Doctor Who: series 7 finale title, cast & poster revealed

News Louisa Mellor 19 Apr 2013 - 11:05

We finally know the title and tag line for Steven Moffat's series 7 finale. Step this way to find out...

"His secret revealed" 

That's the promise of the latest and last episode poster released for the current run of Doctor Who episodes, The Name of the Doctor.

Written by showrunner Steven Moffat and directed by Saul Metzstein, the episode welcomes the return of (look away now if you don't want to know) River Song. Alex Kingston's character, not at all incidentally, was the subject of the episode's original rumoured title*, which we've stuck beneath the image for those who'd rather avoid potential spoilers.

The name, the secret, the wife, the companion, the set-up to the 50th anniversary episode... We could be in for something rather special here, don't you agree?

Here's what the official BBC blog had to say:

The title of the series finale has been revealed and is the hugely intriguing: The Name of the Doctor.

The ‘poster’ for the series’ final adventure was unveiled today and it also confirms that Alex Kingston is back, joining Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman for what promises to be a jaw-dropping end to a spectacular series.

But we’re not there, yet! We’ve still to unravel the mystery of Clara – the woman ‘twice killed’ and yet still by the Doctor’s side… What secrets does she hold? And in the weeks ahead we’ve a trip to a haunted house, a journey to the centre of the TARDIS and a nightmare clash with the mighty Cybermen. But after all those adventures we have The Name of the Doctor and stand by for something that you might always have believed to be impossible…

*The Funeral of River Song


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They really should have added 'In' to the front of that title, especially with the broken window looking like a cross

But I don't want to know!

Is tomorrow's episode the series finale? Or is it next week?

It's several weeks away yet!

3 weeks tomorrow

That's what I like to hear. Thank you!

Lets be honest it will end being a line from River like 'Think how many people have died in *The name of the Doctor*.

Then if he does reveal his name at all, this is the point where he only tells River, as we know she had to find out at some point...

If the do end up giving him a name I hope it's Dr. Foreman; Susan always seemed rather attached to that name.

true, it's an arc Moffat has been on since the Library. I don't think everyone will find out just River, no matter what his name is it would be an anti climax and diminish his mystique. I mean remember all the hubbub about the reveal of Inspector Morse's first name, then we found out it was Endeavour and it was a WTF moment as any name would be

His name is Roger.

Hmm. I can't help but feel they're setting themselves up for a fall with this one.

It will ruin the roots of the show itself.. he is an enigma and becomes more so, the more we get to know him. I can say for a fact they won't reveal it.

Something than I am finding confusing though... I presumed the 50th anniversary episode would be along the lines of this episode I know it's going to be an epic story, but do you think it will lead on to the 50th anniversary or will this be a standalone? Either way I have high hopes for the 50th anniversary .


His personal preference was always Smith. Not just in the modern series (Smith and Jones), but the 3rd doctor (the one that gets exiled to Earth and works with UNIT) simply couldn't be bothered doing the whole 'mysterious name' thing and simply introduces himself to people as Doctor Smith.

Obviously that's not his real name - just a pseudonym that he's fond of. But I suspect that the same is true for Susan Foreman - Foreman is probably just a pseudonym she uses for the same reasons that the 3rd doctor uses 'Doctor Smith' (i.e. she's going to school on Earth, presumably as a way of learning about her responsibilities to less advanced cultures, so she needs a pseudonym).

Every other Time Lord in both the original and new series uses a one word name - the various 'rogue' ones (both good, like 'The Professor', or bad like the Master, the Rani, the Monk and Omega) and even on Gallifrey the recurring 'Gallifrey politics' characters all have one word names (Borusa, Castellan, etc).

Maybe they all choose pseudonyms and hide their real names for some cultural reason. But there's no reason to attach any more meaning to Foreman than to Smith.

"But after all those adventures we have The Name of the Doctor and stand by for something that you might always have believed to be impossible..."

That his name *really* is The Doctor.

Or possibly Doctor Who.

It's obviously Brian.

People are so cynical about Doctor Who on here. Just enjoy it.

Didn't he supposedly tell her his name at the end of the finale before this one, and it turned out he'd told her something else? I'm not sure how much more patient people can be. But we have had the 'identity' thing set up since the end of the last series as this season's big theme.

Very true, I was mainly joking. I'd rather see the character remain mysterious, but if a name has to be given then Foreman would at least tie it into the first shot of the first episode...perhaps the answer was "hidden in plain sight" too.

As far as I remember (Which isn't well), he didn't actually tell her, like you said. It wanted to fool us into thinking that, to almost complete the story arc. Whether or not it was planned to end there but then Moffat decided he would let it go on, I do not know.

We'll probably see it written in Galiffreyan text that's totally unpronounceable and just some knowing looks from River and the Doctor after which we'll all leap to our keyboards to ask 'did f****ing Lindelof write that s**t'?

Am I the only person who's happy that they probably won't actually reveal his name? It would be awful if they did! My money's on the doctor getting a ceremonial name/this contributing to Moffat's fanfic-turned-canon theory that the Doctor is the reason why we use the term "doctor" for healers

It's Bob. Pronounced the Rowan Atkinson way.


They cant do this!

Moffat should really stop obsessing over the mystery of The Doctor's name. After all, regardless of the provocative nature of this title, they aren't going to actually reveal his name as that would destroy one of the central mysteries of the show. A central one, but not that interesting a one. There are far more fascinating aspects to the Doctor than what his name is. Especially considering its going to be alien, most likely unpronounceable to humans and probably a bit silly.

If it's done well it then answering one question will lead to even more questions and the mystic of the series will remain if not get deeper. I think back to LOST, almost every time they resolved a big mystery it lead to a new and bigger mystery. For Who I think that's the way to go for the 50th answer a major mystery and open up a whole new direction going forward. Over the years Who has kept re-inventing itself and that's what I like about it, rarely a dull moment.

It does keep re-inventing itself, but I fear lately, it's been trying to cater for it's American audience too much. Where before it's low key and cheap feel made it so special, no it's like each episode is a hollywood blockbuster.As much as I love American television, Who needs to say British.

The biggest mystery about this show is why the hell they turn the volume up so loud on the music soundtrack almost throughout every episode from start to finish. It would work so much better without the "dramatic music".

I would thought the identify of Susan's mother/father would have been far more of an interesting question to tie up for the 50th anniversary. They keep dropping remarks about the Doctor being a dad in some pretty awkward places lately.

It's guaranteed! They'll reveal his name! Just like the promise of featuring, "every Dalek ever," in Asylum.

Amen to that!

The same thing happened to Torchwood and it ruined the series hope the same doesnt happen to DW, it needs to stay British for it to succeed and get better. Lately these 3 episodes have been below par escpecially the Akhaten one which imo was the worst episode ever.

Maybe he's free to choose his own name and he chose.... "Sweetie." LOL

Spoiler guessing here, but I thing I know who Clara is... River's daughter.


You are right: in "The Wedding of River Song", he just told her how he was about to fake his own death. We still do not know how River came to know the Doctor's name eventually.

but still preferable to the mid/late-80's stuff!

it will be Sherlock Holmes

Yes, it's those damn Americans at fault, all right.

Actually, the series was in big trouble under Moff for spinning out arcane, attenuated arcs that didn't properly resolve.

Stand-alones are the antidote to that.

These episodes are hardly "Hollywood blockbusters." They just have posters that spin them up in that style.

They're more in the vein of being pleasant.

I'm pretty sure it was Jamie with Doctor 2 that first used the name of John Smith but you are correct it was Pertwee's doctor that seemed to really embrace the name and run with it.

Does she have to be related to a character already on the show? She could just be a new character.

I kind of disagree. I read somewhere that the budget in doctor who was the same as RTD maybe even a bit lower. The problem with America is they try to make everything the same. Torchwood Miracle Day got ruined because it turned it into a generic American show, basically 24 meets a SC-FI. Doctor who still feels to me British - where else would you find a man travelling through time and space in a police box. I for one don't mind good looking sets - it wasn't how much was spent that made the show good, it was the actual plots. I thought for example the Rings of Akhenaten looked amazing and still felt like doctor who and I actually liked the arcs in series 6 maybe just one less would have been handy (I still like standalone episodes to but some do feel very filler like).


Something tells me you are American or attributed to the country.

You make a fair point; It's still hanging on to it's British roots and I hope it stays that way. If a film was ever made, that would be the killer.

I prefer story arc's most of the time but I have to agree I totally loved the Rings of Akhenaten episode.

I wonder which clue alerted you.

This is clearly the set-up for Silence in the Library as River does know the Doctor's name then (whispered, inaudible). Expect handing over of sonic and Doctor guiltily saying bye-bye to Kingston knowing she's about to snuff it - leaving him free to flirt / snog with Coleman. Do not expect an actual disclosure of the Doctor's name - that really would be pointless. I also expect that as this wraps up the whole 11th / River storyline Matt Smith will defintely be quitting before the year is out.

Why do you feel you need to defend your country so passionately?

I didn't even offend you. You took offence so the problem is within you, not me. Says wonders.

Where to start with your expulsion of verbiage?

1. Hardly a passionate defense of America.

2. Hardly offended by your innocuous comments.

3. The "problem" is in your mind.


Ok, it's at this point I can only hope you're trolling. Well played for getting this far. You had me at first.

You're clearly playing a passive-aggressive game, which quickly became quite tedious.

i think and hope this is correct -- and now that the poster shows the title The Name of the Doctor with gallifreyan lettering superimposed on the English text, there's some reason to believe that's indeed what will happen. river can read gallifreyan (we know from the scene with the cot), so his name never needs to be spoken for it to be "known."

Doctor Who films have already been made. . .


Is there any name they could disclose that would actually be a satisfying conclusion? It doesn't seem relevant. They've made it into a kind of Holy Grail which is really pretty meaningless. Most likely is we won't actually find out, but otherwise what are the options? That he's Jesus? A name we've never heard of, like Pork Lomond? Anything that gets pulled out of thin air isn't really going to be a jaw-dropper. Another string-along like River Song (my least favourite character of all time). Now we're onto the Clara "mystery". Go to another planet and save a smallish group of nice aliens from a larger group of unpleasant aliens please. Because if you won't, I will.

Wrong! She is The Doctor's brother's cousin's dentist's grandmother

it's quite simple - your 5.1 is calibrated wrongly. And if you don't have 5.1 then your tv speakers are smooshing the signals together.

I think it would be funny if his "real name" was John Smith. That said--surely WE arent really going to learn it--its JUST an episode title--maybe he marries River "officially" and tells HER.

I for one am rather hoping he is actually called Doctor Who.

His name is. . .Rudiger!

I hate how when theres a genuine conversation about latest doctor who episodes, someone ruins it by saying everything bad is moffats fault.... its always uncalled for

American audiences also like Who the way it was (British, low key). I shuddered when I heard they were going to go with an every-episode's-a-blockbuster plan. This season has been dreadful, imo. I miss the quality of episodes such as Amy's Choice, The Doctor's Wife, The Girl Who Waited, and The God Complex. I also thought The Eleventh Hour was great, especially in that it accomplished everything it had to in such a respectful manner while making it clear that Smith is the Doctor now, not Tennant.

Colin. I bet it's Colin.

Or Tarquin.

Pleeeeease let it be Tarquin.

It's Slartibartfast

I'm still betting it's not "Doctor Who", but "Doctor W. H. O." His name is something like Wiggy Holliver Oglebottom. So he's actually Dr. Wiggy Holliver Oglebottom. I'm certain I recall the Davison Doctor introduce himself that way in "Resurrection of the Daleks". It was sort of glossed over.

Thank you! Been saying that since Series 6 wrapped up. To paraphrase something from Mystery Science Theater 3000: "It's just a show, and you really should relax and enjoy it!".

you had me spitting my breakfast at Pork Lomond! *wipes monitor clean of sausage

Revealing the Doctor's name was teased in the 25th anniversary too. Obviously, nothing happened. River must find out, because she knows it in the library. Unless his name is Rassilon (unlikely), or "the Other" - I'd rather not know. Still loving the show, but prefer stand alone stories, such as the Doctor's Wife or Amy's Choice. I also thought The Rings of Akhaten was a refreshing change.

My money's on "Inspector SpaceTime"

They were awful though; my point was if they made one in this era, it would be all out big-budget, Hollywood star bullcrap.

My real name is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

Just because the episode is called "The Name of the Doctor" doesn't mean that the name will be revealed, only that the episode is about his name. Also "his greatest secret revealed" is not necessarily his name.

This will be the last episode with River Song in it I imagine before she goes to the Library. He's going to take her for that picnic, give her the sonic screwdriver and tell her his name. We won't hear it though.

I imagine the rest of the episode will be about some villian(s) trying to find out the Doctor's name or something.

Hell I'm just making stuff up now.

Omega. Or Morbius. For his name to be revealed as one which WE know becomes one of the darker and more power hungry TimeLords would be quite appealing.

He chose the doctor as his name as per the masters comments in series 3

The name's Bob, Dr. Bob Who,
(Yes, I really did made that joke,)

A film might actually work, as long as it didn't do David Yates idea of making it separate to the series because doctor who has a very long history as we know and ignoring all of it would just be stupid. I'd love to see a time war film with McCgan myself

Has anyone noticed...on the poster, in the light behind the Doctor, it looks like the monster from Hide in the background...

Please God, NO.
Lately it's been all: 'Oh, she's her daughter and his cousin and really that person is your pet dog's grandmother but she regenerated and now she's Mrs Robinson.'
Can we not just have A NEW CHARACTER?
Although, I wouldn't mind if she was Jack's daughter.

Oh, that would make my day.
Or Sherlock.
Doctor Sherlock Holmes....oooh, yes.

I've got it.
The Doctor is really Sherlock, and when he threw himself off that building he regenerated and went back in time to become the Doctor that we all know and love, and he calls himself the Doctor to remind him of John and 'The Name of the Doctor' will basically be this big soppy reunion episode with everyone hugging and crying.
...I'll get my coat.

I'm pretty sure this was resolved back in the day with it being Doctor and then the "Who" was the closest we mere humans could interpret the Gallifreian correctly?

The title I think reminds me of Let's Kill Hitler. Just one sentence that hardly mattered except to create funny scenes.

Like Star Wars Phantom Menace. lol.

I know his name....42...

Its Barry.

Maybe The Doctor's real name is Steven Moffat or The Moffat lol

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