Doctor Who: fresh details arrive on series 7b monsters

News Louisa Mellor 27 Mar 2013 - 13:47

We now know what to call three of the new monsters being faced by the Doctor and Clara in the new run of Doctor Who episodes...

Warning: contains potential spoilers for Doctor Who series 7b

With thanks to our chum and sometime guest-writer Blogtor Who, we now know a little more about a few of the monsters Clara and the Doctor will be running away from in the new Who episodes. You'll have spotted these blighters in the BBC's official trailer for the return of Doctor Who, and now we know their names, and in which episode they are due to appear.

First up is this caged, robed beast, who goes by the name of The Mummy and is set to arrive in Neil Cross' The Rings of Akhaten

Accompanying The Mummy are The Vigil, a race of new villains also appearing in The Rings of Akhaten, airing on Saturday the 6th of April. Look closely, and you'll also see this lot on the episode poster (well, okay, not that closely, they're quite large and more or less in the middle of it).

Finally, in the as-yet untitled finale arrive The Whispermen, a nattily dressed bunch whose taste for formal wear puts one in mind of The Gentlemen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer's exquisite Hush, as we're by no means the first to point out. 

So there we have it, a mummy, a vigil, and some faceless whisperers. Anyone behind the sofa yet?

Blogtor Who

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For casting purposes, it's bloody convenient that all these baddies are roughly humanoid in shape.

Evolution is a constant across the universe... It doesn't only apply to Earth. Therefore it's highly likely that creatures will evolve along similar lines under similar circum... God, I can't even be bothered to complete this post.

The Mummy looks to me like an ancient(aged) Draconian what with the shape of it's head and outfit, also I thought the whisper men were part of The Crimson Horror episode, so it will be interesting to see how they work in the 50th special, also if they haven't started filming for it yet how can there be what appears to in episode images of them unless they appear in an already filmed episode perhaps the one prior to the 50th anniversary episode.

The Whispermen remind me of the Trickster from The Sarah Jane Adventures... could there be a connection?

I would love some new aliens that did not look human dress in a costume.

Silence/Whispermen, sounds like they could be an ally of the doctor

The Vigil remind me of the Ood.

The finale is the final episode of series 7. The 50th Anniversary episode(s?) will be seperate from this, filming soon. Hope this helps, but I do see your point on the thinking they were to appear in the Crimson Horror, that was I was led to believe too. From what info I have, that appears to be the case, possible they make a return for the finale too maybe?

I have to confess, when I saw them in the trailers I just assumed they were of the same race as The Trickster. If they are not connected then the make-up guys must be running out of ideas for new monsters as they are identical!

The Vigil remind me a little of the Cenobites from Hellraiser.

The Mummy kind of looks like the Time Lord Omega

Whispermen/Silence. But do the Whispermen evolve into the Silence, or do the Silence evolve into the Whispermen? Either direction, they always dress quite nicely. I wonder if they originate anywhere near those Fields of Trenzalore? Can't wait to see it all unfold on screen!

Oh no ! I was sure it was the Trickster's race too from the trailers ! I'm sad, he was a great great villain and still has no closure. I hope he will pop up in Doctor Who someday !

They look really cool, I have confidence they'll be terrifying

the Vigil look like a modified costume of the Ood.

lol - i should have read the comments first!

He was great. I liked his line to the Doctor about the immortality gate.

Indeed. :)'re evolving too. Have you just changed your mind?....

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