Doctor Who: 50th anniversary photo round-up

News Louisa Mellor 19 Apr 2013 - 08:30

Here's a selection of pictures taken on the set of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary episode over the past fortnight. Beware spoilers...

Warning: these pictures contain casting and returning classic monster spoilers for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary episode.

Over the past fortnight, a trickle of images from the currently filming Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode has dripped onto the internet, eliciting from Who fans the kind of 'ooohs' and 'ahhhs' you'd hear at a municipal cricket ground fireworks display. We saw Matt Smith dangle from the TARDIS over Trafalgar Square (oooh!), David Tennant and a Zygon on a Welsh hillside (ahhh!), and John Hurt in full costume stride around set next to a man in a puffa jacket (both oooh and ahhh!).

Here's a choice few for those who want to see them, and be warned, you're entering spoiler territory, so proceed at your peril... 

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The old Tardis! Awesome!

Man seeing David Tennant in that suit again is making me giddy! This is going to be awesome!

I'm intrigued by the presence of the older Tardis (different blue, different windows, no St John's logo)... does that mean that it's actually the 10th Doctor rather than the Doctor-Donna that features?

I still think it's a bit of a shame that they haven't got more previous Doctors involved. With the almost universal love for Tennant they run the risk of him overshadowing Smith and stealing the show. I'm still hoping that there's been a clever mass deception and we will be seeing some of the previous Doctors too but hope is dwindling.

I. Want. Ecclestone. :(

Good spot. Two tardises (Tardi?). Awesome :)

There seem to be at least two different TARDISes featured in these photos. Is there any good explanation for why the exterior of the TARDIS should have changed anyway? The explanation for the interior is shaky, but at least it changes completely. Why tweak the exterior?

I, for one, prefer Matt Smith to David Tennant. But that aside, I agree that it's a shame that it seems we'll only have one previous Doctor. It seems so, so contrived. He's had 11 incarnations and only the previous one, coincidentally, shows up here.

I too prefer Smith to Tennant. I think Tennant did a good enough job but he had some awful stories to deal with. Although there's still the occasional stinker of an episode now with Smith on the whole the quality is so much higher with Moffat in charge.

The current exterior actually reflects the original design seen in the first three series of Doctor Who from 1963 - 66. It's changed several times over the course of both the classic and new series, just as the interior has. Why? No idea. Sometimes it was suggested that the Doctor was tinkering with the interior (the Five Doctors starts with him revealing the new TARDIS console he's just finished) but the new series shows the interior and exterior changing in an organic, almost regenerating way. Hope this helps : )

its a YOUNGER TARDIS, just like the 10th Doc is younger. or the meta-crisis Doc and TARDIS.

At least Eccleston had a proper season. I want McGann.

What's a meta-crisis? "Self-referential danger" if we took the base definitions correctly?

Technically, different production teams and budgets therein and having to refurbish or recreate sets...

Never cared for the new series organic babble; organic technology was a fad in the early-1970s (Claws of Axos, Terror of the Zygons, et al) and had long since ran its course - the lack of subtlety in the new series (2006) with the apparently big new revelation of its purportedly organic nature didn't do much to help, either...

Why not both?

Eccleston deserved more (seasons and better stories), made a good Doctor, etc...

And previous Doctors as well. This is the 50th anniversary, not the 8th... :(

Well, many think that the older Doctors are like old and fat and therefore they don't count whatsoever, because their personal prejudices are more important than celebrating a show featuring a people who are now old and fat. *rolleyes*

Remember, in 2005, this same audience was spoonfed an article on how anyone over 45 would not be believed as the Doctor... which is doubly sad (and disgusting) because most of the actors from the original show hired to play the role were over 40, half over 45... ageism is NOT COOL. Especially if it's done as a marketing ploy and exploiting stereotypes to make a dirty buck as to doing something real or thought-provoking... people like those, in other contexts, would have prevented civil rights for many because they preferred wallowing in inane stereotypes instead of fighting them. Many people in the 1960s said people of certain skin colors were x or y things, and if everyone catered to that then there would have been no progress. The parallel can be made, accurately and ethically, to others as well...

I'll see it before deciding if it's awesome or awful or anything inbetween...

That is a danger. Tennant was great in the role and is very highly regarded. But I think Matt Smith will hold his own.

Hopefully the story will be an improvement on what we've been getting since Moffat's high back in Series 5.

I agree with everything you said. When they first unveiled Smith I admit I was a bit worried. I thought after Tennant we could do with an older Doctor again but as soon a I saw him in costume he just looked right so I gave him a chance. He's since gone on to become my favourite Doctor of the new series.

I would love to see an older actor play the Doctor again, it would change the dynamic of the show and maybe give the assistants more to do, but unfortunately that's probably exactly why it'll probably not happen.

I reckon it'll be fun to see them play off each other and I definitely think Smith will hold his own on screen, but I wouldn't be surprised if the media and advertising of the anniversary special focus more on Tennant and Piper.

Very true. Way back in the first two series there are several references to the Doctor himself having built the TARDIS, yet by the end of the first series someone else turns up with it. Now they're all "grown" according to the new series. I guess we just have to shrug and say "time war did it."

Well, the whole Ten-Rose thing was very big, so I suppose you're right. It definitely got old, but we haven't heard about it for awhile.

I'm looking forward to the whole thing.

If you hadn't seen the deleted scene from "Journey's End" - go and see. Like, NOW. I've got a feeling that there's more than one TARDIS in Anniversary episode ;)

Am I the only person thinking that there's a crack in the universe (again!)? And 11th meets again with human!Doctor? Anyone?

Basically, The Doctor-Donna "grew" his own TARDIS.


I can see a Tom Baker scarf and the jacket 9 would wear, perhaps paying homage to those that aren't returning...?

People re being so obtuse. It is the 10th Doctor not his "clone" dude. All of the multi-doctor stories are from some point in the previous versions' life span

apparently he was offered to come back but didn't want too

In the 11th hour, matt smith sees himself (Prisoner Zero turns into him) and he has no idea who it is... so it stands to reason that these doctors will never meet each other. Perhaps the 11th doctor remembers a time the 10th doctor came to this location? (hence the reason for the 10th doctors tardis). And as for the doctor donna, shouldn't he have died as donna would have if the doctor had no intervened?

Zygons, a conservatively dressed Clara, and DT, what's not to like?

That remains to be seen:)

Normally this is the part where /I say bs, but Matt as grown on me over the last four weeks.

I like them both quite a lot. As dodgy as a few of the stories have been, the character of the Doctor has always carried things through.

I keep wondering (and hoping, since it is the anniversary and all) is this going to be done like the old cliffhanger episodes? Like, making it a five parter (one part for each decade), twenty five minuets per-episode.

Seeing Tennant in Broadchurch, I think the older DT is now more suited to playing the Doctor. He has more gravitas now.

What do you reckon to John Hurts costume in the above pic? Looks to me that the waistcoat is the 8th Doctor and the leather jacket is the 9th's one. Could John Hurt be an older Paul Macgann 8th doctor? Sorry if someone already mentioned it

Look at John Hurts costume in the above pic, looks to me that the waistcoat is
the 8th Doctor and the leather jacket is the 9th's one. Could John Hurt
be an older Paul Macgann 8th doctor? Sorry if someone already mentioned

I think it would be silly to have all the old Doctors back, they look too old & it would be overly cluttered.

OMG. I suddenly have a new theory for who Clara is... and I'm NOT TELLING!!
Sheesh, folks: neither 10th nor 11th Doctor will outshine the other!! Both are equally awesome, with several years spent in the role. I wish people would get over the need to say one is "better" than the other and just appreciate them both for the different qualities they bring. Everyone has personal favorite Doctors. Can't we just give it a rest for now?
I'm intrigued by the Elizabethan pics! Are we going to see a bit of Ten's whirlwind romance with the Queen?

PS: I don't know why my paragraph spacing now disappears on this forum. It's very frustrating and makes my comments confusing!

Yes... it's sad how we can't seem to have even a slightly older Doctor. Personally, I'd also love to see an actor who's not extra-slim play No.12. Young boys need healthy weight role models too.

You know what? I could care less whether it's Tennant is playing 10 and a half, 10 and two thirds, 10 and a quater, 9 and six eighths, or 4 and half 6ths of a freaking seventh, because it's STILL DAVID TENNANT, PEOPLE!

(actually, him coming back as half human doc, opens up more dramatic possibility, in my my humble opinion)

Hello--Looking to attend the celebration in London in November from Oregon, USA--anyone reading this in US want to join ?? and anyone near ExCeL know the best place to stay (and how to get tickets??) would be great. and
Eccleston turned 50th down---something I do not think DT and MS would do if they were in his position.
--julie--- looking to got to London---

I completely agree. In the early series, the Doctor was a revered, grandfather figure, his vast age and experience was written all over his face. Is it that that kind of character would no longer appeal to kids, and they have to have a "cool uncle" type character to keep them interested, or is it just that the produces are too afraid to try? Somebody much older, with gravitas and understatement, oozing wisdom but with an obvious yet unspoken dark past (á la Hartnetll, Troughton) would be a joy.

Well, how would they be able to explain the sudden change in appearance of those previous Doctors? I don't even get why they got back Peter Davison for one of the Children in Need specials, since he obviously looks noticeably older. The Fifth Doctor looked young throughout his time on screen, yet no explanation was given to his older apperance in "Time Crash", and the Tenth Doctor didn't even notice.

Conservative dressing, when people wear what everyone else wears because it's socially acceptable to.

Perhaps the Doctor-Donna only has a bit of human in him, which his mostly Time Lord biology can cope with.

They did give a reason for him looking different in Time Crash:

"Ooo, there it goes, the frowny face! I remember that one! Mind you, it's saggier than it ought to be, hair's a bit greyer, that's cos of me, though, two of us together has shorted out the time differential, should all snap back in place when we get you home."

Oh I don't remember that. Well. OK. The Doctor Who writers have an explanation for everything I guess.

I have a theory that they'll slot present cast members into small segments of classic series episodes like the makers of DS9 did with the classic Tribble episode. JLC recently said that the Doctor has previously met her more than three times, so I'd put my money on that. Whether they do it in this episode or not, I don't know. Still mega excited!!

David's tie has blue roses on it!!!

OMG, no way are you in Ashland, just two hours drive from me!!! Would love to go but I can't get away. Hope you get to go, neighbor!

I've just seen the end of Doctor Who when John Hurt
Is revealed, literally sent shivers down my spine
I've never experienced that before, can't wait to see the
Next series.

The real tardis returns! hope we get to to see that Coral theme interior one more time : )

Thanks! I'm sticking with TARDISes, since TARDIS is an acronym!

FANGIRLING. Tie vs Bow Tie. THE suit. I can't wait any longer.

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