Doctor Who: Paul McGann talks 50th anniversary episode

News Louisa Mellor
16 Apr 2013 - 08:00

Eighth Doctor Paul McGann stirs up some more 50th anniversary speculation in an interview on New Zealand television...

Contains casting spoilers for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode.

You may think you've read the last of these speculative 'Who's back for the Who 50th?' stories, but no. The speculation just keeps coming, and no doubt will right up until the moment those drums kick in and the theme music begins to play come wintry November.

As it stands, a few very exciting returnees have been confirmed, including David Tennant, Billie Piper, the Zygons, and Jemma Redgrave, alongside new guest stars John Hurt and Joanna Page. Any advance on that, and we're in rumour territory. 

Speaking of which, the latest to join in the will they/won't they conversation is Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, who is currently taking part in the New Zealand Lords of Time Convention (nice work if you can get it). McGann told ZBTV the following:

"I think Chris Eccleston is probably a big factor in it. I don’t want to speak for him… he’s probably reluctant to get involved in anything that’s ongoing. So that’s something that they have to somehow get over and deal with. I’m guessing they’ve got time to do it. It’s not quite the anniversary yet. The anniversary doesn’t start until November. 

Whatever it is that they’re planning and they are making, they’ve got time to do it. It’s my feeling [and] this is just a personal thing, once they resolve Chris Eccleston’s participation or non-participation either way, then they’re free to [figure it out]… Being actors anyway, they’ll call us on the Friday and say, ‘You’re starting on a Monday’.We’re not going to know until the 11th hour. Half past 11… I can’t count the times as an actor, when [you're] offered something and you start next week!".

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