Doctor Who: new finale picture brings series 7 full circle

News Louisa Mellor 2 May 2013 - 13:05

A first image from Doctor Who's series 7 finale, The Name Of The Doctor, has been released. What does it remind you of?

Warning: spoilers for returning characters and The Name of the Doctor plot details and quotes ahead...

Below is the first official image released from Doctor Who's forthcoming finale, The Name of the Doctor. Our immediate thoughts? Deja-vu.

Think back to the series seven opener, Asylum of the Daleks... 

Are we being toyed with? Or could there be more significance to series seven being topped and tailed by two different companions in the same pose with the Doctor? 

Further, spoiler-y details about the finale have been revealed by Doctor Who Magazine, shared here courtesy of Blogtor Who

Vastra, Strax, Jenny, a "posthumous" Dr Simeon and a "post-library" River Song will all return for the series seven finale, when the true identity of Clara will be revealed. Here's the Doctor Who Magazine episode synopsis:

Every journey taken by a time-traveller tears a wound in the fabric of reality, and the Doctor has time-travelled more than anyone. But the trail runs cold in Trenzalore, the one place in all of time and space that he should never go. The most dangerous place in the universe...

Who is kidnapping the Doctor's friends, leading him to Trenzalore? Could the Fall of the Eleventh be nigh? Or does an impossible girl hold the key? The Doctor's past, present, and future lives are in grave danger... and his greatest secret is about to be revealed.

In addition to that are a couple of tantalising episode quotes:

"How's the intelligence - still great?" - The Doctor

"The path I carved through time and space, from Gallifrey to Trenzalore. My own personal time tunnel, leading back to every moment I ever lived. Every step, every tear, every kiss. Even the days I haven't lived yet. Which is why I shouldn't be here. The paradoxes... very bad..."

The Name of the Doctor is due to air on Saturday the 18th of May.


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Please can we stop overstating how "spoiler-y" things are, this is slight at best. If I didn't want to see any pictures or details I wouldn't have clicked in the first place, but I probably wouldn't have read on if I hadn't seen this stuff already because of the huge "major spoilers ahead" tags as if anything significant is being revealed.

Why am I mentally screaming no at the summary and pictures

So River is post-Library. That's intriguing. (Hopefully the whole Silence in the Library thing is just a matter of Moff liking the word "silence" and not a hidden in plain sight reference to the Silence.)

Sounds like the big reveal of the episode is not so much the name of the Doctor (Ralph, as is widely known) but the true identity of Clara.

I like Clara, and I like this year's series, but I must say that the mystery around her isn't really eating away at me. Aside from the early oddity of her living and dying and popping up again a few times, there hasn't exactly been a lot of strange action revolving around her.

Lately, she's just a very good companion.

Frankly, Amy in Series 5 was much more at the center of an ongoing mystery.

Would rather they overstate it than understate it. Better to err on the side of caution with this stuff!

"post-library"?? Colour me intrigued... ;)

"I love Doctor Who fans. Always seeing patterns in things that aren't there."

Honestly, fans can be ridiculous sometimes. They want to tie every little detail to something else. So he's carrying an unconscious Clara, so what? But look to the left of the picture. It looks like something is on fire. That's obviously a reference to Rings of Akhaten. The sun/planet/whatever must be there to gloat or something.

The line I find most interesting is... "The Doctor's past, present, and future lives are in grave danger.."

I don't expect any cameos from old Doctors in the episode, but we might get some cool teasers.

I quite like that, to be honest. It's nice that the episode stories are priority 1, and while Clara's mystery is still bubbling away we can except her as simply a companion until the reveal (hopefully) brings the real interest.

I agree.


Any mention of River Song makes my heart sink.

Who knows? Maybe we do get 3 doctors in the 50th anniversary special after all: 10, 11 & 12?

Post library River as in the River inside the main computer of the library? Wow im excited now.

My guess is she escaped - armed with knowledge from every book in the universe and remember the girl could teleport people (who still had physical bodies mind you) in and out of the computer.

If he was carrying a sack of spuds, would we be clutching at straws?


If this is River post-library how did she come to know his name before the library?

There's a rumour about how many Doctors are appearing in the 50th that seem to be based upon the look of John Hurts costume that caught my eye online, I doubt its true but it did raise some questions in my mind about exactly who he is playing.

Well, this is going to be fun.

Clearly Clara is the post-library River. Which is why her mind can be downloaded and reprogrammed and put into several bodies throughout time.

Yeah, that costume looks like a mix of 8 & 9. The boots and all are definitely 8, but the jacket is way more damaged like 9. Also, that hat and scarf are much more 4. Maybe he's all Doctors combined. :)

I think it's partly because that's the picture they chose to release. They focused on that one in the commercials with Amy and then they release one almost exactly like it as the first image of the final episode of the series.

Had it been taken randomly during filming I don't think it would have mattered as much, but considering they released a single picture and it was this one, I can see there being a connection here.

Oh, yes, CLEARLY. :)

Ha--you're close! I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'd LOVE for Clara to turn out to be CAL... Charlotte Ann Lux, the "brain" of the library. Perhaps the Doctor is stuck in there without knowing it (as Donna was) and CAL is living out her fantasy to be his companion after hearing River's stories! Therefore I am SO excited River will be "post-library". And a plot twist like that allows (yet again) the Doctor to die without the death being real, if he's actually been in the library during his adventures with Clara. It also allows for all the weirdness around her that he can't figure out. She even looks like CAL. Anyway, if the Moff pulled that off even half-believably, he'd restore a lot of my faith in him.

Well, if Clara (Oswin) hadn't been in Asylum of the Daleks, the picture WOULD be just so much randomness. However: since she entered the Doctor's life in that particular episode, an image like this is bound to cause speculation.

Damn, good point...

Hopefully this is just speculation and it is pre-library river. Or maybe both.

What's puzzling me is; what is the 50th anniversary episode going to be about?

Is it a standalone epic? I was hoping that the 50th anniversary would conclude this whole trenzalore story.. Or will this episode b/lead into it? So confused, but I hope the 50th anniversary is an amazing story.

What? EVERY book??? Including...

Spot on. That's my favourite thing about this run. It's story first, long-running mystery second.

Maybe this is wishful thinking but I have safely discarded the notion that Clara is a version of River Song because;

1) We can't know this about the others but modern day Clara has definitely got human parents (that are not Amy and Rory Williams).

2) She has a high I.Q. Not that River Song is stupid but being extremely intelligent is not something that's been mentioned before.

3) River Song cannot regenerate any more.

4) River Song gets along with the TARDIS well enough to drive it. It hates Clara.

I'm sort of frightened that she might be a) a version of the doctor himself, b) another time lord, c) an incarnation of his daughter or d) a normal human being who has been messed around with by some kind of time explosion.

Let's epic the crap outta this, people!

A "post-library" River doesn't make sense, as in 'Forest of the Dead' River whispers the Doctor's name into his ear, meaning she already knows his name. So if we, and/or she, will find out the Doctor's name "post-library", it doesn't really explain how she knew before that.

The only time he would ever tell someone his name is on his deathbed. Everyone seems to overlook the fact he did that in Let's Kill Hitler. 'Tell River Song'
'Oh I'm sure she already knows that...'

Hear hear!

Why do I get the feeling this will be all hype with no pay off? Throughout this entire MS run, we have been to;d the Dr will falls at Trenzalore, bt we all know Matt will be in the 50th anniversary one after this, so sounds to me like it will be all style over substance. This trenzalore thing is the ideal time to bring in Matt's replacement. People will still be on a high from it being the 50th, so will be more accepting. Otherwise, it's all just build up with no pay off.

I can't remember the title of the episode when a woman clone of Dr Who left the planet in a space ship and we learn she is his daughter .Maybe Clara is the regenerated alter ego


CLARA is an anagram for CAL And River,,,

Partly due to the lack of 2-part episodes but at the moment her identity has really been put on the back seat. We have a few confrontations between her and the Doctor shown in trailers but I wouldn't be surprised if they keep her identity secret and have her being the final mystery of the 11th doctor where she reveals she was a trap - but betrays her creator 'The Eternal Dalek' and gets a dalek conversion (However stupid that sounds)

That would essentially be the same as saying every adventure since the library has been a dream and would also mean that we'd still be on the 10th Doctor - as the eleventh has NEVER visited the library. As far as I am aware he gave the library to the Vashta Nerada - meaning that anyone who returns would be killed instantly.

Not to mention it would also mean everything that happened was all an illusion - along with making all the other adventures pointless because they never actually happened.

Rory and Amy would automatically become 'the companions who never were' who were simply included so CAL could explain River.

Heck, the only benefit from that would be that the Daleks were never actually changed to the 'power ranger' daleks.

I'm guessing the finale of this season will end on a sort of cliff-hanger/paradox which will be resolved in the 50th anniversary and will also explain the inclusion of the parallel world human 10th Doctor and Rose

WRONG. As stated by the 10th doctor, the only way anyone could find out his name before the events of 'silence of the library' was via the name being written in the Medusa Cascade.

River Song was in an adventure with the Doctor at the Medusa cascade where his name was revealed - this has yet to happen and will probably happen in season 8 at the fall of the eleventh.

Meanwhile the fields of Trenzalore plot happens after River already knows his name - in fact it will likely be the Doctor or Clara who asks the famous question to River Song - forcing her to answer truthfully because she is on Trenzalore.

"all Doctors combined"

Honestly... I would be 'ok' with this. We know their is going to be a massive paradox to let the human 10th doctor and rose meet up with the eleventh. This means that parallel worlds must come into play - probably via paintings being used as portals to the different parallel worlds (Makes sense given the spoilers)

In addition we know that the Paradox would be solved by the 'combined Doctor' sacrificing himself in the end - fixing the timeline.

We were told the following;

"It’s all still waiting for you. The Fields Of Trenzalore, the Fall Of The Eleventh, and the question. The first question"

So we could easily have something like this;

The fields of Trenzalore (Season 7 finale)
Silence must fall (The Whispermen are the final attempt by the Silence (Group) to stop the question being asked)
The question is asked creating a paradox (Season 7 finale leads into cliff hanger)
The question is 'answered' (50th anniversary special)
The Fall of the Eleventh (Christmas 2013 OR Series 8)

Random future hints;
"When Summer falls the Lord of Winter will arise"
Could mean an evil appearing after the fall of the eleventh?
"A seascape painting called The Lord of Winter seems to come to life"
Although this happened in 'Summer falls' it could be a reference to the paintings in the 50th anniversary

The biggest library in the universe... do you really think they wouldn't have books about the doctor?

"look me up" - 10th Doctor

I wouldn't be surprised if there was the 'history of the time war' book.

Has anyone else noticed all the "nods" to previous Doctors since Matt started as the 11th Doctor? First one I remember is the UNIT pass with the first Doctors face on it. This series there have been previous foes from the first two Doc's, mentions of previous companions, inc Susan, the Doctors grand daughter (mmm..just had a thought..Clara maybe?), the way he's dressed ( frock coat like the first Doc), the retro feel of the Tardis console (again back to 1st/2nd Doc), and some use of previous Doc's verbal usuage (allonsy from last nights Cyberman esp)...and is one of the clips, a microsec glimpse of the 3 Doc's car( the yellow passing flash!)...which all seems to be setting us up for the 50th....but what else?

The Doctor's Daughter

Elvis returns, big time. The real Elvis has been hiding on Trenzalore and once the Dr. and Clara hear the thunderous strains of "Also Sprach Zarathustra" they know the king has entered and it's all over. That's what I think will happen -- any takers?

I guess clara is river. Annoyingly predictable.

I would love that to be true. And why not. The writers love shoehorning famous historical figures into the storylines.

Common misconception, they are Silents, not Silence.

But it's really exciting, still...

Of course what I'm referring to is their saying "Silence will fall."

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