Doctor Who: lots and lots of Nightmare In Silver images

News Louisa Mellor 7 May 2013 - 12:50

Here's more than a score of images from Neil Gaiman's second Doctor Who episode, Nightmare In Silver. Spoilers...

Spoiler warning: images contain plot details for Nightmare In Silver (there's another one for you, Wonko the Sane)

For starters then, we've the 'Next time on Doctor Who' BBC One tease, and then the very similiar BBC America trail, before a small mountain of official pictures from Nightmare in Silver, the forthcoming Who episode written by some guy called Neil Gaiman. Anyone heard of him? No, us neither.

Nightmare In Silver welcomes Warwick Davies, Tamzin Outhwaite, and Jason Watkins to the ever-expanding roster of Doctor Who guest stars.


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But can Neil Gaiman do the impossible - make the cybermen good? Whilst I don't hate all Cybermen stories (The Invasion, Tomb of the Cybermen), they are pretty poo as a villain. I have faith in Gaiman after The Doctor's Wife, but still apprehensive about whether this will be good or not.

This story looks excellent, and I truly hope it can deliver. If anyone can make the Cybermen scary again, it's Neil. My fingers are crossed that this story will be very very serious in tone and very very light humour...and if Murray can pull off a score that can give the same kind of haunting atmosphere that Malcolm Clarke provided in Earthshock, we could be in for a treat! I realise this is a lot to ask, but I must have faith!

The cybermen were my favourite villians in the 70's/80's. I feel they only turned poo when they came back in nuWho all redesigned with that awful 'delete' catchphrase.

The penultimate episode of the 50th anniversary series ...

The picture of the Doctor and Clara peeking out of the Tardis on the Moon is funny, and charming. And the alt-Doc rocks the Seven of Nine look.

But, the Cybermen.

On the other hand, the colors and texture of the pictures look great.


Borg much?

"But The Cybermen" what? they look great to me, something that they singularly failed to do for a vast majority of their classic series appearances.

Shinier, maybe.

They seemed to work best during the Troughton era - as you say The Invasion and Tomb of the Cybermen were brilliant stories. Moffat has used them more effectively than Davis -The Pandorica Opens case in point. However, there has yet to be a really great Cybermen story. I feel with Gaiman writing we might all get our wish.

I wonder with the Chess playing Cyberman is a homage to the Chess playing automaton, The Turk.

The Cybermen have always been a bit too vulnerable for me, right at the start the Radiation in 10th Planet, the acid in Moonbase, emotions in Invasion, and by far the worst the Gold in Revenge leading the frankly embarrassing sight of a Cyberman being killed by a gold coin in Silver Nemesis, TBH the Cybermen have only really had about 3 or 4 good stories, Tomb, Invasion and Earthshock.

I do like the little scene in Pandorica Opens with the Cyber Head, if they can make a whole episode with that level of spookyness and threat then that will be an excellent episode

From a preview on DWO:

"Speaking of Nightmare in Silver at the MCM Expo Comic Con in London last year, Matt Smith predicted that the episode would be a ‘fan’s favourite’, and we don’t think he’s going to be wrong!"

and they gave it 10/10, I am really looking foward to this!

Yes the Borg are a direct copy of the Cybermen, directly copying the idea of Humans "upgraded" in Attack of the Cybermen which aired years before ST-TNG even started, your point is?

This is not the 50'th anniversary series. This is the second half of series 7 which started in the fall of last year. There will be NO 50th anniversary series, which I think is a crime. Only a movie, which I think is cool. And I'm not actually

50th anniversary year, with a limited series during it. Series 8, actually, though the BBC for some odd reason insists on this "7b" amusement.

Also now able to run, if you watch the trailers carefully. That'll be interesting!

Ten seems to be more the runner than 11, doesn't he?

Aaw man not a fan of the Cybermen, all the episodes about them were horrible. Oh well looks like the clip at the end of the episode showing what's next will be more exciting.

I agree. The wheels have come off the Wagon somewhat. Series 8 won't be around until late 2014 at the earliest. I'd live to know whet really is going on inside the series.

Bring back 80's Cyberleader catchphrase "Excellent" much better than "delete"

Nothing is happening inside the SHOW, the BBC had major budget cuts across the board and it lost the show a half season at least

We don't have to be overly protective with the past, and hate the present so much. The designs of the classic cybermen, was crap. Cheap and weird. Classic Who is awesome because of scripts and actors and some interesting ways to work visuals with limited budget. But new Who looks so much better, and the new Cybermen are better. It's a fact. Now they look like robots, not a guy with a silly costume. There's no need to reverentiate the past to the point of dumb comparisons

What the hell is all this complaining for? It's GAIMAN! This man could probably polish a literal turd into a decent episode!
No pressure though Neil ;)

Why no publicity pictures of Tazmin Outhwaite then?

But this isn't the 50th Anniversary year - that starts November 2013 and ends November 2014. We are still in the shows 49th year. Series 8 needs to be the big one, series 7 is just the run-up!

That was certainly the case for Closing Time :-(

Am I the only one who thought TWOTD was the silliest piece of fanwank? Okay I know of one other person but really! What a failed opportunity to meet Susan's mother!

For when they were made, the early cybermen didn't look that bad. Take a look at the Ironman comics of the sixties and in comparison to the modern incarnation, it looks a bit rubbish. But that is looking through a retrospective filter...
I do agree that some Who fans are overly reverential with classic Who, but the cybermen are one area that New Who let the side down. The modernisation of the Silurians and Sontarans are fantastic, but I personally think Cybermen should have been consigned to the past. They might look better, but the stories have been pants (mostly) and they have the problem that classic monsters have... Man in an unwieldy suit that makes it impossible to act in.

The thing is, they look TOO much like robots. Remember, they aren't. They're cyborgs. Part man, part machine. And anyway, in their first few appearances, like The Tenth Planet, it's effective because the cloth over the face and resembling a human is at a time when they as a species started becoming cyber, so of course the technology wouldn't have been high tech then. But now, they're too inhuman. I know they're meant to be robotic, but not actual robots.

Yeah true, it was decent because of James Corden

Really don't see the appeal of James Corden - I found him incredibly annoying. Not aware of his other work as I'm outside the UK, but it smacks of stunt casting.

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