Doctor Who: animated series concept art unearthed

News Louisa Mellor
4 Apr 2013 - 08:42

Take a look at concept art for the abandoned animated Doctor Who project...

Let's take a minute or two on this chilly Thursday morning to ponder something that might have been, specifically, an animated Doctor Who project from DC and Thundercats artist, Dan Norton, that promised to "touch on all the versions [of the Doctor] and fill in some gaps".

Our chums over at Bleeding Cool have unearthed some exciting concept images from Norton's deviantART account, showing what a different beast the scrapped animation would have been to previous iterations, from failed 80s Nelvana pitch, through to Scream of the Shalka, The Infinite Quest and Dreamland (about which we chatted to writer Phil Ford last year).

Norton accompanied the images with these words about the abandoned project:

Yeah man, we were so close… Had a few revisions creatively that were requested and so we retooled. It was going to be epic man. End of the day, BBC didn’t want anything to distract from production of the tv show.

Well, what was close to happening didn’t. Since the BBC eventually passed on, you will be rewarded with! This is the pitch poster I had only 7 hours to do. Starting to with first Doctor, the series would have touched on all the versions and filled in some gaps.

Bleeding Cool

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