Doctor Who news round-up: Moffat, Capaldi, music and more

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22 Aug 2013 - 08:46

Our latest Doctor Who round-up includes Steven Moffat, Peter Jackson, Murray Gold, the Doctor's daughter and Rupert Everett...

A few more Doctor Who bits and bobs have popped up over the last day or two, so as is tradition, we've rounded a few of them up into one story.

Firstly, Steven Moffat appeared on stage at the Edinburgh Fringe last night, at an Ad Lib Live event. He was interviewed by Frank Skinner, and a few things came to light. For starters, Skinner directly asked Moffat if he acknowledged the convention that the Doctor can only regenerate twelve times. Moffat's reply? A simple "yes". That tells us something and nothing, of course. Just because Steven Moffat recognises the rules, that doesn't mean he won't rewrite them a little, or break them.

Moffat also revealed that Peter Jackson was serious about wanting to direct an episode of Doctor Who, although there are clear logistical issues. When asked if the door remained open for the return of Jenny, the Doctor's daughter, he also added that "it's entirely possible".

Furthermore, in a piece in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine (which is out now), Steven Moffat describes Peter Capaldi's take on the Doctor as "older, trickier and fiercer), and that - unlike David Tennant - he'll be keeping his Scottish accent for the role. There's going to be a big impact on Clara, too. In Moffat's words, "just as Clara’s learning to have a proper old crush on him, suddenly he’s Malcolm Tucker!".

Rupert Everett, meanwhile, has revealed in a new interview that "I tried to be Doctor Who but was turned down. I would have loved to have been Doctor Who but it is filmed in Cardiff and I don't think I would like to be in Cardiff". He was speaking at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Finally, Silva Screen is to release a double CD set of Doctor Who series 7 music, from composer Murray Gold. It will go on sale from September 9th. More at Silva Screen, here.

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