Doctor Who: 10 actors who could play the Doctor, but won't

Feature Andrew Blair 6 Jun 2013 - 07:00
Matt Smith

Andrew counters the Twelfth Doctor speculation with ten actors who could, but almost certainly won't be playing the next Doctor...

After the news of Matt Smith's departure broke on Saturday evening, fans took to Twitter (or were already on Twitter anyway) to propose possible replacements. The breadth and calibre of the actors suggested was reassuring – we have a long and plausible list of candidates for the Twelfth Doctor, still leaving space for a relative unknown to turn up at the last minute. 

If anything, the sheer number of people who could, in the public's eyes, convincingly play the Twelfth (probably) incarnation of a fictional alien (probably) makes the pressure of casting harder. Doctor Who's casting director Andy Pryor has done a damn good job since 2005, though, and the process of giving the showrunners a shortlist of actors then letting them pick the best one seemed to work well enough last time. 

At any rate, there are many actors out there who would make brilliant Doctors if only for a few minor hindrances. Russell T. Davies had stipulated that the Doctor needs to be someone relatively young, partly because he doesn't want to go down in history as the man who killed David Warner. It's quite a labour intensive job, is Doctor Who

With that in mind, here's a list of ten actors who would make brilliant Doctors, but won't for a variety of reasons: 

10. Peter Mullan

Mullan's reputation is for gritty BAFTA-type things, but he also took a role in Harry Potter for his children. What better way to combine them than by becoming the first children's TV hero to win a BAFTA for being incredibly gritty throughout time and space? 

Possibly under current criteria Mullan is too old for the role, and hasn't taken many BBC jobs since a dispute over the broadcast of an appeal for Gaza in 2009. Mainly though I'd imagine that, as an actor/director with a determinedly left-wing view, he'd prefer to be doing something more akin to the relatively down-to-Earth 2005 series. Steve Moffat's dark fairytale version might not be for him, but then again Robert Carlyle is playing Rumplestiltskin, so anything's possible. 

9. Nick Offerman


If you haven't seen Parks and Recreation, you're wrong. Fear not though, for I will try to fix you by insulting you a bit and demanding that you watch it. In it there is a character called Ron Swanson, who is a bit like a cross between Stewart Lee and Ron Burgundy. 

Anyway, he's played by Nick Offerman, and he's brilliant, and I basically want the Twelfth Doctor to be him. 

The fact that Offerman is busy filming Parks and Recreation, and providing the voice for the animated series of Axe-Cop (I know), and – even thornier than race or gender – the fact that he's American; only these things stand between him and the role. 

8. Daniel Radcliffe


He can definitely carry something bigger than Doctor Who. Also Radcliffe, when interviewed, has a strange blend of studied intensity and good-natured wry befuddlement that would lend itself to the role. We know from The Woman in Black that he's very good at looking scared in dark corridors, and he's used to reeling off magic spells/technobabble. Also, someone with his profile isn't exactly going to do the ratings any harm. 

As for why not: Well, he's probably done enough of that sort of thing, hasn't he? Maybe when he's older. 

7. Paterson Joseph


His casting had seemed inevitable at one point. Joseph's been great in a lot of different things, but most notably the original Marquis de Carabas in the 1995 BBC version of Neverwhere. Author Neil Gaiman has said that he intended de Carabas to be reminiscent of the First Doctor, and that Joseph's performance was one of the best things about the series. Until Matt Smith came along, most people seemed both pleased at the prospect of Paterson Joseph as the Eleventh Doctor. 

But then again, his casting had seemed inevitable at one point. Having a reputation as being second-choice might be too much of a burden. 

6. Olivia Coleman/Maxine Peake/Sheridan Smith/Sophie Okonedo/Suranne Jones/Tamsin Greig/Romola Garai/Zawe Ashton...


Many women have been suggested, and obviously everyone responded in a calm and rational manner; in no way did the backlash backblast bounce back and destroy everything sensible. While it isn't essential that the Doctor be a woman (and there's a few people out there who think the Doctor shouldn't be non-white, the kind of people who start a lot of sentences with “I'm not racist, but...”), it isn't the case that having a woman in the lead role would wreck the show. 

Doctor Who is there to amuse. Simply to amuse. So if it finds an actress who is the best candidate for the role, give her it. Then there'll be a huge amount of fuss with a lot of people turning themselves into Norman Tebbit and then the show will continue. Everyone will realise that the Doctor's gender doesn't actually make much difference to the ratings or the content (or indeed much of the stuff the BBC cares about), and that our favourite fictional alien is doing fine. 

But only if a woman is the best actor who auditions. It isn't something that would change things that much, not like making the episodes longer or wangling an increased pre-production budget. Having said that, I don't think they will give a woman the role because they have precious little time to make the show as it is without fending off constant questions. 

5. Vic Reeves


This would probably result in more changes to the show than casting any female character actor. Reeves (with Bob Mortimer as his talking cabbage companion, naturally) is an eccentric man, it is fair to say, and putting Vic and Bob into a position of any creative control of Doctor Who would probably result in another hiatus. Many would be confused, scared and bewildered. Quite a few would think it was the best thing ever. If you're going to embark on wanton self-destruction, at least go out with a bang. 

4. Jack Gleeson


After playing Joffrey Baratheon in Game of Thrones, it'd go some way to redressing the balance if Jack Gleeson were to play a slightly more heroic, less evil character. Anyone who can manage to hold their own against Charles Dance in a scene that involves a lot of pausing and staring is clearly talented. Plus, having also appeared in Batman Begins it's a gift for crossover fanfic writers. 

At twenty-one years old, Gleeson would be by far the youngest actor to play the Doctor. However, he has stated that he aims to abandon acting in favour of an academic career. 

3. Jason Statham


Statham was genuinely rumoured to be a potential Doctor when David Tennant announced he was leaving. Imagine, if you will, the version of the Sixth Doctor with more violence, more bad taste quips, and wearing only leather trousers and fighting grease. That's probably what we'd get. 

Jason Statham has consistently demonstrated his commitment to action films. He is very good at action films. He is excellent at saying things that are a bit sarky after hitting people until they die. He probably isn't going to want to play anything in Doctor Who, with the possible exception of Duggan's nephew. 

2. Paddy Considine


Like Peter Mullan, Considine is a writer/actor/director with a reputation for intense characters and social realism. Also like Mullan, Considine is a gifted comic actor (just watch Hot Fuzz, Submarine or Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee) who can also be terrifying when necessary. 

While it would be novel to see the Sonic Screwdriver setting that folds a corpse into a suitcase, Considine's full-length directorial debut Tyrannosaur was highly acclaimed; three or so years dedicated to a TV show might get in the way of his stated intention to pursue a career behind the camera.

1. Chris Morris

Morris has most recently moved behind the camera, directing his feature debut Four Lions and episodes of HBO's Veep. Prior to this he was most famous on screen for his Paxman-esque TV anchor in seminal comedies The Day Today and Brass Eye. As commanding screen presences go, Morris' persona dominated all while uttering ludicrous statements with an extreme, angry confidence. Not totally dissimilar to Tom Baker then. 

Odds are that Morris is not planning to audition, which is a shame, as I for one would like to see attempts to include the events of Brass Eye included in the canon of Doctor Who.

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Personally, I'm Prof Brian Cox all the way - 'look at all those Daleks, they're amaaazing'.

Oh God yes.

I was all in favour of Bill Bailey taking on the role, and then I just happened to catch an episode of the IT crowd. Matt Berry as the Doctor. Discuss.

Chiwetel Ejiofor. Never going to happen but just imagine how awesome it would be

All the people in this article would make rubbish choice as Doctor.

Its called taking the p*ss.

Its called taking the ****. You know, funny, ha-ha?

Er, it's clearly a lot more than a few people who think this, and many if not most for the same reason that so many found the recasting of, ah, another famous genre role resulting in a change of ethnicity to be so objectionable.

<(and there's a few people out there who think the Doctor shouldn't be non-white, the kind of people who start a lot of sentences with “I'm not racist, but...”)

Richard Ayoade as the Doctor. Someone please make that happen.

Andrew Scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People keep going on about him, but I just don't see it i'm afraid. He's a gifted comedy actor but i've seen nothing of him in a more serious role (Garth Merengies Dark Place does NOT count). And it's certainly nothing to do with race either.

My personal wish is Richard Coyle.

I'm not a racist, but I do believe the Doctor should be played by a human.

Mmmmmm not sure I would like him to be The Doctor, but it's a good shout given his connections.

Now that's an actor I could see being awesome in the role .......... and just seeing all those interviewers mangle his name into a pulp would be amusing and insulting at the same time.

Pfffft! Freaking Xeno-fascist!!

*whispers* is he talking about Darth Vader?

I don't want to see any of those foreigners from other planets playing the character of an alien on tv!

Call me old fashioned (or a Daily Mail reader) if you like but it's clearly a roll for a human being and it's a disgrace to suggest otherwise!

I will keep shouting his name (albeit quietly on talkback forums) until they say otherwise.

Very dull article - that's ten minutes I won't be getting back!

You left Harry Hill off the list! Big Collars could be the next cool thing.

"Oh no, it's a motherflipping Dalek!"

You need Robert Carlyle in this list... I'll never stop saying it, not until Robert himself hears the rumour and tells me to piss off.

He's well set in Once Upon A Time for the time being though. No way he's leaving that anytime soon.

He's a bit stocky for it...

For one season only.....A regeneration error splits the doctor into two bodies, each with one heart, that scheme against each other.

Played by natural opposites. Say Warwick Davis and Ozzie Osbourne.

Yeah, true, but the article was people who could but won't so it's all fair play. I assume you've seen Once Upon A Time then, is it worth a ganders?

Robert Carlyle steals the show, season 1 is cracking, season 2 is a bit hit and miss, but gets stronger towards the end :)

Cheers, I have a few episodes of Maron to get through, but then I may check out the pilot today.

You people are all high. There is only one person for the role - Fish from Marillion.

Suranne Jones, now there's an idea. Shame she's already appeared, though maybe they'd think of an excuse. She easily dominates the screen, which is a very good start.

Please let it ne someone who has not already appeared in Dr Who (not another Amy/Martha clone) so not Suranne Jones, Olivia Coleman, Russel Tovey, Simon Pegg or anyone else I've heard mentioned.

David Mitchell confirmed himself last night....

Fish would be a charming choice.

Ryan Cartwright.


They could if they wanted. Romana took the appearance of a character they had met in a previous story.

I think Richard Herring would be great in this - an overweight, penis-bsessed buffoon that pulls amazing wins out of the bag would be an inspiration to us all.

If they went with a woman (and I think they should), how about Rhona Mitra? We know she's good at running

Matt Berry (aka Reynholm Jnr from IT Crowd).
All other arguments are now invalid.

Genuinely made me laugh. :)

Paterson Joseph - YES YES YES. Jason Statham? I wouldn't be able to concentrate. Any discussion about the plot of episodes would be rendered moot because I'd be a dribbling wreck. My money is on Ben Whishaw, Emmett Scanlan or Duncan Pow.

It took you ten minutes to read that? Christ... I'm guessing you're not a clever chap.


wheres patrick stewart and ian mckellan??

Kind of annoyed that all the women just got lumped together ignoring their individual merits in favour of them just being women, but then that's the whole point, isn't it?

Reece Shearsmith!!

"While it would be novel to see the Sonic Screwdriver setting that folds a corpse into a suitcase..."
You sir, owe me a new keyboard.

Can't see it either, he is also a gifted writer and director (Submarine)

Strangely enough he was the was the first person to jump to my mind on saturday. They'd have to pair him with a more action-oriented companion though.

LOL - thanks, Malcolm, very kind.

I never considered Paddy Considine before, but he would be absolutely amazing. It'll never happen though. I can't see him being interested.

This is a strange article. It seems to be a list of people who nobody is seriously suggesting will take the role (with a couple of exceptions) and the reasons why they couldn't/wouldn't do it. Like you've made up candidates just to dismiss them. Still, it was entertaining enough to read!

Agreed. I'd love that to happen. Would be perfect.

This business about a female doctor is really annoying. It's like saying we should have a female James Bond next. The Doctor is a male character. He changes his appearance, not his internal plumbing.

I could not agree more. But don't fret, I seem to recall the same 'female doctor' speculation for the last 3 regenerations and it never happened.

Terrible list. Just terrible, from start to finish. And pointless.

I'm sure this will happen. They "bring back" just about every other dim and distant character at some point when the ideas run thin. If they brought back K-9 and Sarah Jane then anything is possible.


Much as I hate to start comment with “I’m a woman and” but sometimes it’s necessary so here goes:

I’m and woman I don’t want a female Doctor. It has nothing to do with gender politics or anti-feminism, it’s just a matter of established canon. Race for Timelords is purely aesthetic (Let’s Kill Hitler and The Death of the Doctor both confirm that Timelords can change race when they regenerate) but they have genders and The Doctor’s gender is male.

On that note, I vote Benedict Wong.

Peter Dinklage would be awesome!

I would add Gary Oldman, because I think he would be an AWESOME Doctor but I don't see it happening. Also Stephen Fry, because he has the looks, but it never happened despite the comments, so I guess it'll never be.

I agree with both of you. Carlyle would indeed be a wonderful and funny Doctor, but OUAT is going to keep him busy for a while, and even though the series as a whole has its ups and downs, his character is great and he does a brilliant job!

Let us see what John Hurt has to say.

A thought on the race issue:

When considering the white-man problem, all the candidates seem to be black. Why not giving a chance to other ethnic backgrounds too? Asian or whatever, why does it always come down to black?

Although I've seen mentions to Dev Patel. I liked that. It looked really different, not the typical change white for black to prove diversity.

He had not thought of that.

I'm not so sure.

Think different!

River isn't a Time Lord.

Chris Morris? Haahahaa. That would be amazing!

Richard Ayoade would be good. An awkward doctor would be great. More Moss than Dean Learner, anyway!

I was just thinking the same thing...absolutely rubbish! I guess we should be thankful that Andrew won't be casting the 12th Doctor.

I agree 100%. This speculation has been around for every regeneration since the 80's and it IS annoying. It'll never happen.

I agree! He would make an excellent Doctor. I've thought that ever since SGU.

Yep. The Doctor is a man.

And Destiny of the Daleks confirmed they can change species and The Doctors Wife that they can change gender.

Really why is no one seriously suggesting Robert Carlyle? He'd be great! Can do cerebral, can do dark and would be refreshing to see a Doctor not adverse to producing the odd Glasgey Kiss now and again! And he's been doing genre telly as of late, so he wouldn't consider it beneath him!

I think Paddy Considine would be brilliant, but there's no chance.

Bunyard Coopin, perhaps.

Look Dagless you're an excellent doctor, but you're also a livewire maverick, who when he's not bucking the system, is biting the hand that feeds, which in your case, is this hand. Now I'm not about to tell the immediate family of the deceased that we're going to have to burn what remains of his body in order to close the portals to another dimension. I just won't do it. This hospital's got a reputation, which I intend to keep. I've yet to see any demons on the ward, and I'm particularly observant. So go back to your lab and make a pill that can cure madness, or I'll kick your arse so hard you'll be able to build a pool in the footprint. Understood?

You mean you don't want to see The Doctor played by a giant cactus or the monkey from Pirates of the Caribbean?

David Yip who starred in a TV series called The Chinese Detective in the 80s would have good a couple decades ago.

It's the first I've heard that Jack Gleeson is quitting acting for an academic career. I hope this isn't for good as I was really looking forward to seeing what he'd do after he's finished playing Joffrey Baratheon.

Peter Dinklage would be Fan-tastic!

Richard Coyle was great in Strange, a really good series that sadly did get picked up for a second series.

"Johnson!" {shakes fist}

Is that the same monkey from Community? Because I'd vote for him.

I was genuinely surprised that DOG didn't include Justin from CBeebies in this list.

Every one of these choices was awful, bar Paterson Joseph. I was expecting to read names like Tom Hiddleston, Morrissey.. (just for fun). And instead I got Jason Statham and Vic Reeves.


Shooting X-Men: Days of Future Past

Please don't rule Paterson Joseph out! He'd be awesome. Although I agree with one of the posters on here that Richard Coyle would be brill too.

I think I read that he's currently at university (I think it was one in Ireland but I can't be sure...) and that it was always his intention to not pursue acting for his whole life. It's a shame, definitely. As much as we all hate Joffrey, Gleeson is incredible in the role. But if it's not what he wants to do, it wouldn't be fair to resent him for doing what he DOES want to do!

"it isn't the case that having a woman in the lead role would wreck the show." - errr, yes it is. He's a man - DUH !! Please can we stop, just for once, this politically correct nonsense. Please.

A timelord can regenerate into a woman. It's cannon, well established. So i don't know what you're talking about. The Doc can be ginger, can be older or younger, can be tall or short, can be black or white, or asian, but can't be a woman? Ok then

Yeah, he can change his internal plumbing, it's established on the series

I completely agree. I hate Joffrey Baratheon but at the same time I also admire Jack Gleeson's performance. I guess like you say it's up to him whether or not he continues with acting but if he changes his mind I look forward to following his career.

Apart from Joseph this is an absolutely ridiculous selection! Full of hilariously bad choices!! Laughable!!!

Actually, I just looked it up, the monkey from Pirates of the Caribbean has been played by four different monkeys. I couldn't find out if any of them has been in Community but I guess all five or four could play the doctor. They could each represent different monkey regenerations.

Alexander Siddig would be great.... he's already one of my favouritw doctors!

What about Jeremy Clarkson? This blue box might not look like much, but it is the fastest time the wooooorld

If you don't do it, Sky will.

Bigbywolf86 Seriously though, I love that you looked that up. It's made my day.

What about Berry as the Dr?? That could work!! A snuff box style 'WHISKEY' would work a treat!! Oh and Sean Bean as the 13th, just saying.....

Clive Owen

Possibly the most pointless article ever...on that subject, how about Alexander Armstrong?

I'd like Tyrion Lannister as the 12th Doctor ! And Benedict Cumberbatch as the next Master !

Or Richard Ayoade. Or Chris O'Dowd. Or Noel Fielding. Or Chris Morris. Dammit - I'm gonna have to start watching IT Crowd again!

It's a way for us to keep talking about Who in the down time though. I should imagine that a lot of people are still buzzing, both from the John Hurt appearance and Matt Smith-leaving news, so we need our outlet.

I don't think Smith is actually leaving; I think it's a massive Moffat ruse to drum up press coverage ...

I don't think Radcliffe is too big for Doctor Who. For a start, he's English, which makes him a fan, even if (like most of the population) its the mild sort that knows the names Tardis, Dalek and can hum the theme tune.

A lot of people will say that they WANT a female doctor, but never WHY the doctor should be female.

Mark Gatiss?

I agree on Cumberbatch but isn't he just too Sherlock now? I thought I read somewhere that he had been offered the role of the Doctor in the past.

Dylan Moran.

I would be intrigued by Jack Gleeson as ending his acting career as an iconic good guy would be a great way to go. Wonder how much longer he has until Joffrey is bumped off on TV ... conflict in timing there.

I would prefer Richard Ayoade, Andrew Lee Potts or Jonas Armstrong as the next Doctor. I would also like to see a regeneration into identical twin Doctors at some point (maybe one chaotic good and the other chaotic evil or one ultra smart and the other kind of goofy and innocent; yet the goofy and innocent one every once in a while saves the day).

Lastly, we might even try Abe Vigoda in the role... that'd be as the Brit's say, Brilliant!

It was established in the episode "The Doctor's Wife" that a Timelord can regenerate into the opposite sex, so it's not like saying we should have a female James Bond at all. Secondly, saying that The Doctor can not be female is like saying that women can not be doctors. Quite frankly though, I would not want to see a female Doctor because it would take a way the sex appeal of The Doctor for me.

James Callis .... That is all!

Not an American, and I am seriously against a female doctor, because it wouldn't be a female doctor, it would be a transgender doctor, and that would be an awkward Saturday night convo with kids. Also, the doctor is basically my hero, how many people look at their hero and think, yep, he/she could do with a sex change.

No no no JUST NO!

I'm wondering why no one has considered Ryan Cartwright for the new Doctor!!! He is an amazing actor. If you don't know who he is, he has played in Alphas, Bones, and Mad Men!

a woman could be the doctor, but you'd be taking a massively established "men want to be him/women want to be with him" dynamic and trying to turn it around, that must be sensitive surgery, also, would a woman be as funny in the doctor's role? I know women can be as funny as men, but in different ways. Might it fall flat in practice?

River is half human, half Time Lord. Do you even watch the show at all?

Yes, smart ass, I watch the show.

River is the daughter of Amy and Rory.

Sean Bean, of course. All of his other death scenes were jut practice for this!

I know someone will equate this to me saying, "I'm not sexist, but...," but that's not the case. My issue with a female Doctor isn't that the role is played by a woman. I have absolutely nothing against women or actresses or anything at all like that. My issue is that it completely and totally changes the dynamic of the role. Whereas The Doctor has at times been a fatherly figure, a grandfatherly figure, whatever... very paternal at times, a female Doctor would instead likley be maternal. This isn't to say maternal instincts are bad, just to say they are out of character for The Doctor. There's a difference between the two. Additionally, while I wouldn't complain about there being male companions on the show, it also switches the dynamic from the occasional "love story" of a companion who has fallen for an alien and grown very attached to him, now we get a whole new dynamic of guys who fall for her. And let's be honest, women can be subtle about their interest in men... I never want to see a show where one of The Doctor's male companions is all, "Hey, nice tits!" Not to say I think the show would be written that way, but... honestly, there's a long, long dynamic that stretches through the character, and changing him into a woman completely and totally changes that dynamic. For those reasons, I never want to see a female Doctor. If they want to bring a female Time Lord onto the show, and spin her off onto her own series, I'm 100% completely for that, and I think we could grow to love a female Time Lord much the way we did Romana. But a female Doctor... no. No thanks. Please. No. Not now, not ever.

Wonder if they'd redo The Daleks again so they were eye level...

I think Damien Molony (Hal from Being Human) would make a excellent Doctor.

I would never watch Doctor Who anybody if Jason "Turn Off Your Brain" Statham was cast.

russel tovey would be my choice

I only agree with Daniel Radcliffe for the doctor... No women, women are the companions and should stay that way. I am a girl, but seriously it's every woman's dream to become a companion. Plus, the doctor needs to be YOUNG!!!

Yes, the daughter of Amy and Rory. Conceived in the TARDIS. Human + Time Lord.

One thing's for certain: they won't use Bill Bailey's preferred arrangement of the theme (Belgian Jazz: "C'est lui. Docteur Qui.") :D

I want Tennant to come back a just be like oh so i look like this again hmm this has never happened before oh wait oh wait goody im ginger alon-sy of to stop the daleks..... again.

It's helpful if you forget everything you know about genetics when considering River. Both parents are human (although Rory spent the best part of 2,000 years as an auton, his humanity was restored - possibly through a (literal) reboot of the universe), yet through being conceived in the TARDIS, she picked up some aspects of being a Time Lord (most notably the regen).

She also helps create ambiguity over how many regenerations The Doctor has left, given she apparently donated all her remaining regenerations to him to revive him after killing him in Let's Kill Hitler (why she had to donate them all rather than some isn't explained - unless it required the full set to overcome the poison).

Definitely not Suranne - she needs to be reserved for another cameo as the personification of the TARDIS :)

Jude Law. Just a thought

Considering the amount of homosexuality in Dr. Who, I think if the Doctor was a women, they could still make women want to be with her. I think it would be great to have a lady doctor.

Talking of silly suggestions...

Hatsune Miku's probably a bit young, so how about KAITO? :D Long coat, scarf, food fetish (ice cream), crazy hair (blue), indeterminate age. Oh, and of course you'd have to have MEIKO as the companion :D

Why not a woman doctor? There was even speculation that the Time Lady with her TARDIS double decker bus was a future incarnation of the Doctor...I think it would be crazy fun...just the kind of injection this series needs! Truth be told, I would be glad of a break of cute girls trying to encroach on Rose and River's territory!

1. It would be an interesting change.
2. This is a show that seems to promote equality in a way that most shows don't. Ex: Having many homosexual and inter-racial relationships. Why not promote some feminism by having the doctor be a lady.
3. Having a lady Doctor seem aesthetically pleasing to me.
4. Wouldn't it be cool to have the Doctor be something completely different than another white guy? It would be boring if they just stuck with old white guys. No one complains when he changes ages, why complain if he changes gender?

She took on a few characteristics but shed them.

She's kind of a freak who became more normal. Certainly not a Time Lord. She died, amongst many other things.

No. Just no. The only two well known actors that would be able to pull it off would be John Noble or Eddie Izzard. Whoever wrote this crap article needs to quit because they suck.

Chris Barrie

Hugh Laurie would make a great Doctor - the right mix of authority and humor, plus we'd likely get Stephen Fry as the Master.

i have been watching dr. who since 1980....if a female is cast...that will be the end of my New dr. who run...thankfully there are sooooo many old episodes starting with Hartnell that i could literally take years to rewatch them all...better than some chick messing it all up

Sean bean is my vote

so maybe as he gets older and younger looking, he puts on a few lbs just like alot of older people sometimes do

Correct...she is Not a timelord. she just has the Regeneration given to her from being conceived in the TARDIS

Yes he's in Sherlock, but Sherlock's seasons are only 3 episodes each, and the Master isn't a regular character, he just guests sometimes. If he could find the time to shoot Star Trek Into Darkness and to voice the dragon in The Hobbit, he could easily be the Master for a copple of episodes. And both shows are from Steven Moffat, it helps !

... what about Robert Sheehan? He's a little young, but I still think it would be the most awesome thing ever done in the world.

Why do you assume that some chick would mess it up? Why wouldn't you just give it a chance? It's not like it would last long. In a year there would be a new Doctor.

Right, she doesn't represent anything in the Doctor's genotype.

Por mim nenhum desses atores seriam escolhido para ser o doutor 12, eu e todo o mundo quer de novo o DAVID TENNANT COMO O 12 ,13 ...

I'm just going by what was actually said in the show. "Human plus. Specifically human plus Time Lord." Obviously, if her regenerative power was the only aspect of being a Time Lord she had, and she gave all her remaining power to the Doctor-then her Time Lord DNA or whatever, is negated. Clearly she is human when she dies in the library. But who knows what Moffatt will come up with next?!

1. It would be an unnecessary change.

2. Well, why not promote animals and have the next doctor be a horse?

3. You want t/a, go watch Baywatch.

4. There hasn't been an 'old white guy' since Sylvester Mccoy, and those comments come across as being racist. What is wrong with a character that has been predominately white, staying white?

It is simply PC nonsense.

Someone talks sense at last.

Really, they shouldn't make the Doctor a woman! .-. The show has been going on a lot longer than people who only watch the new series pretend; there's a long history of tradition that they should do justice too... Also, the doctors HAVE been getting younger, but most of the actors up there seem a bit too babyfaced to play a thousand-year-old (more or less) genius. Or is it just me?

I think the 12th Doctor should be younger. The only one on your list I might agree with is Jack Gleeson. Daniel Radcliffe is too Harry Potter. Weird and wrong and bad. Bad. Bad. The others on your list are too old! Non-white would be interesting but would still need to be younger. IMHO. :)

Moff certainly makes a lot of trouble in his effort for a moment's cleverness, doesn't he?

River's not a Time Lord. She was a human-alien hybrid who then became human.

There's nothing in the Doctor's genotype to suggest that he is female. Or androgynous.

The Death of the Doctor isn't even an episode of Doctor Who, is it?

gleeson.. NEVER NEVER. i can NEVER like him because of who he is in GoT

Ok. As I understood it, the 'human plus' came from being conceived in the TARDIS, nothing to do with the Doctor's genotype? (I also just read some fan-wank saying that River is a future regeneration of the Doctor, so clearly Moffatt has nothing on the fans!)

Also, just out of interest, is it possible for a Time Lord to choose NOT to regenerate? Or is it an involuntary process? I grew up in the Fourth Doctor years, but I'm afraid my memory and knowledge of the 'old' Who is somewhat fuzzy...

You're right that it is unnecessary. A lot of change is unnecessary, but still fun.

You are comparing women to horses? That reminds me of when people say, if we allow gay marriage, then people will also want to marry goats. Changing genders is very different from changing species.

You assume that I want it to be a hot lady. I would prefer an older woman as the Doctor. I think it would be neat.

Yes, my point was that they changed it from an old guy, to younger guys. Another unnecessary change that no one seems to mind. It would be boring if they stuck with the same old white guy mold. They changed it making it interesting. If they don't change it up more it could get boring.

What is wrong with a predominately white guy, who changes age and body, changing into a more different body?

Genotype means the intrinsic genetic makeup of an organism. Which explains why the Doctor keeps ending up after each regeneration as a white male British-type person ... :)

River underwent some sort of mutation as a result of being conceived in the Tardis while traveling through the space/time vortex or what have you. But the mutation, er, wore off!

Without even getting one of those "cure" shots like in the X-Men movies.

I believe it is possible for a Time Lord to choose not to regenerate, as we saw with the Master after he's shot by his wife in Last of the Time Lords.

Oh yeah! I forgot about that!

Cheers :)

Wow. That would be impressive. Also run the risk of backfiring, surely?

Also, I don't want a female doctor just because it would be politically correct. I honestly think it would be interesting. It would make me feel like I could relate more to the Doctor. I am not saying that my personal feelings are a good enough reason for them to change this tradition. You said that people never tell you why they want a female doctor, so I told you why I do.

They replaced the character of Arnold Rimmer with that of a female character in Red Dwarf.

It killed the show.

You, too.

I don't think any show can really be compared to Doctor Who. Although I have never seen Red dwarf, I can't imagine that it is a show that has been around for 50 years and replaced the actor for it's main character every few years. Comparing the two is unfair because it seems to me that the character was changed in Red Dwarf. In Doctor Who the actor is changed not the character.

I wish every teenage girlie that comes along and tweets that the Doctor has to be a MAN and YOUNG and FIT and a YOUNG FIT MAN coz me n my matez think he's young and fit and should be even younger so we can go away with him for a snog should just CRAWL AWAY AND GROW THE F**K UP RIGHT NOW. I'm sick to death of their clueless, ageist, embarrassing bleatings, and this notion that the show is theirs and theirs alone. They're as bad as the sexist f**kwits saying the Doctor has to stay a male otherwise they'd have to call the show NURSE WHO (An "argument" I first saw in Starlog Magazine decades ago when Tom Baker was leaving, and one I thought dead and buried - until recently).

Anthony Head, Anthony Head, Anthony Head. He's the best British thing since sliced British bread, and I couldn't care less that he already was the children-eating Mr. Finch. He would be absolutely perfect.

"like saying that women can not be doctors"... That's the stupidist argument I can possibly imagine. It's not saying that AT ALL. You might just as well say "I breathe when I sleep" is the same as "I sleep when I breathe" (to paraphrase the dormouse). There are female time lords. The Doctor just isn't one of them.

There actually IS a female version of the Doctor in the books and audios though. Iris Wildthyme. Her Tardis is a bus.

I'm a girl and I really don't want there to be a woman Doctor. Not because it's like the stereotype of a man being a professional doctor. It's just that a male Doctor is better I guess because they usually can be stronger in ability and in mind. And so the audience feel more connected to them if they start to show a little weakness and start being emotional. That probably doesn't make any sense.
Also I'm kind of glad none of the people on this list don't want to be the Doctor because I really don't think they would fit. To be perfectly honest - I want it all to be a surprise

lol yeah but after that ;) but we do need som gravitas as we have been missing some in the DR department.

Jack Gleeson doesn't want to be an actor anymore? Noooooo! :(

Cough...Andrew Scott,,Cough

"the actor is changed not the character."

You haven't been watching closely then, have you?

Richard Ayoad would rock.

Bring on another female time lord instead... or how about make the primary companion a male?

I think he would great as the Doctor too - he has a good mix or quirky & dark.

That would be brilliant! Fry as the Master!

There used to be more..

He would be great as both. It's just that I'm pretty syre, as usual, they won't use a famous actor for the role ! And if he played the Doctor, he wouldn't have much time for Sherlock season 4.

Personally Jason statham sounds like a great doctor! Or at least in an alternate universe where doctor who is treated like crank...

Number 6 NO, it's a women, the doc should be played by a women, there were other on the list that should never be the doctor, but am tired of all the women talk. (it's not sexiest, it's the DOCTOR it's a male role).

glad you don't have a say in it...

Sean Bean would be an interesting choice but i don't think he'd take the role, Sean Pertwee has wanted to play the doctor for years an i think he'd make a pretty good one as well, Someone like Rhys Ifans would be an interesting but brilliant choice as well.

it would be far from "promoting feminism" by changing the Doctor´s sex to female. It would simply be an admission that there is a lack of good and interesting women characters in sci/fi.
If you want to promote feminism in science fiction then write decent female characters and leave the Doctor´s gonads alone.

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