Doctor Who: Christmas Special director announced

News Louisa Mellor 18 Jun 2013 - 07:30

Jamie Payne is to direct the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas Special. This is very good news...

He has just one Doctor Who instalment under his belt - series seven's creepy, fun Hide - but director Jamie Payne has helmed episodes of any number of quality UK dramas. From geek fare Primeval, Ashes to Ashes, and Outcasts, to more recent period shows The Hour, Da Vinci's Demons and The White Queen, Payne is well-versed in making good-looking telly.

Good news then, that he's behind the camera for this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, written by showrunner Steven Moffat.

Unless the BBC has a surprise up its sleeve, Payne will have a regeneration to stage during the one-hour festive episode, announced to be Matt Smith's final outing as the Doctor.

Filming on the as-yet untitled Christmas Special begins this August.

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Den of Geek, I think you meant to write "Payne will have a regeneration to stage, as Matt Smith hands over to the supremely talented Andrew Scott, during the one-hour festive episode."

Ambitious, I'll give you that, however impossibly unlikely

RichieC- Are you Andrew Scott or one of his relatives? ;o)

Has Smith's hair grew back?

I would love to see Andrew Smith return, his work in the 11th hour and the angels two parter in season 5 was fantastic and he really helped set the 'look' for Matt smith's tenure (more cinematic, shallower DOF, the use of prime lenses) and for my money they are amongst the best shot and most tightly edited of Smith's entire run

I hope the writers regenerate this Christmas

No, but I am starting to think I should be on commission!

Andrew Scott would be awesome...but they're casting a girl now, haven't you heard? Doctor Who will be a girl with a hunky assistant who is also a mechanic and wears an oily vest and his sweat is like dew on a spring morning. Oh, the new girl Doctor flirts endlessly with him...but in no way fancies him.

"the supremely talented Andrew Scott" I'm getting that on a T-shirt!

you mean you haven't already?

Daily Doctor Who news story, check.
Andrew Scott comment, check.

Isn't that the video for Uptown Girl?

Ha ha, yes I'll have one of those.

I hope it's set in the modern day, I had this idea that the newest Prime minister is discussing with his cabinet at downing street how to keep the public on their side and convince them that there is no reason to worry about alien contact this Christmas (a parody of the new show runner taking over.) and then the deputy looks out of the window and says, "I think you might want to revise our policy, prime minister." Outside, thick, turbulent snow clouds move in on London from all sides.

His name is Adam Smith, but yes, I agree he was very good.

When is Graeme Harper going to come back to direct a story, or does Moffat have some kind of a new policy against using him??

Would love to see Graeme Harper return to direct and episode or two. One of the best directors for the series ever... The Caves of Androzani / Revelation of the Daleks anyone?

NO he wouldn't he was terrible as Moriarty. Weak, with no menace at all. Pathetic.

i tried posting this before but i had a naughty word in ... also apologies if old news ... issue 1342 of private eye (ie. the current one) has some dr who news, on page 10 - they are usually pretty accurate with who news. the suggestion is the next series will be shown ~august 2014. between jan 2012 and june 2014 only 16 new episodes of who will have been shown, compared to ~41 for comparable previous time periods in new who. if anyone cares :) i'm still looking forward to the specials tho!

If they start filming in August, then it shouldn't be long before the new Doctor is announced.

Yeah, poignant episodes like The Girl Who Waited, and crowd pleasers like The Name of the Doctor need to go!
Bring back belching bins, bring back farting aliens, BRING BACK THE CANDYMAN!

As we're listing eps, the only ones I rate highly from the 11th Doctor are:The Eleventh Hour, Amy's Choice, The Doctor's Wife, The Girl, Who Waited, Asylum of the Daleks, The Bells of Saint John, The Crimson Horror. The recent series was mostly a confused muddle.

yup, that would be the right name. slams head on desk for not making a two second check

I wasn't listing episodes - I was referencing the issues with the eras in their entirety. In the RTD era there were only ~3 episodes a year I enjoyed, all by Shearman, Moffat or Cornell (with Midnight, bizarrely, coming out of nowhere from RTD).
In the Moffat era, only 3 episodes in total have disjointed me in total.
So you may miss your Big Brother in space and all the rest of it, but here's hoping the show never again caters to your tastes or I'll no doubt be miserable again.

The doctor should regenerate midway through the episode and give him a chance to strut his stuff

Not to mention Doomsday.

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