is currently in post-production..." ; "The trailer is specially shot & written for The Day of the Doctor. We'll bring it to you as soon as we can". Emphasis on "brand new never-seen before".

If they want to protect the secrecy surrounding The Day of The Doctor why bother putting together a trailer for comic con knowing that most of the people there are going to describe it in great details on their blogs, twitters or whatever?

The information is out. We all know what happens in the trailer, plus the poster gave away quite a lot. Why is the BBC still insisting on not releasing the damn trailer?

However, I don't think that my raging on the internet is going to change BBC's broadcast policies, so I might aswell just sit on my frustration and wait.

BBC one tweeted 2 days ago: "We have shot a brand new
never-seen-before trailer for the 50th anniversary which is currently in
post-production..." ; "The trailer is specially shot & written for
The Day of the Doctor. We'll bring it to you as soon as we can".

So we now have an unreleased comic con trailer, an unreleased Edingburgh trailer, and a going to be released eventually "brand new never-seen before" trailer.

I just want a trailer, a 30s trailer would be okay, hell even a 20 second ident with the 2+1 Doctors would be enough. Just give us something to freak out about.

Yeah, that's the crux of the matter. Investing time in something is fine, but you at least have the enjoy it a little bit. If you eat two mouthfuls of a meal and you don't like it then in my opinion you shouldn't finish the meal.
I think you described exactly right how it fell between pillars such as comedy or drama. The thing with something like The Generation Game is that a game show must surely have quite a small budget, and be quick and easy to shoot. You know a game show is a game show and don't tune in with any expectations. But with a genre series like this, even if it is more on the 'fluff' side, you still hope for something to get hold of.

That's what I was trying to get at... Total WipeOut does what it says on the tin, as do the national lottery gameshows. Light Entertainment for Light Entertainment's sake is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you want viewers to invest in a continuing series, you have to deliver something a bit more special.

"It is, however, incredibly annoying when trying to fill out forms online." Ah. Alright then. I can understand that.
- - - - -
By the way, BBC America aired the "9th Doctor Revisited" special last night (Sunday the 29th). During the broadcast, they ran the "11:23:13" ident. Oddly (or should that be "stupidly"?) the BBC America version still altered the middle number just like the BBC. Therefore, the "23" is what changed into the DW/TARDIS symbol. I guess someone somewhere didn't "get" that the "11" alters nicely into the DW/TARDIS symbol and that the "23" changing doesn't actually make sense.

I (an American) and a whole planet of others could challenge that exclamation (that America wants to be as separate as possible from the rest of the world) from a political point of view. Since this isn't really the website for that, I won't. Now then... Back to Doctor Who!

Its just with two prior trailer versions - neither released outside of their 'paid' locations - are unlikely to be released given they could have released them a while ago to help build hype and release a new trailer soon - so why didn't they release those trailers?

So that's already 2 variations which will likely never be seen - which they could easily show us if they chose to.

Granted they will probably release the 'brand new never-seen-before' trailer to everyone soon (Likely in 3 days time at the 50 days to 50th anniversary mark)

I honestly wont be happy until the trailer is released - as honestly the 50th anniversary marketing is lacking. The only thing we've had at the moment is a hashtag.

Good luck!



Okay, sorry for that. I was just saying that because we created our own name measurement system, dating system, and even our own language. Seriously was it that hard to stay with the metric system. Its so uncomplicated, but okay. Allonsy!

mukmuk, I was being facetious. I have to try to remember that I'm pretty much the only one who gets my sense of humour! (Oops. Humor! HAH!)

50 years and beyond

know they say the doctor only has 12 regenerations yet in the info books it says he has upto 500 regenerations?

Matt smith is so cool

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