Doctor Who: Steven Moffat talks series 7b love triangle

News Louisa Mellor 22 Mar 2013 - 09:53

Moffat confirms the return of a familiar face to the forthcoming run of Doctor Who episodes, creating an unusual love triangle...

Warning: contains a returning character spoiler for series 7b.

Depending on how closely you've followed the hints, nods, and winks that have made up the press run for the forthcoming episodes of Doctor Who, you'll either know or you won't about the imminent reappearance of a familiar face. Not the Cybermen (though they're back too), nor the Ice Warriors (ditto), but Alex Kingston as River Song, the Doctor's sometime wife.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly in the US, Steven Moffat confirmed that River would be appearing at some point in the new run, and that the resulting love triangle between she, the Doctor, and new companion Clara, aka the impossible girl with whom Matt Smith's Doctor is "smitten", would afford the show "some mileage", but "not in the ways you'll think". 

Moffat also spoke to EW about the 50th Anniversary episode, about which he said, "It is important that you don't turn it into a fanfest. We can't make this all about looking backwards. It's actually got to be the start of a new story." Take a look at EW's Who covers below. 

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Oh really? They're doing a Doctor / Companion romance again? Because that worked so well the last three times they tried it... Sheesh. I miss Donna.

thought this might be about behind the scenes gossip, going by current rumours....

There was only romance with Rose. He wasn't interested in Jack or Martha. There was one kiss with Amy which was just a spur of the moment thing. Donna, as you hint, was obviously just a mate.

Love the new outfit for him.

What does that mean? Is our Matt romancing Clara off set?

Believe me,it's not worth enquiring about or discussing and isn't appropriate to a message board about Doctor Who.

Shocking. Positively shocking.

I think Sandrine is referencing the fact there's always romantic/smitten feelings from one side. Rose/Doctor liked each other, Martha fell for him, (Donna didn't), Christina was happy to flirt with him, Astrid flirted with him and fell for him a little, arguably Jack fell for the Doctor at one point, Amy was often torn initially, River's his wife, and now it seems Clara is smitten/wants to flirt/fancies him.

More Donnas please!

He'll have to fight off the King in the North for her

More like ridiculous.

This fixation on turning Doctor Who into some kind of emo Twilight thing (ancient immortal who looks like a handsome young man sweeps a cute girl off her feet because she's the bestest and most wonderfullest of all) is absolutely destroying the show. Moffat has his good points and bad points I'm sure, but I just cannot bear to watch the show anymore. The show may be more popular than ever before among people who wouldn't like Doctor Who...but that comes at the cost of not being Doctor Who anymore. I miss Doctor Who.

This is so british

I just assumed that is was going to be River and Clara going after each other...

Nah, she's been with GoT actor Richard Madden for two years, apparently.

Ah, B**locks man! sick of this romance crap.

That was my exact thought as well!

The Doctor missed a bet with Martha, my favorite of the companions.

Really? I thought Martha was a poorly written and terribly acted role.

The show had some of its greatest success in Series 3.

The vaguest arguement of the year award goes to....

I'm afraid you've confused "vague" with incontrovertible.

Damn it, Moffat!

Why can't we have a season without that friggin' Mary Sue turning up?

OK, here's what I hope... doubting it'll happen. Can't give a spoiler alert because this is pure wild speculation; however, in case this IS where Moffat's going... POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT:

Clara is CAL. The Doctor is inside her Library world thinking he's having real experiences when he's not... hence the Impossible Girl, standard-blockbuster-themed standalone stories, running into River, and a love triangle involving her and CAL/Clara. How did he get there? Maybe River sent him a message, enticed him to go as she's done several times before. Or this is tied to the Asylum, perhaps?

Of course River had to show up again; Moffat hasn't finished/resolved her story. No, don't deny it--he HASN'T. The man leaves more loose ends than my cat does while clawing a rug. But, as with my beloved cat, I... usually... don't mind.

Oh Jon, thank you for this. I agree entirely. I loved Martha's character, and have absolutely nothing against her.. But it was as though I was constantly aware that Freema was acting. Everybody around her sank into their roles entirely, but it always felt as though she was reading from a script.

I had the same problem with Arthur Darvill, though that was much more severe. He overdid it to a painful to watch extent. Didn't help that his entire character was just a walking clarification who existed solely the initiate long winded explanations for the slower or younger viewers.

"It's a Dalek!" Says the Doctor, with the entire viewer ship following easily.
"A.. Dalek.. A Dalek, from space.. A Dalek, from space, who is evil.. Doctor, what's a Dalek?"

Christ, I don't miss Rory.

Isn't it that River is jealous of the fascination the Doctor holds for Clara? River was previously the great puzzle for him and attracted him as the heart of a LOT of mystery. Clara offers a new puzzle that doesn't include her.

Moffat says "not how you expect" so do not assume the played out companion romance angle.

Comparing Arthur D. to Freema as a similarly "bad actor" puts your view in very sharp perspective. As in wrong.

Darvill (and Rory) has been one of the brightest lights in new Who, and the critics certainly agree.

And for a "bad" actress, Freema A. certainly has a very high profile in British TV, doesn't she?

She was supposed to star in the great Torchwood Children of Earth but was already booked.

My point, incidentally, not that the original basher of the actress/character had any interest, is that Martha being the best looking and best educated of the companions was the best match for the Doctor.

Unfortunately that's the catch. Had they made the show more like 'doctor who' it wouldn't have been as widely accepted and probably wouldn't be around today. I personally think the show is great - and even more so with Moffat running things. It's something that the whole family enjoys. I can still re-watch classics should I need that fix (in fact only just finished watching Terror of the Zygons) - but my wife hates the 'old boring ones' but loves new Who.

Tbh, I dont like Riversong. She just doesnt fit for some reason. I hope this will be the last we see of her.

Martha was terribly acted - see her temporary return in The Doctor's Daughter for the pinnacle of this poor acting.

Speaking as an almost 40 year resident of the UK I can safely say she doesn't really have a high profile in the UK at all - the only things aside from Doctor Who she's really been in of any note were the first episode of the Survivors remake (she was not a survivor), a few episodes of Torchwood and Law & Order: UK - which is so badly publicised over here that I only realised there was more than one season when I looked up the show on Wikipedia just now. I watched the first season in its entirety and never saw it advertised on ITV (the channel it is shown on over here) again so thought it had ended back in 2009.

Other than that she's had one-episode bit parts in occasional soaps, medical, crime and period dramas.

After DW she's probably most well known overseas for her role in The Carrie Diaries - which has never been shown in the UK.

I thought Martha was OK but Freema's acting was abysmal in The Doctor's Daughter. The scene where she has to cry over the death of one of the Hath is just embarrassing to watch.

PS - I liked Rory very much - about time we had a few more male companions - Adric, Turlough, Harry, Jamie - all good companions for different reasons.

More Tegans please! She was almost always annoyed with him - she ended up with him by accident and he constantly failed to get her home to the correct place and time - to the point that she eventually left him because four years in the future was the closest he ever got (Timefilght/Arc of Infinity excepted of course for obvious reasons if you have seen them).

Yet the Law and Order show is highly rated and has been on for years, with her as a regular.

I can't comment on the death scene of one of the Hath in Doctor's Daughter, as I don't recall it.

I found Rory irritating at first, then grew to like the character greatly.

It is true that for her first series with the programme Tegan seemed desperate to leave a The Doctor. By the end of "Time Flight" when she does get no,e and The Doctor leaves her she seems to have changed her mind. So much so that by the time they meet in Amsterdam she actually chooses to travel with him. For that point on she no longer wants to go home. The reason she leaves at the end of "Resurrection of the Daleks" is because she has had enough of all the violence and death. Not because four years was the closest The Doctor could get. My OCD fan mentality had to correct you on that. Sorry! Haha.

Please no more Doctor/Companion romances... I really don't want Clara to be another Rose... Not that I have anything against Rose. I liked her as a character, but didn't like the love story.

I especially liked the bit where River (through Moffat's words) practically advocated abusive relationships by allowing the Doctor to blame her for getting caught and not help her, then break her own wrist, and saying "never let him see your pain."

Moffat's writing is killing the show, with the way he handles character roles. It's highlighting just how smart Russell's writing was, in a way we didn't quite realise until he went.

She was still four years out of time though...

"I can't comment on the death scene of one of the Hath in Doctor's Daughter, as I don't recall it."

That's probably for the best!

It's strange about L&O:UK - I really had no idea it was still on - and I watch a lot of TV - many different channels and genres.

The truth is that I like almost all of the new Doctor Who, even the episodes that don't make all that much sense. It has a great spirit and sense of adventure to it, it's frequently quite witty, and has great energy.

Each of the Doctors has been outstanding in his own, very different, way. And each of the companions has a lot to recommend as well.

I didn't expect to like Catherine Tate, having seen her studiedly annoying comedy routines, but she proved to be terrific.

I was very dubious of Matt Smith, having been a great fan of David Tennant's, but he quickly became the Doctor for me and may have become THE Doctor. I really do hope he stays longer.

... Oh, re Law & Order. I personally find the entire franchise totally boring and wouldn't be caught dead watching it. But it is quite popular.

Thank you! I was wondering if I was the only one who saw River as a Mary Sue.

It's nice to see Doctor Who on an American Sci-Fi magazine, nice nit of notoriety there.

River's going to be important to the show because the Twelvth or Thirteenth Doctor (the one River ends up falling in love with because Eleven was like "being in love with a boy"). They need to give River the future Doctor's Screwdriver, that's when River's arc will be created.

Who said it's a Doctor-Companion romance? He said love triangle. Who's to say it's not a Companion-Companion 'romance'?

I am so tired of companion romances! Either we've got him in love with the compAnion (Rose), or we have the companion desperately in love with him and finally moving on after his rejection (Martha and AMY).

I find his attraction to any 19 yr. old companion pathetic. He's supposed to be 1000+ yrs old.

One Amy kiss but repeated attempts to kiss and repeated "offering" of herself to him. I was so happy when they quit writing Amy like that.

Repeated offering? Don't remember that in the slightest.

Best companion since Sarah Jane Smith, I agree.

Doctor Who is British. When it stops, it'll be dead.

If anyone is a Mary Sue, it's the Doctor. Any middle aged chap yearning for a fresh young thing (while married to an still alluring and challenging older woman) is going to wish he could achieve so much with a bow tie and braces. Meanwhile the younger lads who just want to be gods are equally happy. But you can say that about any superhero drama. It's the tedious side of the show.

"You want to MATE!?" LOL

I miss Donna, Barbara, Ian, Susan... oh smeg, I'm not writing out the far longer list of companions the Doctor had no desire to 'get busy' with... I can't believe the show has to go down to the jerry springer level of "love triangles" to get viewers, but some say sci-fi as a genre has gone downhill over the last few decades, getting worse as the otherworldly/eye-opening nature is supplanted with maudlin soap opera...

Series 3 I liked.

The Doctor, who cares why, needn't BE sexual. The show is not about his love life and didn't need to be for 26+ years.

I liked the Doctor being oblivious, and Martha was done in a way that:
a) appeases those who want him asexual
b) appeases those that wanted him to love only Rose

Martha had much potential - especially in the historicals and pseudohistoricals. At times she's a little too bossy/obstreperous and comes across as being a big walking cliche (who also never changed her clothes, but because this is Lord RTD and not JNT, nobody minds that the TARDIS is full of smelly clothing this time around), but she's a breath of fresh air compared to snobby whiny self-important "it's all about meeeeeee" Rose (who's far stinkier as a "character")... sheesh, she knows of some of the people massacred on the space station, but she only wants walking stereotype Jack to come back alive... everyone else, even Lynda... nope. Who cares about them (apart from Doctor Who, *rolleyes*)... the sad part is, Jack and his antics show him to be a walking stereotype where they don't mention all 20 STDs he's spreading and I doubt she'd want them... (forgive me, I'm bi, am in a monogamous relationship, don't chat people up for frivolous casual sex, etc, etc, and many do not like how the people making WHO presented Jack as being and only for the sake of cheap, empty ratings, especially by playing into stereotypes... RTD of all people should know better... but he's on record saying nobody over 45 should play the role of the Doctor, and playing into more petty stereotypes as well... he has not a clue on sci-fi, which is about opening the mind. Not closing it and playing into stereotypes. But before I digress...)

Anyone who puts out one-liner responses that don't go into detail as to why they are making a 'rebuttal' to begin with?

Just curious because I've read a couple of those already and there's no reasoning or justification behind the claims...

I feel like I'm the only person who didn't really like Donna...

Very interesting points.

Sometimes felt Rory was almost like a contemporary version of Harry Sullivan since there were similarities like the medical backgrounds and the characters being reluctant participants in the Doctors schemes and adventures but Rory also had the developing romantic relationship with Amy.I liked Mickey Smith too and it's unfortunate that he only got a couple of opportunities to travel with the Doctor and Rose.

I know people have said this before, but, seriously? Romancing the Doctor AGAIN!

This just feels like the Moffat Man head-writer being a fan-boy again where "the Doctor is so wonderful" and "everyone loves the Doctor". I'm a a little tired of this indestructible, romancer routine. It was distracting in The Movie and it's just getting tiresome in the new series. Can we have a companion who's a COMPANION and not a girlfriend/lover/wife.

Oh god, not more love triangles, plot pregnancies and all the rest of the trash Moff writes!

Its all he knows. A good story to him is a slam bam pregnancy that;s over so fast nobody cares, not even the poorly written characters that the stuff happens to, eg, Amy Ponds baby, lol

It's made for America now.

Mary Sue sucks

here here

Doesn't Moffat realise, all this love nonsense is turning away his fan base? I don't think he cares, I think the BBC hate how popular this show is, and have employed Moff and Smith to destroy it every way. The faster they put that final nail in Who's coffin, the happy the execs will be. They will still have the dvd and toy sales. But they want rid of Who, and this is how they will achieve that end, when even the hc fanbase, such as me, can no longer be bothered to watch, the few fadsters will soon lose interest, bye bye Doctor.

I never thought I would be so underwhelmed at the new series of Who on it's 50th birthday. Yet that's how I feel. And so many other fans too, will soon be former fans, the way this is going.

All the Moff fanboys moaned when RTD did it, although it wasn't ever bloody year. Now they are shouting, we love your crappy love plots, Moff, fanboyism makes me sick, so does this show now it has become a tragic parody of itself.

My ultra-conservative, non-Who-watching mom once saw the 4th Doctor enter that "tiny" blue box with a young female and subsequently never allowed me to watch the show as a kid.

It's easy to find things to be offended at in it (I do have my own complaints, believe me) when we view it from a HUMAN perspective... but it's critical to remember that the Doctor is a lonely ALIEN. He's not like us, and that's why the show works. An older HUMAN man with a much younger companion is what we find unacceptable. As a TimeLord with a new, "young" body each regeneration, the Doctor apparently becomes vulnerable to feeling attraction for others who are young. This makes sense when you consider how different he is each time: new tastes in clothes, food, etc.

I'd never be able to enjoy the show if I always thought of the Doctor as a "dirty old man". ;-)

Your story about your mom is almost identical to my story - with my mom and the 4th Doctor. That said, your mom didn't know what the show was about so her reaction is irrelevant. In classic Who, the Doctor never was involved in that way with human companions. It seems to me the Doctor being interested in a cute young wide eyed dumb (compared to him) thing is the ultimate in humanizing the character...pretty much the opposite of seeing him as an alièn. An alien would probably not be interested in the young of some species from a completely different planet.

Never contested that point. Of course, if I were to, for fun, I would argue that maybe Tegan spent four years with the Doctor meaning that her linear experience of time matched the length of time she was away. Would she still be "out of time" then? Hmmm, not sure. Also, is it specifically stated that "Arc of Infinity" was set in 1983, the year it was broadcast? Is it possible those events took place in the same year as "Resurrection of the Daleks?" Maybe a year or two passed between "Time Flight" and "Arc of Infinity". Hahaha. That is what is so great about Doctor Who. There are so many things that fans can decide upon themselves. Whether it be what is canon to whether there was ever a season 6b. As far as I'm concerned, Doctor Who is the most interactive piece of fiction ever created... Well, apart from The Bible and other religious texts. They may win out... Apart from that it has to be Doctor Who. God, I love this show...

... Thinking about Tegan again. If "Arc of Infinity" was set in 1983 and "Resurrection of the Daleks" 1984 (the year it was broadcast) then how was she four years out of time? What have I missed?

It just seems like an ego trip for the head writer's. Even RTD was guilty of hogging the writer's credit during his time so we can have that weak conclusion of his. Now Moffat (who, whilst he a good writer, I don't like the man's personality) is doing the same. Back towards the end of old Doctor Who I can see Andrew Cartmel's reason, because he was trying to save the flagging series. Now New Who is stronger than ever why can't they get other people to write?

Only with Russell T. Davies, it was the case

Except that the Doctor IS interested in them. TimeLord companions from the classic series looked--and often acted--like the human girls he hangs around with. And even in the classic series, though he may not have acted romantically, he cared about his companions VERY much. People choose to have relationships at different times in their lives; I think it makes sense the Doctor would choose to have some if he's the last of his own kind and a recent regeneration made him... um... shall we say, excitable..? But I completely understand where you're coming from on this.

Funny about your mom too... and funny that the new trailer with Clara touches on this issue exactly!! :-)

Mothers.. I know, right?
Anyway, i think you are missing my point. I am not saying the Doctor should hate his companions. I expect him to like human companions the way he did in classic who (or like he did with Donna). friends, NOT romantically. I've read/seen interviews with classic series Doctors, writers, production staff etc. They say they went out of their way to make it clear the relationships were not romantic. He loved them and guided/cared for them in a pure/unselfish examples of the best of humanity.
Companions are never permanent. All companions are short term. For this reason, if they keep up with this stupid romantic stuff, they just make the Doctor seem like some sort of spacey playboy...With a revolving door of forgettable wide eyes birds.

"It is important that you don't turn it into a fanfest. We can't make
this all about looking backwards. It's actually got to be the start of a
new story."

Eh, if the fans want nostalgia (and they do) why not give it to them?

I bet it's Clara liking River. She did have a girlfriend, remember Nina?

I get what you're saying, really I do. I think we just have different ideas of who the Doctor is. I see him more as a character who changes as he ages and regenerates, who perhaps did become more of a playboy out of boredom and loneliness. I certainly understand that you may not want to view him that way.
BTW, the eps with Donna are my favorite new Who; the Tom Baker/Liz Sladen eps are my favorite classic Who. Close friends who can banter and argue; strong female characters; love that!

Yeah, lets agree to disagree on that topic.
Regarding Donna. she was brilliant. However, I didn't expect to like her. After that "bride" episode, I felt some true dislike towards the character. When I then heard she would be the new companion, I was like "how is that possible (you know, because she was not very likeable)." Anyway, they get to the first episode with her as the companion, and I changed my mind. Donna just got better and better. If there was ever a companion who should have been on for multiple seasons, it was Donna. She is my all time favorite companion. Regarding Sarah Jane, like everyone else, I loved her. However, I honestly liked all of the 4th Doctor companions.

That would render everything that has happened this series to be false - Rory and Amy's departure in particular. Moffat's pattern is to include solutions within the series he intorduces a puzzle: the flesh, the tesselecta, the cracks. Watch the upcoming episodes closely: an element of their stories will provide the answer to Clara's identity.

I'm sorry, but 'another possible love story' does not equal 'another Rose'. Don't forget that Rose appeared in the RTD era. However, the love story in Moffat's The Girl in the Fireplace was excellent, so don't count your owls before they're delivered. :P

I have to admit I much preferred when RTD was running things, even though there have been some great eps since Moffat took over. I think Moffat writes serious drama with fun elements much better than silly sci-fi with serious elements. Basically, he's better at making Sherlock than he is making DW. I think all the Companions 9, 10 & 11 have travelled with brought something fresh to the series, but I admit, I'm getting sick of all these paradox people. River, Amy, Clara - I want the mystery to come from the episodes, not the Companion, though I admit I was always captivated at the time. I think Clara is incredibly sweet and she manages to have spunk without being unlike-able, which is something Amy never managed.

I actually had to take a hiatus from the show because I was so sick of Amy, but I loved Rory, and wanted to know what I missed between the birth of Melody and the introduction of Clara, so I went back and filled in the gaps. Now that I have seen everything, I like River more than I did, and I was sad to see Amy and Rory go, but mostly for the Doctor's sake. I agree we need more male Companions; I think teenage Kazran Sardik would have been perfect. The one-off guys are always great: Kazran, Jethro, Craig. Even Captain Jack and Mickey deserved longer. All of them would have been great Companions for the Doctor. But people want the sexual tension between Doctor/female, so I suppose it's inevitable. I agree that Donna was a breath of fresh air and ultimately I think the combo of 10 & Donna was ultimately my favourite. I loved Dalek!Clara and Victorian!Clara (and totally shipped her with 11!) but it's taking me a while longer to warm up to 21st Century Clara.

I'm looking forward to River and Clara meeting, and I think Clara might get a slight crush on River, if she's guns blazing with her "down, boy" attitude, but I think River is going to be slightly put out and jealous of the Doctor's fascination with Clara. He's going to be oblivious as usual, and just happy to see his wife. Which brings me to the real grievance I have with River.

As much as I got frustrated with her character sometimes, it was a very original idea, and a heartbreaking storyline. But I'm getting real sick of her ducking in and out of the Doctor's life. They've caught up with one another now, they're married, why can't they have a linear timeline? And some adventures together for a change? Why does she have to keep leaving? That's what's frustrating me most of all. The secret has been revealed. River should be his Companion until she isn't - until she has to meet 10 in Silence in the Library and die, and a heartbroken Doctor has to be strong for Clara. That's what I'd like to see, Moffat! So Run, You Clever Boy, And Remember.

Yes! Thank you for mentioning this! the Doctor often has great one-off romances or connections with people (Jethro, Asrid, Madam de Pompador etc). I'm biased towards the Girl in the Fireplace though, because my friend Jess played the young version of her :)

I did find it interesting how much Clara looks like CAL. I mentioned this after watching Asylum of the Daleks to my friends and they thought I was nuts.

aww. sometimes i feel like the only doctor who fan who actually enjoys the doctor/companion romance angle. i don't care for river because i think she's a bit too "permanent" for the show's structure but i would love to see this happen!

Amy always loved Rory, The doctor just stirred up that relationship it is unfair to say Amy only settled with Rory because the doctor rejected her. In the end run she always picked Rory. There are several examples of her love for Rory, and at the end she picked Rory over the doctor. If anything she lusted after the doctor.

Lets see, Amy offered herself to the Doctor on numerous occasions, soundly rejected each time, finally marrying Rory during a time period when she'd forgotten the Doctor even existed. Kind of sounds like setting to me.

The River Song that turns up in 'The Name of The Doctor' is Post-Library apparently?
And I also heard that someone dies in that episode?

Are you confusing Rory with Rose? The Doctor would practically spell out everything for her, which she would dictate it back. She's was soooo smart.

Oh he's totally THE Doctor. He's everything great about all the Doctors rolled into one.

She was constantly trying to come on to the Doctor, even at her wedding! When he popped in with his TARDIS, she said "You absolutely definitely may kiss the bride". In fact, I wasn't completely sure of who she wanted to be with until The Angels Take Manhattan, when she was finally forced to choose.

I thought he had a thing with Karen Gillan, maybe he's just very flirtatious.

Same with Amy on the plot device thing. They relied on the "mystical pregnancy" trope and basically reduced her to a uterus.

He's really excellent in the role. Whimsical, actiony, young, old, wise, foolhardy, funny, grave ... Quite a package.

Which made it all the more sad when I saw a photo of him making his new movie. (On the Net, so it is out there.)

With his hair almost all cut off ...

crying when she touches rory's face even though she doesn't remember him; "rory is the most beautiful man i've ever met". ; crying when rory tells her "to save you, i could do anything"; choosing to be with rory forever over the doctor.. that is definitely not settling. rory is the love of her life.

So if you are right, and she didn't love the Doctor, really loved Rory, how do you explain all her moves on the Doctor? Just massive sluttyness? I mean, it's one or the other. I personally don't think she is slutty. I believe she wanted the rejected a bunch, finally got the message then settled for Rory.

There was one actual Doctor/Companion romance and that was with Rose - and you can't say that didn't worked because it was amazing. Eurgh, I hate when people say this. Martha had a weird crush on him, Donna and him had no romantic feelings and him and Amy just had a kiss. Rose should come back though, Clara is just annoying.

Seriously, bring back Rose. This show is being ruined. The Doctor is turning into an idiot and the companions are even worse. And why can't they bring Captian Jack back, too? He was the funniest one on the show.

Oh God no... Rose was awful. We don't need another damsel in distress, whiny love interest.
I rather like the show in its current state, it is far more faithful to the classic series, but with good modern interpretation.

Well, judging by the ridiculous popularity of Rose, I don't think we'll ever be able to truly escape it again... damn Rose...

Stress, tension and hormones.

Confused in thinking it was ok to cheat on Rory, confused in thinking Rory didn't mind, confused in thinking the Doctor returned her love.

You just summed up my feelings of Rose.

So glad this theory was wrong...

God, stop whinging people, you like you watch, you don't like you don't watch, der simple yeah. Instead you are tearing it to bits. I have watched since day one, haven't always liked everything but I understood the changes, hell it wouldn't still be on without the changes. I'm going with it no matter what, out of all of the doctors there were 2 I didn't always watch, guess they didn't always seem right, but otherwise I LOVE WATCHING DOCTOR WHO! Loved Donna, love River these two will give him a piece of their mind. River wasn't like a gushing school girl. I think she and 12th would be different, as their maturety would improve their relationship and love without the soppiness. Oh well I will be watching it.

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