Doctor Who 50th anniversary special title revealed

News Louisa Mellor 10 Sep 2013 - 12:40

The title and running time for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special have been revealed...

The Day Of The Doctor. That's the official title of the 50th anniversary Doctor Who episode written by Steven Moffat and coming to the BBC and around the world on Saturday the 23rd of November 2013.

The special, starring Matt Smith, David Tennant, Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper, John Hurt and many more (including one or two surprises no doubt), has also been confirmed as an extended-length 75-minute episode.

The Day Of The Doctor then, what do we make of that?

Read more about this year's 50th anniversary special, here.

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I like it.
Now where's the trailer??????

Is it my imagination or has the article just vanished from BBC News site?

75 minutes? Shame, I was hoping for 90 as a minimum.

Was hoping for 90 minutes, but hey, maybe at that long it would be a bit too dragged out? Who can say.
I like the title though.

It's probably misleading as with The Doctor's Wife, The Name of the Doctor, The Doctor's Daughter etc...

It's not even a two episode length, sheesh.

We're being punished :(

The number of minutes I want it to be is different from the number of minutes that it actually is is my first thought on this news ffs people

It is, once the Americans include their ad breaks. They might even be able to pad it up to two hours...

The Day of the Doctor indeed. And so it is.
And after all, "The Two Doctors" was taken (or even "The Three Doctors" for that matter - I've still got my fingers crossed for McGann...)

oh and BBC 4 are showing the 4 episodes of Hartnell's first story

Anyone know if there are still plans to simulcast it in cinemas? (Indeed — were those plans ever real, or just a rumour?)

Not even excited after the dissapointment that was last season.

"The Day Of The Doctor", huh? With a name like that it should definitely have a poster like a B-movie from the 50's.

Ah shaddap, series seven was fine and it won best drama, shows what you know doesnt it? you're just too old for DW.

Given all the rumours we were hearing earlier in the year about it only being 60 minutes, I can live with a 75 minute special (although 90 would have been amazing.)

Yeah, I'm pretty annoyed about that, I had a horrible feeling it wouldn't really be "feature length". Considering the issues that many fans seem to have had with rushed episodes and endings in the last series, I worry about they can pack in enough of 10th, 11th, Hurt, Zygons, Daleks, Queen Elizabeth + others, plus more surprises. Want to remain optimistic, but it's not easy.

Just a thought, but maybe "fine" or any other adjective which you pull to describe "decent but not great", is a disappointment to Kamrul. Unless you are privy to how high his expectations were going into it.
Personally speaking, out of series 7's thirteen or fourteen episodes I enjoyed four of them, found about four or five others to be passable, and the rest to be outright crap. So if he is anything like me, an expectation of watching a programme that achieved "more than passable four times would be the exact definition of "disappointing".
Personal tastes and all.

Yes exactly, seeing how the previous seasons were awesome the bar was raised high and last season didn't live up to the expectations except for like 3 or 4 episodes.

Billie Piper has killed it off for me before it even begins. Can't stand her.

'The Day Of The Doctor;' being broadcast on a day when people will actually be celebrating the Doctor. That's sooo meta....

It's being shown in cinemas in 3D - for that reason perhaps it should be longer - it's gonna be hard for some people to pay £12ish for something that isn't an hour and a half or longer......don't get the wrong idea, when it plays out at the traditional Doctor Who time of 1/2 six(pm)/seven(pm) I'll be in my local cinema eyes on the big screen...quivering with xcitemnt!

In the early days of NuWho I quite liked Rose's character, then David Tennant came on to the scene with his Tourettes style of acting and I used to say to myself "At least she isn't Bonnie bloody Langford" when watching her. By the time that ridiculous (okay, not more ridiculous than others, just awful) storyline came to a resolution I was watching the McCoy episodes and saying to myself whenever Mel was on screen "At least she isn't Billie bloody Piper"

75 minutes? An episode of Sherlock is 120m. Why so stingy?


Try again.

I think the Sherlocks are 90, not 120.

Yeah try again you square, get it right man, yeah. You got it wrong, that's really bad, try again.

Maybe Moffat took a look at The Five Doctors and realised there was nowhere near enough story to justify its length, so decided to keep things fairly short.

I love the title maybe the next one will be The Death of the Doctor

How can it be misleading? It doesn't really mean anything!

Take out next time trailers, reprise/previously sequence, one opening sequence and one closing sequence...Yeah, it really is two episodes in length.

That title is already taken by The Sarah Jane Adventures story, which starred Matt Smith. Maybe something similar though.

Well that's exactly what I thought. Maybe there's not enough story to fill 90 minutes. And much as I like it I've always felt The Five Doctors could be a good 10 minutes shorter.

I am looking forward to this, but at the moment the audio special 'The Light At the End', featuring all surviving Doctor's and The Master, seems more appealing.

that's ok

Maybe it takes place at night.

I asked my local cinema about this and they said they have been trying to find out details on the screenings so they can show it, but the BBC doesn't seem to have a clue what its doing, and is so far leaving them all in limbo. They even asked if I hear anything to let them know, as they have almost given up on the idea now.

"Try again" lol, what a tit.

Episode without credits and intro is about 35-40 minutes.

As for the 50th anniversary its around 65-70 minutes.

So more than likely its a little less than two episodes worth.

Then you have to factor in that two-parters actually have an established plot.

If anything I'd liken the 50th anniversary most to 'The End of Time Part 2' - has no idea what its doing with itself and is overall one complete fan-wank.

50 years old the show is - and your saying someone is 'too old' for Doctor Who?

The Day of The Doctor is not celebrating the Doctor as in a birthday - but is instead showing his darker sides during the Time War - hence the title - where its not 'his day' as he's having Daleks, Cybermen and Zygons beat the **** out of him.

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