UPDATED Doctor Who: what is #thefourth?

News Andrew Blair
8 Jul 2013 - 10:00

Andrew muses over the meaning of a Doctor Who teaser video released by BBC Worldwide, labelled #thefourth...

UPDATED: Doctor Who TV has exclusively revealed that all this #thefourth malarkey was teasing the release of a limited edition Fourth Doctor "time capsule", containing "exclusive content and memorabilia from Tom Baker’s era on Doctor Who, including a newly-commissioned interview with the man himself". See the contents below, and read more about the limited run product over at Doctor Who TV.

Over a weekend where Britain sported all over the place, there was only one question on Den of Geek's mind: What could #thefourth possibly be? 

This short, enigmatic teaser contains sound clips of Leela, Harry Sullivan, K9, Romana I, and Sarah Jane Smith playing over the image of a desk, photos (that also include Nyssa and Romana II), some glasses (ransacking my brain, I can't think whose they are unless the Eleventh Doctor is being nostalgic), some machinery, and something that looks like a mangled hand. 

We love a mystery. The BBC duly obliged with a series of one clue, each more fiendish than the last, by posting this on their YouTube channel: 

We've known that Terror of the Zygons is due out on DVD this year for a while now. What these two videos suggest is that it will also be part of some larger release, or else why bother including clips of companions who don't feature in the story? The hand and the sound clip of Sarah suggest The Hand of Fear might be involved. 

Also worth noting is that BBC America have been showing documentaries entitled The Doctors Revisited for each incarnation, and so there is already potential supporting material for such a product, starting with the most popular Doctor of the series' original run. 

Possibly this is continuing the idea of the Regenerations boxset: introductory sets aimed at the casual viewer who doesn't already own these stories, with a tempting extra release for those that do.

At the time of going to press, Andrew Scott had no known involvement in this project.

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