Doctor Who: Colin Baker on the 12th Doctor

News Louisa Mellor 17 Jul 2013 - 15:00

Flicks and the City chatted to Colin Baker about his experience on Doctor Who, and asked him the 12th Doctor question...

Inside a lovely few minutes with the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, Flicks and the City posed the question that everyone involved with Doctor Who, from the executive producer to whomever is responsible for ironing Matt Smith's underpants of a morning, has been asked: what kind of Doctor do you think number Twelve should be?

Baker was more than obliging in his response, in which he argued there was absolutely no reason that the next Doctor shouldn't be played by a woman, reasoning, "If the Doctor has twelve incarnations, surely he must be in touch with his feminine side to a certain extent." The actor went on to agree with the majority that whomever is given the role should be a relative newcomer, before signing off with some warm words about the show's fans.

Watch the mini-interview from London Comic-Con, below:

Flicks and the City

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So unfairly treated by the BBC and such a lovely bloke.

What a gentlemen and all-round lovely person. It's so wonderful to see that he's stuck with the show despite how the BBC treated him and it's also great to hear how he continues to love watching the show.
Colin's Doctor has always been underrated in my book, even if he wasn't the ideal man to play the part I still like him.

Definitely a likeable actor. Good to see that he has stuck through everything and still enjoys watching the show.

"No reason why it shouldn't be a female" Another reason why he's my least favourite Doctor! -_- I DO NOT WANT A FEMALE!!! And there are lots of others who don't either.

What utter gimp is down-arrowing people who comment on what a lovely chap Colin Baker is? Why don't you reply to me, gimp, and state your reasons, otherwise I'll assume you are a gutless little piece of crap.

I love Colin Baker. It made me sad to see that he looks a little infirm. I highly recommend his Doctor Who audios from Big Finish, I think I enjoyed them the most out of all of the audios.

Oh it was probably you then. Does your preference for other Doctors means he's not a nice bloke then?

Really uncool mate.
Whether you like his Doctor or not is irrelevant, Colin is a wonderful bloke that I have the utmost respect for. Hating on such a lovely person just because you don't share his opinion is really nasty.

How about BOWIE as the Dr?
Actually I have just considered a reason why Time Lords might not re-incarnate as BOTH male and female . If a time lord were to happen across itself as the opposite sex and mate the resultant offspring could much more monstrous as it might be with we mere mortals .

We're lucky we aren't here in Florida with LEEHAYMAN , otherwise he might shoot us all and claim we scared him.

Very well said Bunter and Paul. Thoroughly DECENT man Colin is.

Don't worry, I think you are unlikely to get a female.

Not my favourite Doctor, but he seems a very nice man. And I agree with him, one of the future Doctor should definitely be a female !

Sweet man. Class act. Near the bottom of my favorite Doctor list. Not that I blame him. He had awful scripts his first season, an annoying companion and the worst costume. I hope he is well, he appears to have tremors.

You don't have to be rude because someone doesn't share your option.

Amy Acker Please!!!! OMG it would be fabulous!!

I agree on Colin - he was an excellent Doctor saddled with a horrid costume (at least for me it was waist down that didn't work - coat didn't bother me as much), weak scripts and worst of all playing a character that didn't match the costume. It was the VISUAL combination that I think hurt him more than anything - because like with Matt Smith, he can make weaker scripts shine.

And - he is my favorite of the Big Finish Doctor Who audios, then Davison and McCoy are tied for second. I can't assess McGann yet - I haven't heard anything beyond "Shada."

I think we need some real news about Doctor Who.

These tiny morsels just drive more never happening talk, I'm afraid.

Yes, a great looking American woman, what a novel thought for this British institution always played by a man.

A little closer to home, I could imagine Sharon Horgan playing it.

I was being facetious.

I really could imagine Sharon Horgan playing it. I'm not saying I'd choose to go down that route, but I like to keep an open mind. Maybe they should play it safe and get James Bond to play the next Doctor.

He has risen to my joint second-favourite Doctor (with Peter Davidson, with Tom Baker as number one). I'd take that arrogant façade with hints of compassion over David Tennant's overly human, populist Doctor any day

I'm really looking forward to Den of Geek getting some real information about Doctor Who. Discussing things that won't happen, involving actresses I've never heard of, is not, er, an optimal experience. :)

I agree - I prefer the much more quirky Doctors, and always felt that all but Tennant has achieved that. Not that I think Tennant is a bad actor, but compared to many of the other actors who have played him, he actually doesn't feel like he fits in. Even Eccleston's fits in better - and I was highly skeptical of him (I thought he'd be the Daniel Craig of the James Bond series).

In the meantime, sir, I am here for all your interim Doctor Who needs.

Kidding aside, if you had to bet, who would you guess will be the next Doctor?

I was at the London Film and Comic Con with some friends and we went to the Dr Who talk. Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy were both funny and open and talkative, they both had a rapport and engaged in some playful bickering with each other about who was to blame for the show being cancelled and Colin refusing to film his regeneration sequence, it was all good fun and both of them were true gentlemen.

Colin Baker said in the talk that he wanted a costume rather like the 9th Doctor as he thought that a character like the doctor would want to blend in and disappear rather than want to stand out like a sore thumb. I personally think given the circumstances of the time and what he was given he was a good doctor.

I would have to bet on it being someone I've never heard of, or maybe glimpsed but not consciously acknowledged. It's easy to get fixated on one or two better-known people that you can imagine doing a great job in the role, but I doubt it will be anyone that's been thought of so far.

I've liked the three we've had so far in new Who, so I have faith this will be a good choice, too.

When do you think we'll know?

I would not be surprised if we found out in the next couple of months, October at the latest.

Of the new Doctors, Tennant is still my favourite!

Under different circumstances I think Colin Baker could have gone down as the greatest Doctor there ever was. The way he stays involved with the series is nothing short of magnificent.

I'll gladly second the recommendation to check out Colin's Big Finish stuff.

I initially started listening to Big Finish because of McGann's stuff, the only way to hear new, "current Doctor" Dr. Who back before the relaunch. They were so good that I dug deeper, and Colin's stuff completely changed my mind about him! He's fantastic!

If you've only seen his tv episodes, you're seeing a man doing the best he can against ridiculous odds. The BF audios level the playing field, and he positively shines.

I'm gonna have to check Colin's wiki page, because I'm starting to think...
1.) he might be divorced, and...
2.) his ex-wife has found this comment section.

Hello, Ex-Mrs. Baker! Feel free to down-arrow this comment as well, if it makes you feel better!

Some smude was down-arrowing anything positive about Colin Baker. They didn't have enough in their ballbag to actually comment though.

As a pensioner, I have watched the Doc from episode 1 in November 1963 (I was 23), and I have to say that there has never been a "bad" Dr. Who actor, just "good" and "more gooder"". I thought Colin Baker was at least as good as all the others, and better than some. However, the recent trend has been to have the Doc younger and younger. I would like to see a return to an older Doctor. In fact, I would love to see a monumental self-returning story arc encompassing the ENTIRE series since 1963, where the 12th (or even the 13th!) Doctor is the original William Hartnell Doctor, played by a different actor portraying the same idosyncricies. After all, according to the rules of the Time Lords, I believe there can be no more regenerations after 12 or 13 (can't remember which). However, the Master - who was originally older than the Doctor and had got through more regenerations - managed to cheat this "final death" with his ruthless knowledge, although he became a hideous decomposing skeletal figure wrapped in shrouds (in Tom Baker's "Invasion of Time", I believe? Please correct me if I'm wrong here.) Perhaps the Doctor could figure out a way to circumvent the Final End regeneration limit by cleverly reverting his Time Lord DNA to its first incarnation (i.e. William Hartnell)??? After a series/season featuring this reborn original, another 12 or 13 entirely new and previously unseen regenerations could follow with various new actors. Does anybody like this idea? (Please be gentle with me, I'm old and I can't regenerate...)

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