Doctor Who: brand new series 7 episode posters

Poster Louisa Mellor 18 Apr 2013 - 22:00

3 new movie-style posters have arrived for Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS, The Crimson Horror, and Nightmare In Silver...

After this Saturday's haunted house-themed Hide (read our spoiler-free review here), come three new Doctor Who episodes we're rather looking forward to.

First up is Stephen Thompson's Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, seen below in this Escher-inspired poster, then comes Mark Gatiss' The Crimson Horror starring Dame Diana Rigg and daughter Rachael Sterling, followed by the much-anticipated Nightmare in Silver from Neil Gaiman, featuring the return of, well, you know who.

That just leaves us awaiting the title and poster of series 7b's final episode, written by Steven Moffat, in which the mystery of Clara Oswald will be laid bare...

Take a look at the new movie-style episode posters below: 

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Nightmare In Silver poster looks a bit Iron-Man-esque...if there is such a thing.

These posters are IMMENSE.

Have high hopes for JTTCOTT. Gotta love TARDIS episodes, particularly as they are so few and far between!

...and The Crimson Horror. Sounds kinda Lovecraft-ish to me. High hopes!

They can dress it up as much as they like, but does anyone who's watched the first three episodes of series 7b really feel like they've seen three blockbuster movies? It seems like a cheap way to "big up" the series in the anniversary year, whilst actually just producing the usual stuff.

I love Journey to the Center of the TARDIS! The costumes, the colour. Judging from the Escher staircases in the background, this episode will do what The Invasion of Time attempted but couldn't!

I have never been more sad while upping a comment.

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS is just beautiful.

Sadly....I'll have to agree.

wow...that cyberman certainly looks like iron man

Is that Mondas behind the moon?

The crimson horror looks fantastic!

These posters are starting to get a bit embarassing. Fair enough trying to 'big up' each episode of the series, but the shoddy photoshop work undoes the hard work. The 'Journey...' one may be the worse one yet, even worse than the dinosaur one last time out.

Castrovalva was the last time they properly went deep into the Tardis. If you look at the cover of the VHS release it's similar to this poster.

Interesting, but at the same time the excessive per-episode branding feels excessive and forced. Especially the ripoff of Indiana Jones they had a couple episodes back.

Branding and marketing are for the shallow. Let's dig into the content and how much care is put into those.

It's like buying a car - do you want it pretty, but with a transmission that will break down after 2 years and with the company absolving itself of all responsibility to do a proper job where it counts, with no recourse for the hapless customer? Sheesh, are we becoming a world of unethical losers yelling "I already got your money"? (granted, series 7b or whatever it's called might be good, but I'll respond to the episodes in the order I see them...)

The posters are, but if the material they are hyping up doesn't match...

Yours is not the first comment suggesting a derivative nature of a number of these big golly-gee-whiz posters... being derivative is okay IF something new is added, the classic definition of "innovation" (before someone patents it and rendering others unable to innovate), but these posters feel soulless. They want to be big, but they do nothing. If the stories are good, then their perceived value might go up...

They do look like the "fresh out of graphic design class", I'll agree...

Especially as I've taken such classes and would be in the same boat that the folks who made those are, and for one poster they did a far better job than I ever could... The designs aren't bad, but - derivative or not - they do feel unpolished.

Naah, he's just using his electric personality to fry the fish in the river... saves on cookin' time... Now if only there were a can of beans, just in case the episode is less than the sum of its parts and therefore stinks... :(

Or Telos?

Or both? Classic WHO wasn't always the best at reasoned plot solutions, but Modern WHO (2005-???????) consciously relies more on deus ex machina and other lame copouts to get out of situations, combined with mind-addled fantasy (a la "Stolen Earth" and having the TARDIS putter planets around, and it's double sad that the brilliant idea of giving the Daleks a reason to re-align planets is upended by that mawkish OTT ending of the TARDIS pulling planets back... with loud music to get us to emote because even the writer knew nobody would respond to the material on its own merit and thus the loud music needed to be added... with series 5 (Matt's first) showing how limited use of music lets the actors and stories do the actual work in storytelling, which is how it's supposed to be unless you're aiming for the intellectual triumph known as "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (1979)...)

Yeah, even though New Who has a richer production value than the original run, there should be a homegrown, accessible feel to the show. Selling the series as mini Hollywood movies just doesn't sit well.

I'm looking forward to the Tardis episode. Would be nice if they come across original-series style sets. White walls and lots of roundels. :) Please.

I agree that the posters aren't great - however, I do like the Cybermen one - I feel that the episodes will be enjoyable. With the success of the 'Doctor's Wife,' I feel that another Tardis based episode would be interesting as we spend very little time in the ship. I'm also excited about 'Nightmare in Silver' as it's written by Neil Gaiman.

they must be reverting to the original cyberman re-design they were thinking about back in 2006 i saw it in my monstor guide book. mind you they never seemed to be able to hold one design down when it comes to these guys..

incidently is it just me or does the journey to the center of the TARDIS a bit Dr Seuss-like its very kiddish in comparision to the other two

came up with a new theory the cyberman in the parallel universe technicaly arent the same as the ones we saw back in the 60's they dont even have the same origin maybe these are the ones from the classis series

or maybe the parallel cyberman found out about the original "species" and are trying to recreate them selves with that as a template..or is that to far fetched?

It doesn't matter if the episodes aren't like blockbuster movies or if the Photoshop is a bit dodgy. These posters are a bit cheesy and silly, but a lot of fun, just like Doctor Who itself.

I guess if you do have time and relative dimensions in space and are projecting them onto a 3D "screen" for us mortals to make sense of, it COULD look like Escher.
(Turning right on dimension 11 into dimension 12 may as well be walking up the wall and underneath the stairs)

Quite. Towing planets one day, letting a lonely Ice Warrior set off the HADS the next.

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