Matt Smith confirmed to headline Doctor Who Celebration

News Simon Brew 5 Jul 2013 - 06:46

Matt Smith, Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker lead the names at this November's Doctor Who Celebration...

The wraps are finally coming off the brilliant-sounding Doctor Who Celebration event, which is heading to ExCeL (blame them for the bizarre capitalisations there, not us) in London from Friday 22nd November to Sunday 24th November.

It's been confirmed that headlining the event will be Matt Smith, and he's not going to be the only Doctor in attendance. Tom Baker will be attending on Saturday 23rd November, whilst Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy will be there for the entire three days. Furthermore, there's a whole bunch of events, panels, stunt workshops, quizzes, games and such like to keep you occupied. On top of that, there are more guests yet to be announced. Might the new Doctor be one of them, we wonder...

Tickets for the event go on sale from Monday 8th July 2013 at 11am, at the website. The pricing is £45 for adults, £20 for youngsters, with a family ticket available for £104. A limited edition TARDIS ticket is also available, which gets you front row seats at theatre shows, access to a private lounge, and a goodie bag. Prices for that are £95.50 for adults, £44.25 for children, and £218 for a family ticket.

When you book your tickets, incidentally, you get to choose between the Ice Warrior or Weeping Angel streams, which makes sure that a seat is reserved for you at the day's shows in the theatre. Here's the poster for the event...

There's a lot more set to be announced surrounding the Doctor Who Celebration, and we'll keep you posted on it...

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I trust you will be bringing us news of any potential Andrew Scott involvement?

It does say more guests yet to be announced, might the new Doctor be one of them

I wouldn't be against him as the Doctor but is this now the home of the Andrew Scott fan club?

My work here is done...

"Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine."

From the look on Tom Baker's face do you think Jon 'Frisky' Pertwee was pinching his bum?

See what you've started.

How disappointing. Not a three day event, but three one day events, and all the same day. I was expecting them to push the boat out with something like Comic-Con level; different features throughout the weekend, something to really take the time off work for. Nuts to this.

vot, no McGann or Tennant?!

Any sign that they'll broadcast the 50th Special at the ExCel on the 23rd?


And there was me thinking they'd dug up Hartnell, Troughton and Pertwee especially for this picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When they announce his name you'll all thank me :-)

you're taking the man-crush a bit too far RitchieC ;-)

Damn, you beat me to it.

Erm, what would really be news is if Matt were NOT showing up ...

Thank you. I am now unalterably opposed to ever seeing Andrew Scott in any capacity on Star Trek. Or on Doctor Who. Or in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or, well, you get the picture ...

He will never be the Doctor and the joke was already old a couple of weeks ago.

Hey, I didn't start this thread!

When I was 13 I was lucky enough to attend the Doctor Who Celebration at Longleat in 1983, so I was tempted to buy a ticket for this event out of a sheer sense of nostalgia if nothing else.

Back in '83 (when home video was still in its infancy) there was a chance to sit and watch Classic episodes that hadn't been screened since they were first transmitted. This was where I saw my first Troughton adventure for example.

There were huge marquees full of stars from the show running all day long, practically back to back and all for the price of admission. I got autographs from Baker and Pertwee without paying £15 a pop.

There were costume workshops, make-up workshops, props and sets out on display, masses of merchandise tents and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in attendance. I spent the best part of half a day watching them explain how the music and effects were made. It was a two day event and there was something different crammed into each day. Of course, it turned out to be far more popular than anticipated and for those who didn't get in it was chaos. But for those able to attend both days, it was a proper once in a lifetime experience that sealed my love of the show till this day.

Then I took a closer look at what is actually being offered at the 50th event. It's the same event, with some different faces, for three days in a row.

Essentially, the opportunity to buy merchandise with some window dressing, predominately from the current series. A stunt workshop? Walk like a Doctor Who monster? Even if it is aimed at kids/families there doesn't seem to be enough to engage them for the best part of a day, especially if you haven't invested in a super expensive Tardis ticket. It's telling that on their suggested schedule they've allowed you an hour for shopping.

Sadly there are very few of the iconic Dr Who stars still alive who could attend and make this a proper celebration of the show's entire history. No Nick Courtney, Liz Sladen, Mary Tamm, Barry Letts, Caroline John and of course previous Doctors like Troughton or Pertwee. It's highly unlikely Christopher Eccleston will rock up, which means you won't get even the three modern Doctors together at once. And you could probably pick up autographs from the same actors from any number of conventions, most likely without paying a premium.

When you compare it to the recent Star Wars Celebrations (even the London one which unfairly got some stick for not having enough going on) this event certainly takes the biscuit.

It feels like a cost-conscious exercise in brand recognition, marketing and pr rather than a genuine celebration. More guests and maybe more things to see and do will be added to make things a bit more stellar, but it seems a bit much to start selling tickets for something that at best feels at best like a work-in-progress.

Do you think they would outcast John Hurt if he came?

"Well, if it isn't you! Tell me, how does it feel to mess up the entire regeneration cycle?"

Rather excited to see his role.

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