Doctor Who: how many Doctors in 50th anniversary special?

News Simon Brew 3 Jul 2013 - 16:15

Has Jenna Coleman just revealed how many Doctors we can expect in this November's 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who?

Today, some royal people have visited the set of Doctor Who at Roath Lock in Cardiff, where Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman were amongst those who greeted said posh people. You do not have to look far across the internet to find pictures of this.

One little nugget of information that has come out of the shindig was a quote from Jenna Coleman, which has been picked up by BBC News, and then broadcast to the world via the mighty Blogtor Who. And she's seemingly confirmed the number of Doctors we're going to get in the 50th anniversary special.

It goes without saying you should not read on if you don't want to know things.

Coleman said to a posh man who had wondered in that "we finished [filming] about two months ago. We had three different Doctors in here and we shot on 3D as well".

When asked about this, she said "yeah, three different Doctors. John Hurt, and David Tennant was back and Matt. Three different Doctors playing against each other".

Just the three, then. Unless someone has another surprise to pull. We're still recovering from the one at the end of series 7...

Blogtor Who.

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So... Nothing we didn't already know, then...

How is this news? Three Doctors we know already, and if there are any more then there's next to no chance we'll hear anything about it until they pop up on screen. Either way, Jenna would be talking about the three of them in this way to Charles there. Nothing to see here.

I know you're trying to generate traffic to impress the sponsors but seriously?


Didn't Matt Smith say that John Hurt never used the "Doctor" name? If that's the case, i'd love to see Paul McGann's regeneration into Hurt, then Hurt into Eccleston

Well as whatever it was John Hurt did he never did in the name of the Doctor that must mean.....*whisper so I don't get shouted at* Andrew Scott as Doctor no. 12 making an early appearance? *end whisper*

Have I missed something?

Yup, but he said that approximately 25 seconds before a huge caption appeared saying "INTRODUCING JOHN HURT AS THE DOCTOR"

Come on, Moff! McGann it up and call it The Four Doctors!

Seriously, change the record,


"posh man"
- great gag, Simon!

So... No actual new news then.

I need McGann... Need...

Me too, son. Me too.

She wouldn't lie to her future King.... Would she....?

They did explicitly state that he was "The Doctor" on screen though. A contradiction within 1 minute. I suspect the 50th may be a tale of redemption. Much more likely though is that Andrew Scott turns up as the 12th Doctor.

Indeed, she clearly meant Hurt, Tenant and Smith. For all intents and purposes he is the Doctor.

There are a lot of DW fans bursting at the seams though, and we need an outlet, even if it's a non-news story or a silly "things you can't unsee" article. Just a nice way to keep the discussion ticking over. For me it is, anyway. I expect there's as good a chance as any that we might see one or more of Doctors 1-9 in some capacity, they'll never knowingly tell us beforehand. I'd be disappointed if we didn't, or if it is only in old footage-form again. I'm quite sure that Mr McGann in particular would be quite able and willing to run around and get stuck in, and finally have a fair crack at the role to boot.

So what was the spoiler exactly ?? We all knew this...

That sure seems much more likely to me :-)

And for the general sating of desire for anything Who, "Prince Charles visits the set" will do nicely. Saying Jenna seemingly confirmed that there would be no more than three Doctors in the episode when she did no such thing is poor.

The articles aren't the point, old bean, it's that people want to keep discussing the show in general whilst it sits in this irritating downtime.

No slip ups from Miss Coleman, she's been trained too well.

Can I be the first to mention Andrew Scott on this thread.

Not much news here but I do miss a chance to think Doctor Who ...

As if there was ever any doubt. All the others denied involvement.

Maybe she's getting there now after her earlier slips of the tongue!

The articles are very much the point, unless you replied to my comment with random thoughts on something completely different.

I'm still recovering from that caption.

This is misdirection. You will see many more doctors than these three. They've all been filmed in secret. You may even see Ecclestone. This is straight from an actor in the show. And Rose Tyler is not Rose Tyler. Wait and see.

Yes. Daisy looked stunning in the restaurant.

And me too.

Now I may be wrong I haven't had the time to rewatch the last episode but if I recall Clara does not recognise John Hurts doctor? Now if that is the case and she had been the Doctors "guardian angel" throughout all his lives then surely she would have recognised who he was? Unless he is not The Doctor.

I don't mean to be rude but what was the point of this article? We already knew that David Tennant & John Hurt would be playing the Doctor alongside Matt Smith. So Jenna hasn't really confirmed anything because 1) We already knew this information & 2) We know that rule number 1 about Doctor Who is 'The Doctor Lies!', rule number 2 'So does Moffat' and rule number 3 'So does everyone else who works on Doctor Who'
Remember when Jenna-Louise Coleman was announced as being the new companion everyone on the show said her first episode would be the 2012 Chrismas special 'The Snowmen' But they surprised us & she was in 'Asylum of The Daleks'. When John Hurt was announced for the 50th Anniversary special, they kept it quite & surprised by introducing him in 'The Name Of The Doctor'. So you never know what surprise they have got for us, which knowing Moffat there are a few.
Plus remember in David Tennant finale they managed to film scences with Billie Piper, Elisabeth Sladen, John Barrowman, Noel Clarke & Freema Agyeman. They didn't telll anyone they would be in it & no-one as far as I know had any idea they were in it tell the episode aired., but I maybe wrong about that one. So the Doctor Who team like surprising us. Nothing will be 'confirmed' about the 50th until 23rd November 2013.

"We had three Doctors in here... oh, and we had four in that set and seven in the one over there." Barely a news worth story but I do miss Doctor Who speculation.

And I'm in it too

Whether you are privy to inside information or not, this is annoying trolling so please stop it.

I need to know whats going to happen before I burst. And I will burst. I just cant wait. Everyone wants to know. This is not good enough news to let us know. Oh god.

Why is it trolling? It's true, unlike the main article here. You all seem desperate for information so I'm giving you some. What's funny is you've got a pretty big scoop here but you don't even know it.

You can't even spell Eccleston! Knowledge is true belief plus enough justification to believe it, and you're not offering the latter.

Um right, very likely.

Wow. You people are pretty strange. "Knowledge is true belief" ? No; Knowledge is knowing various people who are in the programme. You think it's untrue because I mis-spelt Eccleston - ok. I thought you'd be pleased to get some info but obviously not. Sorry I said anything. I will go away.

Most fans do not want potential spoilers blurted out in comments section where they don't get a choice whether to to read them or not. This is precisely the sort of thing Moffat has repeatedly begged people not to do.

We already knew that

Hurt + Tennant + Smith.

Let me guess - they're degenerating back to the ADHD squirrel Tennant era, using Hurt as a means to undo everything done?

er......3 by any chance?

gtfo. matt u suck, worst dr ever, can't wait to see the back of you, doofus.

So, breaking your contracted silence, are we? You will be out of a job then.

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