Doctor Who 50th anniversary special round-up

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2 Sep 2013 - 07:00

Here’s the latest from the BBC on the 50th anniversary special trailer, a blurry image from the special, and more…

Those of you who’ve seen the BBC’s latest Original Drama trailer will have noticed a distinct lack of Doctor Who therein (not a lack of Doctors we should say, seeing as both David Tennant and Peter Capaldi were featured in their non-Time Lord capacity). That’s hardly a surprise, as when the fiftieth anniversary special trailer eventually arrives, we can’t see it being squeezed in next to a raft of other programming.

When, though, will it arrive?

One fan, @thetimelord_ took a direct route to finding out by asking the BBC the following on Twitter on Saturday the 31st of August, “@BBCOne are you ever going to give us the 50th anniversary trailer?”. Here’s what the official BBC One Twitter account had to say by way of reply (see screengrab below): “Oh we're going to give you so much more than a trailer... patience. It's worth the wait - we promise.”


Patience then. For anybody struggling with that, a very short filming clip and fuzzy image from the 50th anniversary episode have found their way online, the first courtesy of avideo from China by Grace19119, and the second from an audience member at the Edinburgh International Television Festival (both via Doctor Who Spoilers, who point out that while it may look as if there are two David Tennants in the image below, the moment caught on screen is merely a fade from one Tennant shot to another).

It’s also been revealed that BBC Three is producing an anniversary show “celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who.” The news came via Comedian Tom Craine’s website, with the message, “Delighted that I’ll be appearing as a guest on a forthcoming BBC3 show celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who. Wouldn’t put it past me to have a few stern words to say about the Daleks.” Blogtor Who, our chum and reliable source, suggests that the programme will be a characteristic BBC Three talking heads '50 Greatest moments'-style list show.

Finally, a wee reminder that the BBC's  seventy-five minute chunk of the Doctor Who at the Proms event is only available on BBC iPlayer until Monday the 2nd of September at 5:14pm, so if you've yet to see it, download today from here.

Courtesy of Blogtor Who, here's a clip from Murray Gold's 'Song For Fifty' from the July event.

More on the 50th anniversary special as soon as it arrives.

Doctor Who Spoilers / Blogtor Who

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