Doctor Who: Rory Kinnear and the 12th Doctor rumours

News Simon Brew 10 Jun 2013 - 11:00

Has Rory Kinnear been cast as Matt Smith's replacement in Doctor Who? Probably not, we'd argue...

Hmmm. We've shared our thoughts before with regards who will be replacing Matt Smith in Doctor Who, and we've read nothing since that's changed our thinking.

That said, there does now appear to be a growing consensus amongst posh areas of the press that Rory Kinnear is the BBC's choice for the role. Kinnear, who's appeared in the likes of Skyfall and Black Mirror, is apparently such the hot favourite for the role that Ladbrokes has suspended taking bets on him.

There's something eerily familiar about all of this, though. Remember in the build up to the casting of Matt Smith? Up until about 12 minutes before Smith's name was announced, it was Paterson Joseph who was the definite choice. In fact, back in 2008, Ladbrokes also suspended taking bets on David Walliams being David Tennant's replacement. Bookies suspending bets is a far sight removed from concrete facts.

That said, The Telegraph seems insistent that Kinnear - a fine actor, incidentally - is the man. According to its site, Rory Kinnear has been offered the role, and accepted it. So certain was this that the BBC, we were told by the internet, was set to make an announcement over the weekend to confirm all of this. The BBC didn't, of course, and a friend of Kinnear's family on Twitter described the rumour as "100% bollocks".

Our suggestion? Hold fire. We've been down this road many times before, and we'll be down it a few more still before the identity of the next Doctor is announced. There's still time for Statham...

Bleeding Cool.

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The Stath for the Doctor. Daleks will be kicked.

He certainly made a fine chief of staff for M and ally of Bond ...

Not hating this idea.

Jason Statham or Sean Bean.

I know this will never happen, but who else thinks Rupert Graves wouldn't make a bad Doctor?

I'm sure Moffat can come up with some screwdriver-waving to explain away his resemblance to Riddell.

Rupert Grint wouldn't be too bad either. At least the Doctor would get his long-time wish to be a ginger.

Oh my GOD. Sean Bean as the Doctor... It'd suit him, as he's certain to die at the end of it! :D

I strongly recommend that everyone heads over to The Quietus website and reads the article that they got as today's feature - Dr Who As A Cosmic Clochard - Why We Don't Need Another Topman Dr.

id we're doing ruperts then look no further than everat!

Andrew Scott.

12 reasons why he should be Doctor number 12...

1. At 36 he's young enough for what is a demanding roll, but not too young. The way things have been going over the last few years, I've worried we'd end up with a teenage Doctor.

2. The Doctor must have a very strong screen presence, no matter who else is on screen it's the Doctor that has to own the show. Everyone goes on about how great Benedict Cumberbatch is in Sherlock, and he is, for sure, but in the few minutes of screen time he had during The Great Game episode, Andrew Scott completely owned the character of Jim Moriarty. His performance was mesmorising and certainly matched (arguably exceeding) Cumberbatch's Sherlock.

3. The Doctor has a very dark side, see previous reason and you'll know how well he can bring that.

4. He's not just all about the psycho's. Remember the geektastic BBC comedy 'My Life In Film'? No? Don't worry, nobody does. Kris Marshall was in it, but don't let that put you off, Andrew Scott was the co-star and it was a top show.

5. He kind of looks like a mixture of both Ant and Dec, and often they are on that other channel at the same time, it might confuse a casual (stupid) viewer and increase ratings.

6. According to IMDB he has nothing filming or in pre-production (everything for 2014 is in post-production), his schedule is clear. Co-incidence? I think not.

7. He's not ginger or female. I've nothing against gingers but I don't want one cast just because Russell T Davies came up with a joke about it. I've nothing against females but the character is male, simple as that. (As an aside, many years back in a bit of a rambling pub discussion a friend of mine, obviously a very masogynistic one, argued that the Doctor could never be a woman because they'd have to change the name of the show to 'Nurse Who'!)

8. He's a known entity to The Moff, they've worked together and that raport would probably help.

9. He's won several awards for his work on both stage and screen. The guys got real acting chops.

10. Hooray! He's Irish. Americans especially love the Irish, and Doctor Who has never been more popular in the States than it is now. Plus we've had two Scottish Doctors but never an Irish one.

11. "Hang on, he's Irish. The Doctor can't be Irish", I hear you say, but fear not,
the guy can do accents well, check out 'Lennon Naked' (with Christopher Eccleston). Plus Tennant didn't use his true Scottish accent did he?

12. When I sat there watching 'The Reichenbach Fall' I said out loud "There's your next Doctor, remember my words, that guy playing Moriarty will be the Doctor when Matt Smith leaves.". Admittedly no-one was with me at the time and it is a bit worrying that I talk to myself! But my main reason I think he should be Doctor number 12 is just that he'd be absolutely awesome in the roll.

He'd probably pip Eccleston to the title of Doctor With The Least Hair. Would the make-up team, who clearly relished making Smith and Tennant's hair so flamboyant, know what to do?

David Thewlis if this is cobblers.

I've only ever seen him play reserved or desperate. I'm not sure I could get the image of him in Black Mirror out of my head though.

Oh my no thank you, if this is the new Doctor I'd assume Moffat is trying to go for colder more passionless Doctors with less and less charisma in each regeneration. Go for an outsider, Chris Kendall would make a great Doctor, I'm sure he could pull off gravitas and levity with equal aplomb... or is he not 'posh' enough...

Brilliant article! So, so true - the Doctor needs to be dirtier, more unsavoury and not so stuck up his assistants a*ses all the time.

The BBC should cast older and eccentric (like Troughton or
Pertwee) - Steve Coogan would be great as he does unreliable and sinister very
well, Linus Roache (but not his dad) could do war-weary (perhaps in a Davidson
sorta way) and Jimmy Nesbitt would be really good as the sort of chap who could
charm and be menacing (check out Coriolanus if you want to see for yourself). However I’m still holding out for Richard Herring, a comedian in the role would be just

Thewlis is a superb idea! Can we get his wife, Anna Friel, as a companion?

I could not agree more about Andrew Scott. He could totally do the job brilliantly. I said the same thing during Reichenbach Fall. For those worried he can't do comedy check him out in the rom-com Little White Lie, he was great playing an out of work actor pretending to be a psychiatrist.

The only thing is he does like his stage work, but then so did Smith before he took the job.

Scott would be my dream casting for The Doctor.

Or Rupert Penry-Jones.

Sean Bean is a GREAT idea, proper Yeeeoooorkkkssshhhhiiiirrrre

I want the next Doctor to be played more like Hartnell but I know it will never happen, as it seems that the producers think only "Young ad Quirky," can make the Transatlantic journey. I would love a darker Time Lord, with slightly less frenetic energy.

Haven't seen it.

I don't think I could see him as the Doctor after watching him have sex with a pig.

nooo..please bring David Tennant back!!

I hope not, what a dreadful choice. Please, bring back David Tennant!!!!!

and if you guys are looking for reasons to bring David Tennant back then here they go !!
please read !!
1 ) he is the most popular of all times !
2) you can include a new era for the doctor . Along the lines of the hand at christmas invasion and how it helped this doctor Matt Smith regain his sense . cause in his series Matt Smith is starting to lose faith in himself and you can show it as he over comes it with his old version .
3) River Song !!! i mean in the library River Song met David Tennant as doctor whereas she married Matt Smith as doctor so bring David Tennant Back would mean you would be able to explain that !
4 ) also in the library River Song said the doctor gave her his screwdriver but this wasn't explained in these seasons so what better than David Tennant who saved her with that screwdriver be the doctor which gve it to him !

Come on DoG, why are you not championing this??? There are 2 of us now!

Yep, sign me up too

Tim Minchin ;)

He had to shag a pig on television, my old chum. It took him a long time to finish the job. I say make him the Doctor.

Sean Bean actually has the face of Jon Pertwee, even more than Sean Pertwee has.

Oh, right, right ... he's the prime minister in that.

Very glad not to have seen that.

I'd be thrilled if Rory took the part on - Let's get away from the part being owned by pretty boys.

That's 3 of us. How much longer can you ignore the voice of the people? U.S. Presidential Elections have been 'won' with less votes.

Scott's "performance" in Sherlock was pure ham. The last thing DW needs is a return to 1980s panto.

your post doesn't make much sense but in particular, River Song met Matt Smith's Doctor first (in the storyline, not in actual production order).

Fiona O'Shaughnessey. I've literally said it before and will say it on every DoG article about the new Doctor until they're cast

as for the rumor on whether they've offered him the role or not, there's a possibility they have, I wouldn't want him to be, but with the announcement rumors has anyone considered the possibility the telegraph we're Bribed by the beeb not to run the story confirming him and just to say they've asked him?

Like the First and Ninth Doctors?

Me neither. I just don't see this happening.

Philip Glenister as the new Dr????

I think we've just cast the 12th Doctor xD But can you imagine how awesome it would be!

Read that as very excited.

I know! Welcome to the revolution.
Now if only Moff-rey Baratheon was reading this...

You could be on to something with this. I've not seen anything about him being lined up for the part but that would make sense as other names would be released to throw anyone of the scent. I think he would make a good choice and quite logical with the Sherlock connection.

Were you watching the same show?

No, no, no.

That would be wild, it would never happen but can you imagine it?

Theres still time for Statham - Love it

Viva La Revolución!

I don't think there's any truth in the Rory Kinnear rumours (personally I'd just as happily see Roy Kinnear as the Doctor, if only he hadn't died in 1988!) and I'm sure a lot of false information is leaked to disguise any elements of truth that do get through.

I also find it really hard to believe that Moff The Hoople has not actually cast the Doctor yet, even though he says he's not. Matt Smith was cast soooo far in advance of his debut on TV. I'd wager we may even see 12 in the 50th anniversary special. And I think it should be Andrew Scott, not sure if I mentioned that?

it should be owned by whoever fits the role and the direction of the show, I want Eddie Izzard myself - unlikely tho!

pls no, anyway Tennant had his time it was glorious but its over!

>>>Our suggestion? Hold fire. We've been down this road many times before...

Too many times, fondly remembering the 70s when two classic Doctors covered the whole period, good days, along with the summer of '76.

P.S. I reckon Matt was sacked, well not sacked but contract not renewed?

I just read that Daniel Kaluuya (The Fades) was being considered as the next Doctor. That would be a brilliant choice.

Sorry to get all Heat magazine on you but they divorced in 2010! She's been dating the rather unpleasant Rhys Ifans for the last two years...

No chance but they could ask Paddy Considine what he is doing?

This. Whether it was the writing, or the direction, but Scott (while seeming a good guy) was the worst bit of Sherlock

Each to their own.

Personally I always felt that Mark Gatiss's Mycroft was the weak link in Sherlock, oddly I felt that Stephen Fry's Mycroft was probably the best thing about the Robert Downey Jr movie. If they could've swapped round I think the show would've been perfect.

Yep, completely agree with you on the Mycroft thing. I used to love Mark Gates in the LoG era, but his acting/writing hasn't wowed me in recent years. Lovely guy tho (from what I know)

No, I don't think so he's made DW more popular than ever!

Someone mentioned 'dark' and you went straight from 1st to the 9th with no mention of the 'morally ambiguous chessmaster' 7th doctor (in his awesome 2nd season when they re-tooled him obviously, not the godawful 1st season)? I can't think of many other doctors who have deliberately manipulated aspects of their companion's childhood to turn them into a weapon against a particular foe, or tricked someone into blowing up Skaro (ok, it's the Dalek's home planet, but he also takes out a decent chunk of the surrounding galaxy with it).

Matt Berry (in Dixon Bainbridge/Douglas Reynholme mode) or Paterson Joseph (in "Johnson" mode). Those are the only real options, lol

That would be good wouldn't it? They must have filmed the little bit with John Hurt just before it was shown on tv, it would be a great surprise if somehow they could keep the name of the next doctor secret and film a small scene for the 50th plus the Christmas regeneration scene right at the last minute. Would there be a better time to find out who the next doctor is than then?

Two words: Tim Roth.

Yes! He would be amazing.

Okay guys, Job done! new Doctor should be Scott.

Now who do we fancy as the next Master???

Jason Statham!

I'm quite serious too. I know DoG have a real man crush on him but he would not be right for the part of the Doctor, for so many reasons, also he's too busy and his career does not need it. However an episode or two with him as the Master would be intense. John Simm did a great job and really portrayed the Master as a deranged man but Statham would certainly up the homicidal maniac side.

But Andrew Scott as the Doctor, ok? Are you listening Grand Moff Tarkin?

They need something different, a more sombre/serious Doctor perhaps, an older one with more class instead of another 20-something with ironic hair.

Sadly he can't play any role besides Gene Hunt and whenever he tries, he just looks and sounds like Gene Hunt!

Really?!?!?! I think Mark Gatiss's Mycroft is one of the highlights of the show - how he clearly loves Sherlock but in a characteristically upper-class, big brother kind of way. Stephen Fry's was brilliant but more suited to the film than the TV series... you can't imagine Sherlock resenting Fry's Mycroft as much.
Anyway, I agree with you about Andrew Scott. Him or Matt Berry. Or indeed an unknown. Tbh, I don't think we have any reason to worry. They'll choose a fabulous actor to play 12.

Christ, did Ifans drug her?!?!

Yes. Just yes.

Gtfo. It's people like you who ruin the 10th Doctor for others.

One of the best suggestions so far. I remember thinking how Doctor-ish he occasionally was in Lie To Me. Though he's more into films, isn't he?

As an actor I've always felt that Mark Gatiss seems to be doing everything an actor should do but something about it is not quite right, almost like he's acting at being an actor, if that makes sense? If that's the case it may be that he's a genius! I don't know but he always sticks out to me and doesn't feel believable. I think he'll always be a writer who acts, rather than an actor who writes. But I'm now talking all pretentious nonsense aren't I???

But that's a good point, I didn't necessarily mean to swap Fry and Gatiss round as is, Fry's take on the character would have to be different but for me he was the highlight of Game Of Shadows.

But yes, Andrew Scott, for sure.

That would be real fanboy heaven. It's almost too good of an opportunity to miss isn't it?

Moff The Magic Dragon must have already considered this, surely?

I expect he has. Didn't Steven Moffatt say in an interview that the 50th anniversary special was about looking forward. What's more forward than the next doctor?

One reason is good enough for me: he is a guy!
For heavens sake, don't change the gender, Dr Who alwasy has been a male, so keep it that way!

James Buckley (The Inbetweeners) would make an outstanding Doctor.

It's going to be someone few of us have heard of, either a bit part player just launching his career (a la Matt Smith), or someone with stage experience who hasn't done a lot of TV or film, or someone who has paid his dues but has yet to really be established (as was the case of Tom Baker, who had made a couple of flashy film appearances before being cast as the Fourth Doctor, but was still pretty much an unknown when he took over the role at the age of 40; in fact legend has it he was in such a career slump he was working in construction when he was recommended for the part. The Twelfth Doctor could right now be fixing toilets in Canary Wharf for all we know).

I'm not sure who the next dr will be but when we get the new12th dr I hope we get a new master in the 8th series, how about eddie izzard, anyone else have any idear's?

Ben whisaw ! He needs too be the 12th Doctor :D i just cant see Rory being the doctor :/ i wouldn't except him as the 12th doctor. hes a good actor and all but not for doctor who. If you dont know who ben whisaw is then google him :) he suits the doctor :D he looks best as the doctor in skyfall as Q so google "ben whisaw Q"

Given the composite picture at the top of the page I'm betting on an actor born in the noughties...

Anybody heard of Bryan Dick? Think he would make an excellent choice!!

How about Andrew Gower, aka Cutler in Being Human

I don't think The Doctor should be a girl, but if it were the name would still be The Doctor. Girls can be doctors too! But then you would fall into the plot hole with River Song

YES, just yes!!

I obviously know girls can be doctors (It was just the drunken rant of an old friend that I was retelling). However I don't think this Doctor should be a girl.

interesting that on imdb there's a photograph of him with the vampires of venice actress, Helen McCrory...

After seeing the latest Star Trek, I'd argue Cumberbatch could hit that homicidal maniac Master level too - either one would be awesome. :)

You're absolutely right!
How amazing would that be, to have BC as The Master against Andrew Scott's Doctor.

Can you see River coping with that? :P

Well, deliberately manipulating childhood is what 11 did to perfection with Amy Pond, but he wasn't nearly as dark in other aspects. 11 has had his dark moments, but I agree, 1, 7 and 9.

I like the idea of Rory Kinnear, but on the surface it looks like the Doctor is getting progressive younger, like Merlin. RK would not fit that bill.

I don't like his forehead

What about if he wore a bandana?

Haha to cover it up? Someone funny, slim and tall will get the job done. The possibilities are numerous. It'll probably be someone we won't be expecting

Why not? After all she could be bi.

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