Doctor Who: more 50th Anniversary casting news

News Louisa Mellor 2 Apr 2013 - 07:26

Another familiar face has been added to Doctor Who's 50th anniversary episode. See read-through pictures and more here...

This story contains casting news for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode.

The news that Tenth Doctor David Tennant, companion Billie Piper, and guest star John Hurt were confirmed for the Doctor Who anniversary special made Easter weekend spicier than one of those alarming chilli pepper and raisin hot cross buns they brought out this year. Now, to add to the excitement comes ocular proof in the form of a photo taken at the official script read-through. 

After performing a Blade Runner-style "Enhance, stop. Move in, stop. Pull out, track right, stop. Centre in, pull back. Stop" exercise on the picture (or more honestly, pressing Ctrl+ repeatedly), you can clearly read a no-doubt dummy title on the front of those scripts: Blue Amends, two words which almost certainly won't be in the name of the episode, unless they're a Who-style anagram for Dul Sunbeam, or Mendable US, or Amused Ndbl, or... we'll stop now. They're probably not an anagram.

[UPDATE: 'blue amends' is a script stage. Ahem. Anyone for coffee?]

The new news though, is that Gavin & Stacy's Joanna Page is also to star in the episode, as confirmed by this charming group pic. There's no word yet on who Page will be playing.

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I'm guessing that Blue Amends means Blue Ammendments, as in.Blue Pages... To distinguish between drafts.

10 and 11 are not enough for an anniversary of this magnitude. If this is it, not good enough.

Joanna Page! I love her!

This will be the human version of 10 from the parallel universe Cybus world.

I don't think they will shatter universes for one special. No, I think it 10th with Rose from somewere in Series 2 who will make an appearance.

All good and fine, but where is Captain Jack Harkness!

If the Christmas Special is to be Matt Smith last adventure we may get
to meet the New Doctor in the Anniversary Special, Joanna Page is in the
episode and at one point was rumored to be in the running to be the
Dr’s companion last year. The Doctor meeting his Future and past

Speaking of casting, I've been seeing reports the last couple of days that Matt Smith will play the Doctor next year, too.

Typically, at least in America, a script will have different colored pages for its various iterations.

The title itself doesn't change.

I've said this on other forums and I'll repeat it here. We need to see Paul McGann. Placing all the past Doctors in one story may not be feasible but the Eighth Doctor needs one more screen appearance.

Yes they will, otherwise when Dr 11 looked at himself for the first time in 'The Eleventh Hour' he would have recognised himself.

Probably Doc10 & Rose are Zygons


Even in these stills you can see how grumpy matt looks compared to David's fun loving Doctor. Poor matt, he is about to get outclassed by a real actor on his own how lololol

I said all along they want a female Doctor, Everbody fobbed me off and said I was mad, the beeb would never do that, well, we will see.

I was feeling very cynical about this episode when it was first announced that David Tennant was coming back, but after seeing this my inner fanboy got the better of me and I am just very, very excited!

Not trying to be offensive, but this picture really makes it look like Joanna has put on more than a bit of weight...

I second that, JW. McGann's proven what a great Doctor he is in the Big
Finish audios. The man deserves another screen appearance in the role!

You forget, Wibbly wobbly timey wimey!

I find this plumping for one Doctor over the other to be pointless.

I think they're both different, and both great.

I greatly enjoyed Tennant's tenure, and I greatly enjoy Smith as the Doctor.

I have, for years, typed screenplays in black for a first draft, got it back from studios/producers/front office filled with remarks, alterations & edits all scribbled in red ink, then I re-typed and re-presented in blue type. In Britain, "Blue Amends" is this enhanced & corrected copy. It may also rebound for alterations several more times. Now and then, I was on-set typing like fury in between takes to include something the director had thought of the night before!

So you do it there in blue type rather than blue paper. That's very interesting.

That's bullshit. I'm sick of them pulling that out of their ass each time - if they do it again it'll piss me off.

Just have a Zygon plot transfer the still alive 'human doctor' and 'rose' to our universe... thus unleashing an even more terrible bad guy upon them... with the eventual reveal that Matt smith is the 11th Doctor happening later in the film with Rose's reaction.

Agreed. Honestly it needs at least three; 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor

Personally I feel they could do a 11 Doctor story using the actors playing the roles of the Doctors in 'An Adventure in space and time' Even if they only appeared for a short time in flash backs of each of them being 'erased from existence'

If anything it should be a ginger doctor due to all the references in the past three seasons.

Doubt it... personally I see him being injured at the end of the movie hinting at a regeneration - where it would follow up with him regenerating at Christmas.

Quotes from Radio Times the other day, picked up by io9 and others.

It's the smart move for him, especially with his presence on Doctor Who having been so disrupted the last two years and no evidence that he can break into Hollywood yet.

Yes, William. It depended on the available technology. In older times (1960s. 70s, early 80s), you couldn't photocopy blue paper very well, it came out as grey and made reading the text very difficult. All we needed to do in those days, instead, was use a multi-colour typewriter ribbon and switch it from black ink to blue. An original blue-text (revised/amended) version of a screenplay could then be photocopied multiple times for all the cast, director etc. It would come out on photocopiers as clear black text on white paper, but it would still be called "Blue Amend(ment)". With the advent of computers, used instead of typewriters, one simply changes the type colour setting as required. (I remember a studio which had one of the earliest Xerox photocopiers: the image was put electrostatically onto the paper with carbon powder, which had to be heated into place to make it permanent. The paper passed between electrical heating elements. At least once a week the copier would get a paper jam and burst into flames!) Computer printers are also very much better at printing legible text on coloured paper, without having to photocopy it first. Umpteen copies can be printed from what's on the screen or in memory, enough for all cast & crew. In my earlier post, I was really thinking of life during the 1950s and 60s. A lot of the now-entirely-obsolete terminology is still used - for example, a back-projected image can still be called a "background plate" from the early days when photographs were made on glass plates. Nice chatting to you.

But surely if its going to be the 10th and Rose from 'Series 2'....the 11th would remember the adventure a la 10th in Time Crash

That is very interesting. Thanks.

Those must have been fascinating times. What strikes you most about them today?

Hi William. I suppose what strikes me most today is, of course, the use of CGI. To me, this is, in a way, the movie equivalent of atomic power - used carefully and wisely it can offer immense benefits, but used carelessly or unwisely, it can blow-up in your face. I believe CGI now puts a vastly greater pressure on screenplay writers (which is a good thing), because if the storyline and - especially - the characters, don't measure-up to the highest possible creative standards, the CGI takes over. That is, it becomes the paramount ingredient of the movie, which it should not be.

(Examples: "Hell in the Pacific" directed by John Boorman & starring Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune, is a superb story with Oscar-standard acting, yet takes place on a single location, a desert island: a non-special effects movie. Conversely, "John Carter" was CGI-driven, and the characters, the plot and just about everything else took second-place. The result (and only in my opinion), total unmitigated and confused rubbish which sacrifices coherence, storyline, character integrity and cinematic art on the altar of CGI. I just wish Ray Harryhausen had been able to film a "John Carter of Mars" movie. It would probably have been 20 times better, even if the effects were of "Sinbad" standard. Nothing wrong with that.

For me, the best balance in recent times between the use of CGI and the quality of the screenplay is "Avengers", "Dark Knight Rises" and possibly "Life of Pi". These were character-driven and, although the CGI was powerful, it was always under control and not permitted to take over.

In my day, the Special Effects Department was a small underfunded back room, and movies were better for this in many ways. Another good example is the original "The Thing From Another World" starring James "Gunsmoke" Arness in a cheap rubber suit as the creature. This movie shows how good writing, good directing and good acting create something no CGI can accomplish.

I won't go too much into personal experience, because I don't want anyone to work out who "Aging Hippy" is. But one of the best pieces of SFX ever filmed (in my opinion only) is seen in the 1958 British movie "The Trollenberg Terror", released in the USA as "The Crawling Eye". A major part of the story plot featured a cloud of mist which moved slowly and menacingly down a mountain. Every few scenes, you saw the mountain out of a window or from a hotel door, and the cloud of mist would be lower down the mountain - it's coming for you! It drove the story.

The mountain was a large cut-out photograph of a Swiss mountain. The cloud of mist was a piece of fluffed-out cotton wool pinned to the photograph in different positions. Total cost of the effect, about £8 (= about $5). Everything else was spent on writing, acting, and directing.

I'd better shut up now, before I offend too many people!


Correction - I should have typed $15, not $5.

the valeyard has to show sometime soon in the doctor's timeline

I'ld personally say its best for Matt if he finishes on a high with the Doctor who 50th anniversary movie or the christmas special.

I think if he does stay then series 8 will be his last and I'm pretty sure Moffat has no plans of sticking around for a 9th series - given all his story lines seem to be converging on the 'fall of the 11th' and 'doctor who?'

I expect the one more year from MS and then done, as you suggest.

To be fair, she only gave birth a couple of months ago!

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