Doctor Who: 12th Doctor and missing episodes rumour round-up

News Louisa Mellor 21 Jun 2013 - 09:30

When will the twelfth Doctor be announced? What's the story with those missing episodes? A round-up of this week's Doctor Who rumours...

Though the TV series is currently in hibernation, or, as this is summertime, in aestivation (thank you 1997 GCSE Biology coursework), there've been no shortage of Doctor Who stories to ponder.

Most pressing of course, is the matter of who'll be filling Matt Smith's Prada boots after this year's Christmas Special. The Radio Times says the actor's identity will be revealed in August or September to plug any potential leaks during the filming of the festive episode. The Christmas story is thought to be Eleventh Doctor-led with the Twelfth Doctor only being introduced in the closing regeneration, though as we all know with Doctor Who, surprises can happen.

In addition to last week's potential candidates (or more properly, the actors and actresses who've not been able to avoid the question on press circuits for other stuff over the last fortnight), came David Harewood, who agreed the role would be very difficult to turn down if it was offered. Craig Charles too, joined the conversation by saying that a black Doctor would be "double cool", though conceded that filming commitments to Red Dwarf would get in the way were the BBC to offer him the keys to the TARDIS.

Doctor Who TV rounded up the tabloids' latest tips for the role, including: Green Wing's Julian Rhind-Tutt, Torchwood's Burn Gorman, Coupling's Richard Coyle, Game of Thrones' Emun Elliott and Jonathan Creek's Sheridan Smith. Not a small amount of IMDb dartboard guessing there, one feels.

Outside the casting rumours was the juicy scuttlebutt that a sizeable cache of lost sixties Doctor Who episodes had been recovered and were heading our way in time for the fiftieth anniversary. After some back and forth between Bleeding Cool, the BBC, and finally, Philip Morris, the film archivist thought by some to have discovered the missing episodes, those rumours stalled on a number of clear denials. Catch up on the saga at Bleeding Cool by following the link below.

And finally, the smallest splash in the Doctor Who pond this week is that Jenna-Louise Coleman aka Clara Oswald, has dropped the hyphenated Louise and will henceforth be known only as Jenna Coleman. I ask you, what exactly am I supposed to do with this I heart JLC tattoo now? 

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Ben Daniels or Andrew Scott please. Although I'm getting tired of the waiting no matter who it turns out to be.

No actor's name should eclipse The Doctor beforehand, that's how it should be, otherwise it will be more like "Look it's (insert very well known actor's name) playing The Doctor." Kinda like the Superman casting issue. That's not Superman, that's just Nicholas Cage dressed as Superman...

Look, all I'm going to say is that if it's on a t-shirt then it must be true, right?

Christopher Eccleston was a pretty big name, but I don't think Daniels or Scott are particularly household names. Yet.

Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell should be the Doctor, he's only known for youtube videos and Ed's World. He's funny and brilliant. Give him the chance!!!

I think that it would be pretty neat if he regenerated midway through the christmas special. That way we are not stuck waiting 6 months to see him again after we hear the doctor commenting on his hair.

Andrew Scott would be my first choice of the two but yes to either, I would think though that they may evenbtually consider Ben Daniels too old. Shame though as age cuts out a lot of possible contenders.

Are you a little obsessed?
I still think it's a good choice of actor though.

Really no. But Damien Maloney would be wonderful.

I think an early regeneration in the episode followed by complications where he ends up with 11 and 12 having to work together ending in 11's necessary full demise would be cool!

I think the Christmas story (Twelfth Night, as many seem to suggest) should involve Moffat's favourite element - timey-wimey. It's been a staple of the Eleventh Doctor and like the timeline crossings throughout the era, it would be a fitting send off for the Eleventh Doctor.

I think it'd be interesting if the Twelfth Doctor was introduced at the start of the Christmas story and helped Eleven with whatever threat is at hand. At the end, we and Eleven were to discover that Twelve had to travel back on his own timeline to ensure the regeneration would happen smoothly, and the story ends with Eleven regenerating into Twelve, ready to embark on the adventure he's just had!

It'd be nice to have two multi-Doctor stories in a row - the one in November that looks back to Ten, and the one in December that looks forward to Twelve. It'd all be up Moffat's timey-wimey street, it allows the Eleventh Doctor to remain at the centre of it all, and allows the Twelfth Doctor to establish himself a fair bit before the gap until Series 8 :)


Damian Lewis would be a great choice.

I wish the Doctor would travel to summer 2013 and do something with these dead 6 months between series end and anniversary; not exactly a bumper year so far. Eventful, yes, but low on quantity.

I could live with Andrew Scott as the new Doctor Who. But would he have an Irish or English accent?

What if it already has been announced? "Introducing John Hurt as The Doctor" would be a typical Moff move :-)

I think Robert Downey, Jr. would make a perfectly smashing Doctor. After all, he already plays Sherlock. And he only signed for two more Avengers pictures, with no more standalone Iron Man flicks, at least for now.

Hey, it's at least as plausible as trotting out every name that occurs to someone who prints it.

It's an awesome idea but would a newly regenerated Doctor have his head on that well to do all of that?

The fan interest shown by forum activity in the lost episodes hoax was far greater than in the next doctor and series, particular given the last poor quality/forgettable series. Many people posted on forums they realised just how little current Who mattered to them. Web of Fear, Power of the Daleks versus new Who. A Doctor who solved problems rather than just manicly waving the sonic around. What would you rather see? Sadly, no comparison.....

I think it could be quite fun to have a character that helps out the Doctor during the episode then turn out to be the next Doctor. Just before the regeneration, he excuses himself and sneaks out, so he's not present when he regenerates into himself and realises he was helping his past self out the entire time. :P

Probably just a little, yes.

I think that use of the words 'timey wimey' should be made a criminal offence. I think Steven Moffat should think of some new ideas or at least learn how to tell a proper story.

Anyone else like the idea of an underwater regeneration? Think about it. And I agree with those below who said a regeneration before the day is saved would be lovely, and seems more likely as this is part of a special episode (allowing the main transition narratives to be got out of the way before series 8) and doesn't come in the midst of a regime/complete cast change either. Go on, do something different.

.... You don't think Steven Moffat can tell a story????
Really?? I get some people don't like him as showrunner of DW but he's a magnificent screenwriter.... ignoring that fact just shows you to be an idiot, quite frankly.

I can definitely confirm I won't be accepting the role even if they offer it me. I just can't fit it in with all the filing I do at work.

Timey wimey.

Start of The Xmas special, pre titles sequence:

We see a much older, wrinkled 11th doctor stumble out of the tardis, regenerating from old age, then straight after he turns into 12, current 11 who's just had his adventure in the 50th turns up.

11: Who are You?

12: Well, up until about 10 seconds

Roll Titles

It allows Matt to come back as the actual 11th doctor without worrying about his age, and also allows us to have a sort of 'passing of the torch' between doctors.

It would be cool to see a season or three of John Hurt as the Doctor, I would imagine. But that would mean that 11 knew what his future life would be, when the more probable reason for his rejection of Hurt's incarnation is his long memory and overriding guilt stemming from his past, which has been a characteristic of his from early on in his run. Would it be typical of Moff to simply throw that history out?

Bendershime Clumbersnu should be the next doctor.

Someone doesn't like that suggestion. Someone thinks we've got too much/enough DW this year.

Wouldn't work - Time Lords can recognise each other no matter which regenerated body they are in.

This is unlikely - John Hurt is wearing the 9th's leather jacket in the set photos so he probably is some version between McGann & Eccleston (or a very old 8th).

It's probably going to be someone who, when the announcement is made, makes us all say "Who?" just as with Smith and Tennant, who had only been in a handful of shows beforehand.

All these big name rumours are unlikely to be true.

And that's the best way - we will have very few preconceptions of how they are going to play the doctor and, hopefully, be pleasantly surprised.

Jim Chapman from youtube would actually make a really good doctor...

I heard that the next Doctor will be Adam Hills, an Australian variety show host.

If Richard Coyle got the role I'd do backflips. He's perfect for the doctor and was superb in Strange.

Yeah but......... I don't think it's possible that the Doctor can go back in time an meet...... the Doctor. Cool idea though.

I would definetly say yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher Ecclestone needed to be a big name as they were bringing back Doctor Who, and it needed to be a, "Oh look, that actor we like will be in Doctor Who. Well if he's in it it should be good." Therefore making people tune in, and gaining popularity again. Also, Matt Smith is only big because of Doctor Who.

I don't think so because Doctors never recognise what they're going to be. Hence they're always going, " Oh look, my hair is brown. I wonder what colour eyes I have." when they regenerate. And I don't think Moffat WOULD do that - it ruins the traditions.

WHAT????????? Moffat is probably the best screenwriter in history and you think he can't write??????????? If HE can't write then no one can.

That top looks so real.

How is that true? The doctor didn't recognize Yana...

Now pay attention Questioneeeer...

The Doctor states in The Sound of the Drums that Time Lords always recognise one another. But, as you state, he does not recognise Yana. Why could this be?

Simple answer: Yana was not a Time Lord

He was a human. In much the same way that Professor John Smith was.

If you had watched The Family of Blood & Human Nature closely (the clue is in the title) you would remember The Doctor's description of the Chameleon Arch - a device which rewrites the biology of one species so their cells become those of another species - in both occurrences that we have seen it in use it was employed specifically for a Time Lord to stop themselves from being recognised by another time traveller (The Doctor was hiding from The Family Of Blood, The Master was hiding from The Doctor).

Time Lords don't just recognise each other visually - because of exposure to the time vortex the Doctor instinctively knows when he is in the presence of another of his kind - hence his being able to recognise others despite their regenerated body - but because Yana wiped that cellular memory from his body, The Doctor had never seen him in that body before, and he had just the DNA of a human he was, therefore, not recognised by The Doctor (either by sight or by perception) just as The Family of Blood could not sense The Doctor while he was in the guise of John Smith. The instant he opened the Chameleon Arch and re-Doctor-fied himself the Family instinctively knew there was a Time Lord in the vicinity.

Perhaps, Questioneeeer, you need to think things through before questioneeeering.

I'd love to see him do more writing like Coupling which often employed devices such as red herrings, misunderstanding, flashbacks, the same scene played out over and over but from different characters' perspectives (with subtle, and sometimes glaring, differences depending on whose memory we are relying up to recall the events) and juxtaposition by constant cutting between two characters delivering opposing views (not unlike the Summer Nights scene in Grease).

The next doctor must have a quif

Hold on everyone, y'all just missed something.... Craig Charles 'conceded that filming commitments to Red Dwarf would get in the way'....What filming commitments? Is there another new series on the way?

What to do with the JLC tattoo? Justin Lee Collins?

Yes it is it HAS been done Watch the old series.

Don't quote me on this but I thought that moff said we'd have some stuff happening in the 50th anniversary year. That said up to nov 23 this year is the 49th year so could we have alot of stuff going on next year. :-c.

Great choice. So do I.

I think we might get more of that type once he wraps up Eleven's story. And he works best in longer scripts, so I'm really very excited to see what he's gonna do in the 50th and the Xmas Special.

An American Doctor? Boo!

"Eccleston" is the correct spelling.

In 1963, Hartnell was remembered as being a gruff army figure. He was a known name, but I don't think many expected him to be a crass anti-hero that turns into a gentlemanly grandfather figure thanks to the two humans he kidnaps...

In 1979, the sonic screwdriver was being mocked by the media of the time for being overused. Let's get the media people of the time to time travel to 2005 and have them sit through the whole of the revival. Their reactions should be golden... assuming they don't all have heart attacks or strokes to see how far downhill everyone's gone... Doc4 went to more alien planets on screen than 9, 10, or 11 had...

The Moff is often quite great, but keeping Doc10's mannerisms into 11 is a sign that the show is too cowardly to try changing things.

Never mind that "timey-wimey", "humany wumany", and other samey-lamey claptrap all have more to do with "The Teletubbies", "Boobahs", or "Barney the Oddly Shaped Dinosaur" than for "Doctor Who"...

That could provide even more material to work with. Not only does he have to ensure his own regeneration; he has to get used to his new incarnation at the same time!

No no, it's Who...

I have accepted the role after the BBC accepted my condition of Ms. Coleman dropping the Louise.


I liked that louise. It was interezting. "Jenna Coleman" is just another name.

Matt Smith's doctor has already been alive for over 200 years (double unfair since david tennant's only got seven!). If we stand around waiting for him to get old, we'll be dust.

You'd rather go back to having rtd's endless god and madness and current events drama shoved down your throat every week? I was glad when the show got lighter. A bit too much, I'll admit, but it's better than the alternative. That other stuff was very poignant, very effective, and brilliant television, but it wasn't doctor who.

Of course it was. The whole point and appeal of Doctor Who is that it can be anything; any style of story, any style of emotion. Some prefer the emotionally-cold, repetitive storytelling style of Moffat, others favour the rich, warm colours of Davies and his superb grasp on how real people behave and relate. I wouldn't say the show has got 'lighter'; more fatuous, maybe, bot not necessarily lighter.

i just have two words for you: RICHARD AYOADE.
he would make an AMAZING doctor. besides, it's time for a not-caucasian doctor, don't you think?

I Don't want a new doctor. I want Matt Smith still.... He is a great actor and I'm not giving up for him to leave. It would be better with David Tennant the 10th doctor. He is quite a great actor. I'm doubting for Robert Downey Jr.He acted in The Avengers. Awesome movie, Ehh? So yeah, Robert Downey Jr played as Iron-Man. But, Now I want him to be the Doctor.

Very well, William_Bradley but I kinda agree with you. But, it's not going to happen that Robert Downey Jr isn't going to be the Doctor.
Wanna know why?... Ok. He's a American. He is already a actor from the Avengers from playing Iron Man. So, He's in America. So, It's not going to happen. Sorry William.

I know who the Doctor is going to be now, folks. I'm going to keep it a secret.....

I'm correct that Robert Downey Jr isn't going to be the doctor. I doubt it.... Karen is my sis. She knows alot and she's a great inspector and professional. She's 16 and loved and pretty. If you met here you would be blowing you're heads of on how kind she is and how pretty she is and also how honest she is.......... I like you Kar :]

Yes sis.... Me too.

Yes... It was great to see Matt Smith being the doctor (Especially I loved series 6 or something. I loved it with the Siren. How about you, Kar?
What was your favorite series?


I loved the same as the Siren. She wasn't a evil creature who lived down the streets. She was a Doctor who saved poeple life with the black spot. She blew poeple away because of protecting.

Ah, ya think?

> Hey, it's at least as plausible as trotting out every name that occurs to someone who prints it.

Instead of streets I meant seas :][

The BBC couldn't afford him.

Now that you mention it, I can picture it.

and a new sonic! and a new TARDIS interior! oh boy, those interiors take a few hours to regenerate don't they?

I KNOW right?! the doctor...america...PISH POSH!



I can see that cheeseangel and Malcom have made some good points so I'm going to sum it up...You are an idiot.

Ben Wishaw...

Cheeseangel's comment is infantile and worthless, Malcolm's is just more Moffat-apologist ranting. Nothing to see here.

If we can have a Brit play Superman (an American icon), why can't an American be cast as the Doctor?

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