Doctor Who: lots of Cold War promo clips

Trailer Louisa Mellor
12 Apr 2013 - 07:40

See Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman introduce this Saturday's Who adventure, Cold War, as well as a series of episode clips...

Contains classic villain spoiler for Cold War (and if you've managed to avoid it thus far, why ruin the surprise now?)

This Saturday the 13th of April at the slightly earlier-than-usual time of 6pm sees the Mark Gatiss-penned adventure, Cold War, come to BBC One. Expect a submarine, Liam Cunningham, a classic foe, and a very wet Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman.

You can see a gazillion episode pictures here (well, over twenty at least), and read our spoiler-free review here, but if all that's not enough, take a look at four preview clips below, including a personal introduction from Smith and Coleman...

First up, is the 'Next Time' clip we saw at the close of The Rings of Akhaten:

Then a brief intro from the Doctor and Clara in a swanky black-and-white hotel room:

Then a slightly more spoiler-y clip of the Doctor speaking to... well, if you've come this far, you'll know what:

And finally, a brief moment featuring everybody's favourite Onion Knight, Liam Cunningham:


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