Promo trailer for Doctor Who: The Rings Of Akhaten

News Simon Brew 30 Mar 2013 - 19:24

Luther writer Neil Cross makes his Doctor Who bow next week, with The Rings Of Akhaten. Here's a taster...

Not for the first time, the opening episode of a Doctor Who series has proven divisive. We really liked The Bells Of Saint John a lot, but from the early reaction, opinion is already really quite split. Let's see how things fare next week with The Rings Of Akhaten.

The episode has been written by Neil Cross, who's best known right now for the impressive Luther. And, as always, the BBC has released a preview tease for the new episode, while we're all still digesting the last one.

Our spoiler-free review will be up next week. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this...

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The top picture looks like Jenna's take on the Overly attatched girlfriend meme

Bowties are cool...

Yeah where is Luther? Please don't tell me the BBC cancelled it cause it was too dark for them.

Currently shooting the third series

Idris Elba would be my "never gonna happen but i can dream anyway" choice for the Twelfth Doctor.


It looks like he is regenerating!

Nice, looks good, has anyone noticed that the trailer music is the same music they used for season 5 trailer after the end of time part 2 remember .

That's fantastic news. Can't get enough of that show. Wish they'd make more than 4 eps a year. Also I'm surprised my post got voted down. I thought beeb bashing was quite popular with Brits. Sorry guys. I think the beeb's quite alright. They've produced a large number of qualtiy shows. It's just I think sometimes they're a bit too axe-happy. But then most channels are imo. Even HBO was very axe-happy for a while and I think we can all agree that that's one of the best channels there is.

It's a decent 30-second TV spot.

So much for the suspense of Clara deciding whether to travel with the Doctor or not ... :)

Yeah. I thought that too, but we all knew that she'd go with him really anyway didn't we?

The aliens reminded me of generic ST humanoids with the different bumpy foreheads depending on the species... not that I think that is necessarily a bad thing. Makes a change for aliens to actually be a bit more human looking.

Not all Brits. I love the BBC - think they make some amazing stuff.

Oh, not a criticism, just an amused observation. Everyone knows she's the companion.

I may have imagined it, but I think someone actually said on one of the myriad of Star Trek episodes I've watched that it is amazing how they run into so many humanoid aliens. To which there was, naturally, a technobabble answer ...

Didn't think you were criticising at all... as you say, it is strange they made it a cliff hanger of sorts since we all know the outcome.

It was from a TNG episode called The Chase something to do with all humanoid aliens being from a common ancestor which seeded their DNA across the galaxy millions of years ago and each one developed slightly differently because of their environment, hence the bumpy foreheads, pointy ears etc. As a human I feel quite left out on the unusual facial features.

That's right, The Chase! The starships of the competing powers all ended up converging at one spot to be greeted by a Roddenberry-esque figure in flowing robes, as I recall. I think the amazing coincidence beat was in another show, as well.

Kidding aside, it actually it was a nice character beat for Clara to put up some resistance to running off with the Doctor. Certainly a change of pace for most companions so it shows her spirt. Or maybe just her show of contrariness. We'll see.

I have great hopes for her character.

I agree wholeheartedly: murder rooms, waking the dead, wallander, silent witness. All quality BBC series that i loved/love watching.

I'm sorry but there were no devisive comments on the first episode. Everyone seems generally positive. Certainly no gripes.

Really? I can't think of many shows that have been cancelled that I didn't think deserved it. They just make quite short runs. Compared to FOX they're outwardly risktakers :P

Also another BBC loving Brit here regardless. Would like to see more HBO/BBC co-works though.

To be honest, I'm just glad to see a location other than London :P For someone who has a ship capable of going anywhere in time and space, they spent an inordinate amount of time on Earth :P

But that's the Doctor's thing and always has been. The other Time Lords, not to mention some of the Doc's enemies, often mocked him over his affection for Earth and its people.

Well the aforementioned Murder Rooms deserved a couple more seasons I think. And Dalziel and Pascoe and the Inspector Lynley Mysteries deserved a final closing episode. Oh and speaking of HBO/BBC coproductions. Even though axe happy Chris Albrecht was in charge of HBO it was actually the beeb that pulled the plug out of Rome by not renewing their contract with HBO thus ending quite possibly the greatest series of all time. But anyway all those shows ended quite a while ago so it's quite possible the beeb's more moderate these days as is HBO. Oh and yes I love the beeb too. Hope I've made that clear by now.

Ah, I suspect the writer is not referring to comments from fans on this site but to various reviews and comments elsewhere.

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