Doctor Who: 50th anniversary photo round-up

News Louisa Mellor
19 Apr 2013 - 08:30

Here's a selection of pictures taken on the set of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary episode over the past fortnight. Beware spoilers...

Warning: these pictures contain casting and returning classic monster spoilers for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary episode.

Over the past fortnight, a trickle of images from the currently filming Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode has dripped onto the internet, eliciting from Who fans the kind of 'ooohs' and 'ahhhs' you'd hear at a municipal cricket ground fireworks display. We saw Matt Smith dangle from the TARDIS over Trafalgar Square (oooh!), David Tennant and a Zygon on a Welsh hillside (ahhh!), and John Hurt in full costume stride around set next to a man in a puffa jacket (both oooh and ahhh!).

Here's a choice few for those who want to see them, and be warned, you're entering spoiler territory, so proceed at your peril... 

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