Doctor Who: how many Doctors in 50th anniversary special?

News Simon Brew
3 Jul 2013 - 16:15

Has Jenna Coleman just revealed how many Doctors we can expect in this November's 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who?

Today, some royal people have visited the set of Doctor Who at Roath Lock in Cardiff, where Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman were amongst those who greeted said posh people. You do not have to look far across the internet to find pictures of this.

One little nugget of information that has come out of the shindig was a quote from Jenna Coleman, which has been picked up by BBC News, and then broadcast to the world via the mighty Blogtor Who. And she's seemingly confirmed the number of Doctors we're going to get in the 50th anniversary special.

It goes without saying you should not read on if you don't want to know things.

Coleman said to a posh man who had wondered in that "we finished [filming] about two months ago. We had three different Doctors in here and we shot on 3D as well".

When asked about this, she said "yeah, three different Doctors. John Hurt, and David Tennant was back and Matt. Three different Doctors playing against each other".

Just the three, then. Unless someone has another surprise to pull. We're still recovering from the one at the end of series 7...

Blogtor Who.

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