Doctor Who: series 8 "absolutely, definitely confirmed"

News Louisa Mellor 13 May 2013 - 11:10

Steven Moffat confirmed at last night's Baftas that series 8 of Doctor Who is definitely on, and currently taking over his life...

We last heard from Steven Moffat on Doctor Who's eighth season back in February, when the showrunner confirmed he had just started the planning stage for the next run of episodes. Three months on, and according to an interview he gave at last night's Bafta television awards ceremony, Moffat is right in the thick of it:

"... series eight is absolutely, definitely confirmed. It is real and it's happening - it's [taking up] most of my time at the moment."

Officially announced to be involved in the next series is Jenna-Louise Coleman, though Matt Smith is yet to be confirmed as reprising the lead role. Filming for the 2013 Christmas Special is due to take place late this summer, in August or September.

Watch the 50th anniversary Bafta tribute montage below:

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Actually Matt Smith is confirmed, there was a Radio Times interview a week or so where he said that he was sticking in the role pasted Christmas into 2014, so we are getting at least another half a season with him! (Depending how season 8 ends up scheduled.)

The current series has so far been underwhelming with the exception of Asylum, Bells and Crimson. I think the series needs a rest. Clara seems to be suffering the same fate as Martha; good actress but poor character and stories.

No. He didn't confirm anything of the sort. He's only confirmed shooting the Christmas Special. As the article states above, and I quote: "Officially announced to be involved in the next series is Jenna-Louise Coleman, though Matt Smith is yet to be confirmed as reprising the lead role."

It wouldn't be the worst thing if Smith took a bow and exited stage left.

What was funny and new has turned into cliched and rote since the Ponds left the show. Maybe he's carrying the show too much at the moment as Clara seems to have been placed almost in the background rather than being a big solid part of proceedings like the other nu-Who companions.

I do hope Moffat has gotten over his aversion to two-parters for season 8. That would be almost refreshing after all these rushed storylines.

I was wondering if they'd skip next year and return with a new show runner and a new Doctor in 2015.

A new logic-continuity adviser might be a handy addition to the team next time around.

I'm still worrying about all those people who lost their sun just to save a little girl.

I agree; so far most of this series (and large parts of the previous one too) have felt far too rushed and unfinished. It's a shame really since on the whole series 5 was brilliant and certainly the best of the revived series, but 6 and 7 have so far left me feeling unsatisfied.

First time I've written on here. Hi everyone.

I agree with "littletime" on the whole. But I feel the split series doesn't suit Doctor Who and also the 45 minute runtime hampers it as well. Would love the BBC to be more flexible. Some of them have seemed a little rushed. And think that has led to some lazy endings.

Also while Moffat is show runner he spreading himself too thin with Sherlock. A new showrunner with Moffat as guest writer would be better. Also new and fresh writers are needed. Stories all seem a little safe at the moment.

Hope Matt Smith carries on for at least one more series but I think his time is up now. Sadly!! Clara on the otherhand is great and different and she's been a lot more slowburn as well. A companion who isn't in thrall of the doctor and is quietly spoken. I loved Amy but she shouted most of her lines.

Matt Smith was interviewed by James Naughton for Radio Times in early March this year, prior to the broadcast of Bells Of St John. Here's the exact quote from Matt Smith: " I’m attached to the show for the next year and I take it year by year. I think that’s the only way you can take it.” Attached to the show for THE next year, meaning 2013 filming. He does not say filming NEXT year. Don't want to be a pedant but Matt Smith has NOT revealled if he is staying after the shooting of the Christmas special in August.

I think this has been the series where Dr Who has retreated a little on being a mainstream show for everyone. I like Smith and pretty much enjoy the show. However, I think for the casual viewer two things are basically true:
1) They infinitely prefer the Tennant version of the Dr. Smith's take is seen as childish and over the top.
2) The plots and arcs are too complicated and hard to understand. I cited journey to the centre of the Tardis the other week where it was all a bit baffling. I know the Douglas Adams quote about kids getting it. Not sure they do.
Other things haven't worked:
1) Clara - worked better in her debut story and it's been downhill since. There has to be a semblence of realism for the fantasy to play off. Her blase attitude to it all - particularly her smug handling of the troops last Saturday makes Rose look humble. Ditto bringing the kids along, who also behaved as if they'd been taken on a day trip to Skeggy most of the time didn't ring true.
2) Packing 2 parters into 45 minutes, has been a flawed experiment.Every episode has felt very rushed.
3) Smith's mannered performance - he's at his best when he plays it quiet. The overacting shouty manic thing doesn't work. He should watch some old Pertwee/Eccleston to help him. He obviously riffs off Troughton's eccentric take, but Troughton's Dr lacked decisiveness at times and was always worried. Smith's been lumbered with a Dr, who is almost a Superhero. He's constantly extinguishing the tension by taking everything in his stride and as if it's a joke. "Hide" was a great example, all that build up and Smith comes clowning in with a smug companion.
4) The schism between the fans: the hardcore fans resent being short changed by this season spread over two years. Much better to be open about why it's happened.

It would be a desperately sad thing if Matt Smith left the show. I thought there was never a better Doctor than David Tennant (well Davison originally) and then Matt Smith came along and has expertly blended elements of every other Doctor there has been (well maybe not Peter Cushing). I watch him perform and I see other Doctors in his performance.
However all other criticisms are valid in my opinion. Too many stories in this run seem rushed and that includes the previous half of the run (The Power of Three anyone?). Bring back two parters, give time for stories to develop.
I have never been a fan of story arcs in the series but now I find myself worrying that there has not been enough build up to the final episode on which, frankly a lot rests and there is going to be an awful amount to cover in 45 minutes. After this I think they need to abandon story arcs however.
I am worried that Mr Moffat is spread somewhat thin but would never feel comfortable saying it's time for him to move on. If they focus on some two parters and stop these series breaks then I think things would improve.

I think the kids do get it, by and large- I've watched it with a number of kids from different age groups and they understand the episodes. I do think that we could do with more two parters and I think the Clara writing's a little weak, and also Smith could stand to dial it back in; or rather the writers could- there aren't really any bits for him to be quiet in! I think that's largely to do with the fast pacing too (so the two-parter problem again).

But overall I think the season's been alright- Hide, Crimson, Asylum, Power of Three, and Centre of the Tardis all struck me as rather good fun! Smith's got a strong take on the Doctor, and (as that BAFTA clip above shows) the show's never looked better. Bring on series 8! (Just don't split in two please ;) )

I am quite baffled by the constant negativity by some churlish posters here. I am hopeful that it represents a very tiny minority of the audience. 7B has been very good and Jenna is a beautiful brilliant companion reminiscent of my childhood favourite Zoe. Perhaps the real problem is these viewers want immediate satisfaction and resolutions instead of serialized story lines. Keep up the good work Moffett and co.

This season has been quite pleasant, but not very memorable.

Unlike past series/seasons -- and let's drop the a/b silliness, the BBC has simply cut the seasons roughly in half -- I doubt I'll be re-watching many if any of these episodes.

Whereas I've re-watched Series 5 several times, as well as a great many of the RTD era episodes.

The show is still quite entertaining, and I'd be sad to lose it, but as a 50th anniversary year goes, this has been quite underwhelming.

I agree that kids get it. At least the bunch of ten and eleven year-olds I know who follow the series are right there with the Doctor.

Reinstate two-parters if they choose to introduce elements that require at least two parts to develop. If there is one thing I miss, it's this.

First it's Moffat, not Moffet...

and frankly is take on the Doctor was filled with stupid work like Angels in Manhattan ( the Ponds deserved better), let's kill Hitler (River Song becoming good/ less psychotic in what 5 minutes on screen)...

Serials are OK if we have answers! (and not stupid one like with the Teselecta)

I don't agree with anything you've said other than the two parters. Matt Smith is awesome. I love his mean I love his manic. I thought Tennant was awesome but ultimately I realised with Smith what a mad man with a box should be like. I applaud Moffat for trying something different with the format but it just hasn't worked. It needs the 2 parters and I was a fan of the bigger arc. I don't think we can critique Clara fairly until after Saturday. I have a feeling her "perfect companion out of no where" may ultimately be explained. I think the split was about budget for the extra special and to keep Matt Smith in the role until the 50th anniversary. I said that from day 1.

How can there be a build up to the finale for next year if you've done away with arcs completely??? Most shows have an arc. Who is no different. It needs it just as much.

We still don't actually know any more than we did before. There will a a Series 8 - At some point in time, with an unknown number of episodes and broadcast pattern. Moffat and JLC will be back but no mention of who'll be playing the lead role. (But probably not the guy who's off having his first bite of the Hollywood cherry at the moment.)

Seen his hair all shawn off for his film now? I'm going on record as I don't think he'll be here after the 50th special!

In an interview on Radio 2 this weekend Jemma Redgrave wouldn't confirm the special running time but indicated the BBC wanted it shorter than feature length to "fit it between something else and Strictly!" :(

I'm sure Tennant does get the popular vote but he was definitely guilty of hamming it up too much, especially that faux-delighted Essez-boy gawping whenever he recognised some ancient runes or whatever. And he was written some awful teary soap opera material to work with, which seemed to take over the stories, rather than the peril or wonder if different times and places.

Unfortunately I think Eccleston had to ham it up too, with the material given him. He's a real heavyweight, and naturally quite intense and strange a bit like Tom Baker, but some of his acting in, say, Dalek, was toe-curling.

I think all three new doctors have been much of a muchness, in their own ways.

I think they should all remember that less is more in drama, unless you Al Pacino and need to shout and roll your eyes.

Because I wouldn't build up to a finale. In my opinion (and it is only mine I appreciate) the series finales have not been the strongest episodes in any series of new Who. Weighed down with expectation they rarely succeed in living up to that.

I'm sorry Eglantine, you correct Con from Sydney and then litter your own post with errors!

I agree with most of what's said here. Smith might be a good actor; but I feel the character that is written for him is too over-the-top; like in the last episode. When he was battling with himself; it was way too cheezy. His acting did not make it believable, and it just came across as poor acting, while he may have been acting fantastically to the part he was handed.

In my opinion, the plots are actually too simple; while trying to be too complicated; and that is the problem. I would love to see a resolution like the double-res of the Family of Blood series.

The episodes definitely are all too rushed - just look at the recycled solution of "Cold War". This whole episode builds up, then The Doctor just hopes "please have mercy and don't blow the thing up." And that's it...that's the solution. I will say, this "half-season" has been, for the most part, better than all of the Amy-Rory seasons so far. So many build-ups with terribly disappointing outcomes. It's like going from the awful Doctor Who movie in the 1990's; to the great year of Eccleston, then the great years of Tennant...then back to the 1990 movie. That's honestly how I feel.

I love this show, but my goodwill towards it is being dissipated by all the uncertainty. Why couldn't they sign Matt Smith on a proper multi year contract at the beginning? Why can't the BBC produce 13 episodes (plus a Christmas special) a year -- U.S. TV has around 26 episodes of most shows per season? Why can't there be two episode stories? Why can't the show be scheduled in the Autumn and Winter? I still love this show, but am beginning to feel fatigued by all the nonsense surrounding it.

That's because english isn't my first language (and I didn't reread myself before posting!) but I still have the decency to spell correctly the name of people of my favorite show.

I'm a hardcore fan and I'm fine with it, you don't speak for all of us.

I'm totally confused by the Matt Smith/Steven Moffat hatred recently, it seems to be directed at their tenure as a whole, but I distinctly remember nothing but praise in the past. Yes, I agree this series has been less than brilliant, but I don't think that detracts from Smith and Moffat's time, they've both done their job brilliantly, and I will violently disagree with anyone who says otherwise.

I've heard that before about Eccleston, implying that he was made to act in a way that was outside what he as 'a serious actor' would want BUT Eccleston has said that he loved the character of the Dr and that it was the closest character to his own personality that he's ever played. So I think that's actually something that your erroneously presuming. Russell T Davies (weather you think so or not) is a world class television writer who is immensely respected by people in the business and of course the main reason why Eccleston wanted the job in the first place.

The only person I know who has trouble keeping up with the plots is my dad- and he's a 50ish lifelong sci-fi fan. Kids think quicker than adults i reckon! ;)

Hair grows back! I reckon Smith'll stick around another year at least, he likes it too much and he may as well stay in a paying, highly-visible, fun job while he waits for How To Kill A Monster to make him big in the States

I'd love to see Moffat helm a new Doctor though. Matt Smith is great, but I'd really like the next changeover to include Moffat so his helming can become fresh again.

I heard 90 minutes.

These still feel a bit like the big hollywood action mini-films, we were promised with the first five episodes. Which to be honest, felt very seperate and didn't compare to the previous two series' well. I'd like a longer story arc and a 13-episode run instead of two shorter runs. I'd maybe also like some fresher writing talent.

I wish Mr Moffat would read this and take note.....but I doubt it.

It looks like an Axon... *snerk*

My9 year old daughter follows every story, and the show was MORE childish under RTD, obviously so.,

Odd comment to downvote...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry for disrespecting RTD. I expect you enjoy the work of every single world class whateverer that's immensely respected by people in their respective businesses, then? I'll have to remember that when Eccleston's Doctor interacts with the dalek et al, that that's pretty much how Eccleston himself would act in those situations. Maybe what makes a great actor is greating acting, rather than great nearly-playing youself. And I like Christopher Eccleston a lot.

Series 7 has been OK, but a definite drop in quality from previous series. I think series 8 should be a good 2-3 years away. Give it a deserved rest after the 50th anniversary and bring it back fresh and new with a new Doctor.

First time I've written on here as well. I agree with almost everything you said, but I miss Amy and Rory with a passion. I loved both of them, and I could see the friendship between them and the Doctor clearly. I also love Karen Gillan's acting--I may just love Karen Gillan. I liked the fact that she shouted most of her lines because that gave me a feel for Amy...

Clara started out strong, but I don't feel as though I've seen her relationship with the Doctor develop at all--and all of the sudden he's saying she's the perfect companion! I feel as though we have not seen enough of Clara for the season to end and for so much to be expected in the finale.

Also, if I may bring up the episode last Saturday, I do not understand why the Doctor let Clara in charge of the army. I don't see where she, present Clara, had proved that she was capable of doing that.

Moffat's work is not "stupid". He is a very good writer and his stories have been awesome. I have loved his time as show runner on Doctor Who. All Doctor Who has been great from the start of the new series. If some aspects of the stories/characters/production aren't to your personal taste then so be it. It is your opinion and you are entitled to it. You and other complainers are sometimes so vitriolic and hatefilled in the commentary that is submitted to sites like this, that I sometimes wonder why the writers/producers etc of Doctor Who don't just give up! There are plenty of people who respect Moffat and are glad to have more of their favourite show. We can take the good with the bad (according to individual taste!) and don't need to use derogatory terms like "stupid" or attack the people who make the show. I really hope that Moffat sees comments that are positive and that can critique aspects of the show without personally running him down. And all that on top of Trolls who leek details of the final episode after it was accidentally released or spies come in and spoil plot details even though it ruins it for many?! How disheartened would you be with that constant threat of spoilers/leaking of your work AS WELL AS complaining hatefilled whinging on top? I say give it a break and stop being so personally negative. Moffat is awesome! I say thanks to him!

Still love the new Doctor Who series, but if I am to be critical the series are way too short with far too much time between series thesedays. Very frustrating and this should be addressed and better thought out by the BBC.

Rumors out of LA Today is Fox is bringing back Jack Bauer and 24!!!! Rumors are saying the Plot will be that Jack Bauer is tried of how the BBC has Messed his Fave Show up dropping the Ball on the 50th Anniversary and failing to respect the Classic Series he Comes out of Hiding to Kick @SS and Take Names With Moffat being one of the names on the list. Heads will Roll at the BBC Head Quarters soon Jack Bauer Power Hour is Back to Throat Chop some Dumb A$$ BBC Executives :) :D

Have to agree with the sentiments regarding this season being nice to watch but not something I would watch again. Nightmare in Silver showed a lot of potential but it needed room to breathe. I would have loved to have seen this story developed into a two parter with basically the same plot, but instead of the silly "Mr Clever", feature one or two Cybermen attempting to repair a "Troughton era" type Cyberplanner so they could re-awaken the forces trapped within the Cybertomb. There was no room in the story that went out to build any suspense. Having said that, I love the Clara / Doctor combo, the Cybermites, the location of the story (imagine the Doctor & co leading the Cybermen on a wild goose chase through the park so we could see more of it!!) and of course Warwick Davis.


Yeah, still think I am right. I find myself baffled by:
The silence fear the Dr answering the question will end the universe so there solution is? Blow up the tardis which erm, destroys the universe.

Amy and Rory trapped in the past because the tardis can't enter New York? Erm, perhaps catch a train to Chicago and the Dr can pick them up there?

Hi Michelle.

Maybe the doctor saw what she was like when she was the "other" Clara's??

I don't know but I do agree with your comment about putting her in charge of the Army. It does seem a big jump. Just trying to be positive. Karen Gillen was great. Think Moffatt tried to have a more quietly spoken character. Wasn't meant as a direct dig at Karen. Just Jenna is different.

As for the negative comments about Matt Smith around here. He's the only reason I've continued to watch some episodes. It's a shame he's (probably) going to leave when so many people are being negative towards him. Like I said.....runtimes are too strigent (hence some good set ups and poor pay-offs), split series don't help and the whole of series 7 has felt rushed even though it's taken forever to get through.

Would love to see Matt wield his new found star power and say he'll stay another season IF Moffat sorts out the standard of writing. Not normally for this kind of behaviour but it'd be great in this case. ;D

Matt Smith's is brilliant but I wish they toned down the comedy buffoonery they seem to heap on him more and more.

This current series is definately the weakest of the Moffat led ones, but I still think it's better than the best of the RTD era.

Clara as a companion just isn't working for me at all.

A large part of Smith's problem at the moment is that the writing of his character took a fairly sharp turn after s5+first-double-of-season-6 - from Prisoner Zero through to Day of the Moon, one of the most effective things about Smith's doctor was that they made the doctor fallible again. Not to the extent that they did with Davidson's 5th doc (and Victory of the Daleks didn't exactly compare to Baker getting his ass handed to him in Genesis of the Daleks), but it was effective nonetheless, particularly when also playing up some of the doctor's darker characteristics.

It gave Smith's manic-clowning a purpose and played to his strengths, in that the clowning would usually be punctuated by sudden shifts in tone, giving the impression that the clowning was at least partially a deliberate means for the doctor to hide what he was thinking. The TARDIS scene in The Impossible Astronaut is a great example of this (clowning, clowning, sudden drop in tone: 'Don't think that you're cleverer than me. Don't you ever think that.' - and straight back to clowning before Amy+Rory can react).

Smith has remained strong, but the doctor now seems to be written around the manic clowning, with little of the depth of his first-and-a-bit seasons. And frankly I can't see how it would be possible to allow for decent characterisation if they keep insisting on squeezing a self-contained plot into every 45 minutes irrespective of how badly the episode will have to be rushed, with minimal serialised elements and no two-parters.

Not trying to speak for you. In fact as a hardcore fan myself I am sticking with the show. I was talking about the casual fans.

He's confirmed as being in the Christmas special. a haircut is nothing, Hollywood uses wigs to keep consistent character hair and so can the BBC

And everybody loves a fresh helm.

I have to agree with you. While the second half of this season hasnt been quite what I expected---its still been fun, IMO & I like that I cant figure out what the "Fall of the Eleventh" will be, since we know that Matt is returning. Glad I only have to wait until Saturday to find out & looking forward to S8 with Moffat & Smith

hear! hear! I really hoped the second half would improve but alas, no.

Agreed, we need fresher writing talent.

Stupid is a big word but let's face it, Moffat's work on Doctor Who isn't awesome. Sherlock is awesome, Dr Who became meh since the 6th series and it's definitively NOT because of Matt Smith.

Or the big statue that threatened everyone yet attack no one if they aren't watching!

Dalek's my favorite episode from season 1. js. chill out, it aint real, if you don't like, find a new show.

i dont hate moffatt but time he moved on and get some one in with fresh ideas!
I personally would like to see a darker and older doctor, some one with gravitas as they enter the screen, my personal faves are either Sir Ian McLellen or Patrick Stewart.
and a story about the last doctor traversing through time to stop the impending death of the universe due to some multiple failures hes made in the past - take a nice long season arc over multiple mini arcs

What I'd like to see at some point is for the show to feature much more conventional stories and exploration of tropes within different genres, with less experimenting and time-wimey complexities. I would also want an older Doctor, preferably 40 or older. If Matt Smith is channeling Patrick Troughton's performance and look, then I'd like for Twelve to be of the same mould as Jon Pertwee: An older gentleman at first glance, who is still youthful and adventurous in his behavior. So to me it would be great with a middle-aged and old-fashioned adventurer as the next Doctor, with either Paul Cornell or Toby Whithouse as Moffat's successor.

Matt Smith is an excellent actor but he can't do the impossible.

I wish they give him better lines.

Well, it's not bad, except for that Rings thing, it's just underwhelming for the occasion.

But the haters were complaining last series about how they hated the arc-nature of the Amy storyline. They wanted more standalone stories.
Is it possible that some 'fans' simply can't be satisfied? (Not necessarily you, but there are always those who come on the internet to whine after every single episode)

I actually think it's been quite good... it's like lots of little teaser stories before we get to the big ones. But hey, different opinions and all that :)

Quite pleasant vs. very good doesn't exactly generate a big debate. :)

I suspect we will see a new Doctor for S8. Just my guess. I'd miss Matt, as I missed David, as I missed Chris. But I suspect Moffat may have come to the end of his ideas for this particular Doctor... which is a shame, because I feel Matt is getting/has gotten a bit cheated in some ways.

So in order to be a "real" writter you have to do inconsistent's plot with timey-winey stuff and (lately) magical wand, Bunter?
Wrong forum, my dear, we are NOT talking about Harry Potter here.

As for M. Eccleston, Tennant and Smith, they're acting finely and if sometimes it doesn't work you know what they say.... you can stop watching.

And the wooden door closed by magical wand/sonic screwdriver (last Christmas).

fixed points in time anybody I don't think the Silence knew that the tardis would destroy the universe if it was blown up.

Well, he won't be bowing out in tonight's episode. Even though Moff has hyped it up to expect exactly that, fall of the 11th, my backside.

So, Moff can't handle writing Who and those three episodes of Sherlock, a year? In that case, it's time we replaced him with somebody who can.

The BBC hate this show.

maybe the bbc dose hate DW, Maybe thats why there spending so much money on all the episodes and then only doing half assed jobs on them there hopeing that it will lose popularity and then dump it. because if they announced it outright there would be uproar

"want immediate satisfaction and resolutions instead of serialized story lines."

Hasn't this whole series been about immediate satisfaction? Isn't that what Moffat was going for - 45 minute rollercoster rides? I think the people who are negative towards Moffat are the ones who want the exact opposite of what you're describing, mate. They don't like these rollercaster, thing a second scripts that skip story in favour of explosions. The Clara mystery is one of the very few things that joined the episodes together, and even that was put on an extremely low burner. The best episode of the series in many peoples opinions was the finale (which just happens to be the episode which slowed down, took things at an even pace, and allowed the story to unravel properly in a very pre-series 7 style).

Not against Moffat, against the new style of 7b that he's introduced. The best, most wonderful Who stories are often two parters, the best of the best written by Moffat himself. The fact that he's turned his back on this style that so very clearly WORKS and is LOVED is akin to the mistakes of George Lucas, in a "I know what will work, this is what you're going to get." type of way.

Yes, I'm against Moffat at the moment. 7b has disappointed a lot of people, and he doesn't seem to notice. I can only hope he takes note of critical reviews (which have universally been quite lacklustre), as opposed to BBC viewing figures.

Maybe it's people like me who are in the wrong. Maybe we're just unable to accept change? But when that change is coming from the man who, not so long ago, provided the best of the best of what we love, it can be a very disappointing thing. It's not about not being a real fan, or any of that ridiculous Whovian tumblr nonsense.

Immediate satisfaction.. How could you get it so backwards? That's not what they WANT, that's what they're being given, and they DON'T want that. This Hurt cliffhanger is exactly what we want, and exactly what we've been desperate for for the entirety of 7b so far. Something to think about, something to look forward to. 7b has introduced this almost.. Action movie like nature. Big, noisy posters for every episode. We're fading away from the man who can save the world in 20 minutes with no sonic screwdriver and a closed post office, a laptop and a mobile.

We don't hate Moffat. That's a very closed minded, fanboy like assumption. The style of Doctor Who has changed quite dramatically this series, something that Moffat has been quite open and positive about. That. Change. Has. Not. Been. Well. Received.
By critics.
By many fans.
By the general viewing audience.

This is fact. This has happened. This is not deniable. Your opinion may be different, along with many other peoples opinions! The fact remains, though, that things have not changed for the better. "You just hate Moffat!!" No. No. Not at all. Grow up.

We're confused. We don't get it. We'd prefer the old way, that Moffat has already proven he's the master of.

Ask yourself.. If The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances, The Girl in the Fireplace, Blink, Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead.. If they had been to the same standard as the majority of 7b's offering, would he have gotten the job as lead writer in the first place?

He CAN do it. He's SHOWN he can do it. His episodes are AMAZING. So why on Earth has he authorised these mental changes? We don't want action hero Doctor, we want the intellectual who goes against all that and always has. Stop.. Pointing your damn sonic screwdriver at people like it's a weapon. You don't use weapons. That's not what you're about.. Or, it used to be.

they make so much money out of it, they do not hate it! It's very popular! If people keep watching they'll keep doing it! Thye certainly didn't hate it a few years ago when making SJA, Torchwood, Confidential, Totally Doctor Who! But I will be honest this series has been the worst of all nu-who!

thats been confirmed ^^^

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