Doctor Who: Russell Tovey, Stephen Mangan and Neil Gaiman talk the Twelfth Doctor

News Den Of Geek 6 Jun 2013 - 09:00

Russell Tovey and Stephen Mangan have been teasing Twitter about the Twelfth Doctor, while Neil Gaiman says some sensible words on Tumblr…

Almost as soon as the news of Matt Smith’s departure from Doctor Who arrived, the celebrity teasing began. An early player was Stephen Mangan (Episodes, Dirk Gently, Green Wing) who swiftly posted a photo of himself wearing a Tom Baker-alike scarf with the message “Who are you?”, then “Can’t wait to start work as the new Doctor on Thursday”, immediately followed by “Seriously – I’m not the new Doctor Who. I don’t know where these rumours start”.

Russell Tovey, whose Doctor Who and Sherlock appearances put him near the top of many people’s lists for the Twelfth Doctor casting, joined the fun on Sunday with “Sad to hear of Matt Smith's doctor departure, he truly is a superb actor and made the Doc proper.. Who's next tho eh? Who's next.. Hmmm x”. Four days later, Tovey posted a Knock Knock/Doctor Doctor gag mash-up (it’s how all the cool kids are announcing stuff these days) to confirm he wasn’t going to be the next in the TARDIS:

“Doctor doctor?

Who's there?

Russell Tovey?

Russell Tovey, Isn't he gonna be the new twelfth Doctor Who?

No x :-)”

Others, such as Fresh Meat and Dreams of a Life’s Zawe Ashton (who went with the humble but sadly dysfunctional hashtag #Who?Me?) have been flattered by fan suggestions online. Others, including one (correction) quarter of McFly, have taken a more jokey 'the campaign starts here' approach on social networks.

The online voice of reason however, has come from geek godfather Neil Gaiman, who posted a sage Tumblr entry about the importance of casting a relative unknown as the next Doctor:

“I want to be taken by surprise. I want to squint at a photo of the person online and go “but how can that be The Doctor? Then I want to be amazingly, delightedly, completely proven wrong, and, six episodes in, I want to wonder how I could have been so blind. Because this is the Doctor. Of course it is.”

Read Neil Gaiman’s full Tumblr post on the casting, here.

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What Mr Gaiman says. I remember thinking the same thing about Matt Smith. I utterly convinced myself he would be rubbish. Within 5 minutes of his debut I was proven wrong and as it turns out he's now my joint top Doctor along with Tom Baker.

For me it was the instant I saw the first leaked pic of Smith in costume, I knew he was going to play if different than Tennant and put his own mark on things. By the end of the Eleventh hour my convictions were proven right and to me Smith became the first real Doctor of the revived series.

Whoever is announced we just need to remember; we haven't seen them as the Doctor yet, the producers have and have seen something in them that makes them stand out.

Wait, one THIRD of Mcfly? So, one and a bit of them then? Well, that would be an interesting spin on things - I'm thinking whoever it was that won the dancing, with the one who won the Jungles head sewn onto his shoulder.

Really, I agree with Gaiman. Let the surprise commence! As much as I hate to see Smith go, I can't wait to see what someone new will bring to the part.

If it was Russell Tovey I think I'd actually stop watching completely. Can't stand the guy.

I keep reading these rumour blogs with great disappointment that
Vinnie Jones is never mentioned! Just imagine a more intense version of the
Doctor that Christopher Eccleston portrayed, and then your understand why
Vinnie Jones would be a great casting decision with his stature, strength, and unique
humour. Go Vin!!

Stephen Mangan=YES PLEASE!

Yeah thats what most people thought, hope its the same with the new Doctor.

He's nailed it has Mr Gaiman. And I don't want a woman. Just like Bridget Jones shouldn't be recast as a man. If u want a female time lord well I think that's an awesome idea. Create one. Not alter an existing male character. Aside from that anything goes I think.

Would love it if they went with Chris Kendall, despite his 'over' comic acting on his youtube channel he really can do subtle, and would be able to cope with the darker angsty 'baggage' the Doctor has in his psyche as well as the lighter stuff.

I don't care if it was someone well known or a not. As long as he pulls of a good performance. Troughton and Pertwee were fairly well known and they pulled of the Doctor beautifully.

Andrew Scott!!!

I second this opinion.

Neil Gaiman as the next doctor...

Yes, that was my experience with Matt Smith as well. I got caught up in all the hype about Matt Smith being too young and too emo (based off of one photo, ffs) and was lamenting the death of actors being chosen for skill instead of looks.

Then I watched the thing. He won me over a little at a time. When he stood up there on that roof and said "Hello, I'm the Doctor", I doubt there was a single person who didn't think "Yes, you are."

I'm going to miss him so much.

Richard Coyle would be my choice, but never gonna happen with the Moffat/Coyle tension caused by Coupling. Shame, because he was great in Strange.

Whoever it is, please get someone with a bit of gravitas - Matt Smith was great for anything requiring a zany, manic edge, but I never felt like a serious threat, despite many episodes trying to force it. When the doctor gets angry, I want to be more scared of him than I am of any Dalek - Family of Blood was a terrific example.


I knew MS was on his way out, they should have canned him at the end of 7b

what about robert carlysle?

Plus (and this is not a reason I'd want him cast - I simply think he'd be awesome in the roll) he kind of looks like a mixture of both Ant and Dec, and often they are on that other channel at the same time, it might confuse a casual (stupid) viewer and increase ratings.

My vote is for Charlie McDonnell to be the new Doctor.

Stop speculating. Start campaigning. This can happen. I don't know how. I'm not a writer. It could be twisted into the longest twisty thing ever!

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