Doctor Who: 12th Doctor and missing episodes rumour round-up

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21 Jun 2013 - 09:30

When will the twelfth Doctor be announced? What's the story with those missing episodes? A round-up of this week's Doctor Who rumours...

Though the TV series is currently in hibernation, or, as this is summertime, in aestivation (thank you 1997 GCSE Biology coursework), there've been no shortage of Doctor Who stories to ponder.

Most pressing of course, is the matter of who'll be filling Matt Smith's Prada boots after this year's Christmas Special. The Radio Times says the actor's identity will be revealed in August or September to plug any potential leaks during the filming of the festive episode. The Christmas story is thought to be Eleventh Doctor-led with the Twelfth Doctor only being introduced in the closing regeneration, though as we all know with Doctor Who, surprises can happen.

In addition to last week's potential candidates (or more properly, the actors and actresses who've not been able to avoid the question on press circuits for other stuff over the last fortnight), came David Harewood, who agreed the role would be very difficult to turn down if it was offered. Craig Charles too, joined the conversation by saying that a black Doctor would be "double cool", though conceded that filming commitments to Red Dwarf would get in the way were the BBC to offer him the keys to the TARDIS.

Doctor Who TV rounded up the tabloids' latest tips for the role, including: Green Wing's Julian Rhind-Tutt, Torchwood's Burn Gorman, Coupling's Richard Coyle, Game of Thrones' Emun Elliott and Jonathan Creek's Sheridan Smith. Not a small amount of IMDb dartboard guessing there, one feels.

Outside the casting rumours was the juicy scuttlebutt that a sizeable cache of lost sixties Doctor Who episodes had been recovered and were heading our way in time for the fiftieth anniversary. After some back and forth between Bleeding Cool, the BBC, and finally, Philip Morris, the film archivist thought by some to have discovered the missing episodes, those rumours stalled on a number of clear denials. Catch up on the saga at Bleeding Cool by following the link below.

And finally, the smallest splash in the Doctor Who pond this week is that Jenna-Louise Coleman aka Clara Oswald, has dropped the hyphenated Louise and will henceforth be known only as Jenna Coleman. I ask you, what exactly am I supposed to do with this I heart JLC tattoo now? 

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