Doctor Who: brand new series 7 part 2 trailer

Trailer Louisa Mellor 16 Mar 2013 - 18:00

There's exactly a fortnight to go until Doctor Who series 7 is back on BBC One, and here's the trailer to prove it...

We won't waffle on, chiefly because you good people have a brand new Doctor Who trailer to watch. This one. Right here.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday the 30th of March with the Steven Moffat-penned The Bells of St John. Come back on Monday to read our spoiler-free episode review.


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Yes, yes a million times yes!


Very nice.

Of course, at a non-whopping 40 seconds of disconnected snippets, it's really just a TV ad, not a trailer, but it has a nice look-and-feel to it.

Matt Smith seems terrific as ever, and the new companion looks likely to work out nicely.

*giggles and claps*


Looks good! Looking forward to Series 8 of six episodes that will be shown over in three parts over 2014-16. (Joke!)

Ice Warriors, new look Cybermen, new costume for Doctor, witty writing and was that an exploding tardis console room????......Someone's been reading my Christmas list :D

I hope that Sontaran is Strax getting to kick some ass rather than just being a side kick.
Exciting. Plus, I have a feeling there is some pithy continuation of the statement, "I am the Doctor, and I am afraid. . . . . " Hurry up Easter!

And with that, last years trailer music gimmick has caught up with television.

That being said, this still looks freaking awesome!

Trailers seldom give a compressed idea of the story. It's to hook you in, not spoil the story.

It is not a trailer, too short for that. It's an ad.

Trailers are also adverts.

Holy. Mother. Of. Jesus.

that looks immense.

It's a series trailer, for a series of supposedly "stand alone" episodes. As it's not directing you to watch any one episode it's also an advert for the series as a whole. Or a trailer. Whatever.

It's not a trailer. This is just a short TV ad.

A trailer is longer and directional -- think of what you see before a movie, or other DW releases more than a minute long -- and not just a series of disconnected snippets.

ooo it looks like they are going with a strong horror motif this time...

my favorite quote by simply...



So it's a teaser trailer.

Oh goodie, I've got me some high expectations now! Very promising clips, and I have faith that Clara will develop strongly. Still missing Amy and Rory, though

It's actually kind of a nothing burger, since you insist. A bare step above releasing a bunch of disconnected photos.

The one thing it accomplishes is remind people that the show is finally back.

That said, I love Matt Smith and think Jenna what's her name shows promise and looks like a natural.

Of course, I've already seen her in two episodes, so the ad/teaser trailer didn't tantalize me any further.

This is certainly not a real trailer.

Still pretty much convinced that Clara will be dead by the end of every episode and that that is the mystery that the Doctor has to solve...

Gonna be a challenge, especially given her 'secret.'

The production values - based purely on what I've seen here - seem over-the-top good by TV standards. Lovely.

Only Doctor Who fans can get pedantic enough to argue over what to call an advertisement for the show! :p

This is a ridiculous argument not worthy of more than a moment's discussion and it can be solved equally quickly with a swift browse through a dictionary.

The dictionary definition of 'Trailer' is thus:

Verb. To advertise a film, TV or radio program in advance of the release by broadcasting excerpts or details.

It certainly fulfils all the requirements to be called a trailer AND an advertisement so can we please stop discussing this now and talk about something more interesting and meaningful like the weather or the drying time of paint.

In all honesty, jokes aside, I would guess that Series 8 will start off a definitive format of some kind once again once the anniversary celebrations are done- either Doctor Who always does the Series 6 Spring-Autumn-Christmas split or it does the Series 7 Autumn-Christmas-Spring split on a constant basis, so essentially we'll head back to there only being a few months between new seasons of Who.

With any luck, once the 50th has rocked the world over, we'll get confirmation of the Series 8 format and Series 9. Considering that the show was off air for so long, to be contemplating its ninth-eleventh year back is brilliant!

I think they'll repeat the Season seven split. I say this as I saw Matt Smith on the Jonathan Ross show last night and he failed to confirm he was returning for the eighth season. He said he still had to discuss it. He confirmed he was coming back after doing his Ryan Gosling film to do the Christmas episode. If they were going to split it like in series 6 you would think that the Christmas episode would have to be the first episode of a block to film. That is, if we were to assume the first half of series 8 were to begin in March. So, unless he knows he is actually leaving on the Christmas episode and they are planning to regenerate the Doctor I suspect after this Christmas we'll have another 9/10 month wait for season eight.

Ok. For the first time ever I looked at this trailer and went. Meh... That's nice. Don't get me wrong I will be glad to see it back and the ice warriors etc. But after all my arguments on here, wrangles, letters to the BBC and so forth I still have no concrete answer for you all as to why there is not a full series in the anniversary year.

And because of all the fighting, hype and B.S. spouted by the BBC I have become so disengaged about the show now. And that's a shame. I may perk up a bit one its back in a couple of weeks. I want to, I really want to. Because the last thing I want to do as a hard core fan is fall out of love with my favourite show. And if I do the blame lies with the BBC.

Its still a pity those great looking Ice Warriors will only get 45 minutes of screen time. I hope now they have made the costumes they get used again. They will be onscreen for only 30 minutes or so by the time the intro is over. Oh well...must think positive! Did anyone else think the Cybermens faces looked a bit rotund? Must have been eating too many Cyber Pies. And what is it with Nick B and doing the voices for every classic monster? He is great...I love the guy and the job he does with the Daleks is fantastic, but the Cybermen sound terrible. Like a bad cross between a 1970s Cylon and crackling Radio with distortion. I hope he does a good job with the Ice would think though that somewhere in the Universe someone would be sitting thinking and going "Hmmmm the Cybermen and Icewarriors and Daleks all have the same male voice...Hmmmmmm"

The last thing I have to say here is that if the new Jason and the Argonaughts series gets 13 episodes in the autumn then I am going to be beyond furious. And it will also prove that the problem is not lack of money or funds ,but problems in the production team somewhere. Because Jason is going to cost plenty. Filming abroad in Morocco and effects work for the creatures is going to put it very close to the Doctor Who budget and I don't care what anyone or the BBC says.

By that definition, pretty much ANYTHING put out in advance is a trailer.

It makes the term, which has a clear history of being something of substance beyond disconnected snippets, much longer and more coherent than this brief TV ad, essentially meaningless.

I'm looking at a real trailer for "Series 7, Part I" put out a lot more than two weeks in advance with a lot more to it than this little thing.

Actually, it gets to a deeper issue, which is how undercooked things are getting if a brief TV ad is passed off as a proper trailer just two weeks before the show finally returns.

Is the Jason and the Argonauts series you talk about related to the 144 minute drama they showed on BBC2 in January? Was this a pilot for it or is it a separate project? It's available on iPlayer apparently. Worth watching?

It's a trailer ; )


What if.....

......The only way to bring Clara back to life was to wave a sonic screwdriver and mindweld her with Amy's essence? That way we have a new body but the same old mind. Makes the new companion a sort of psychoganger.

Wouldn't that be pants? Or pansy-wantsy.

She can spend the whole series arc finding enough plastic to bring back Rory's mind.

Its Rubbish!

Oh, I wouldn't say that. I expect the show to be good and entertaining.

But it is an odd way to launch into the 50th anniversary year.

I have no idea I am afraid. All I know is its the Merlin replacement by the same team that made that. Its coming either this Autumn or next depending on what news you believe and most of it will be filmed in Morocco, because there is no way a wet windy beach like the one in used as Bad Wolf Bay in Doctor Who can double for tropical Greece.

Who can tell. I will look into it...I seem to have vague recollection of that, but I thought it was a sort of reconstruction of the events of the Legend to test to see if it was possible, where the locations might have been and so on. I know that about 20 years ago a bunch of nutters built a replica of the Jason and the Argonaughts legendary boat and went on a voyage round the regions, rowing the ship to see if it could be done, as in the legend.

They managed very well so it might have been true.

Brothers and Sisters!!
Why are you all arguing about what is or is not classed as a trailer? Heheheh Can we agree to disagree and say its not a trailer, and its not a tv add either its a sort of combination of both and none?
Its a tradder?
Its an addler?

Oh my God! You killed Clara! You Bleepers!

It will be fun finding out, but a sneaking suspicious part of me has a large feeling that whatever happens it might end up being a let down or a cop out or a slight of hand trick, such as the Doctors Death / exploding Tardis etc etc...I have given up believing all the hype now. Its for the four year olds that watch to get excited about.
I am just going to take it as it comes, believe nothing until the end and we find out, and it will be either good, or it wont.

Its such a shame I have lost my child like sense of wonder and excitement and have been beaten down by the mammoth struggle to live and survive in 21st Century England. And there is nothing I can do to recapture it and fix myself.

There are many nights after a hard day that I wish it was still 1976 and I was six years old again and so excited and scared as Doctor Who with Tom Baker is going to be on tonight!!......

I think I like addler ... :)

... Btw, I keep trying to link to what is a real Doctor Who trailer.

In which the shots last longer than a split second, there is some actual dialogue, and yet it's all for a bunch of stand-alone episodes, like this year's half-season from last year.

But the YouTube link apparently does not pass muster here.

Just found what you are referring to. It's a series called "Atlantis" and will indeed be shot in both Wales and Morocco. It will be thirteen episodes in length, apparently!

However, there does seem to be a difference between Doctor Who and Merlin/Atlantis. These productions are not actually made by BBC Wales but by a company called Shine TV. They make television for other channels such as the programme "Hex" for Sky One whereas Doctor Who is solely an in house production. Whether Shine TV somehow share the costs with BBC Wales or not may explain why they are still able to produce thirteen episode in a season. I have no idea though... Just a theory!

I wrote this elsewhere but seems to have banished. The show you are talking about is called "Atlantis" and will, indeed be filmed in both Wales and Morocco. It will be thirteen episodes in length!

Addler is perfect.

I agree and it revenge on all the fans who kept on asking for a companion to be probably killed of.

Yes! I'm really excited about this part of the series. Hopefully it pays for the yearly wait for part 1.

It's just a trailer. It doesn't give much away, it's made to get you excited. Not to be 5 minutes long.

I see I've come to the right place for excuses.

At the same point in previous years, more particularly the season last year which was a half-season, Doctor Who had a real trailer. As I mentioned, oh, about an inch or so above this. It's not five minutes either.

It's also not a little TV ad.

Give it a rest you pedantic gobsh*te. No-one is interested in what your opinion is on what makes something an advert or a trailer.

I refer you to Paul Childs' comment above, stating the dictionary definition of trailer and please can we stop talking about this NOW!

I will take any response as either a sign that you a) Are ridiculously stupid and can't take a hint b) Can't actually read c) Have no friends because they got fed up of your broken record talk so you're frequenting this forum just so you'll have someone to talk to or d) All of the above

Thank you.

Correct! THAT definition. The one I wrote. The one I quoted from a famous book called The Dictionary. You might know of it. It's a big book that intelligent people tend to have in their house that tells them what words mean. You should read it some time. They're available in bookshops, libraries, schools and even on the internet, if you haven't got one in your house.

Naturally, you resort to ad hominem attacks, having nothing of substance to say.

What is her secret?

Actually, I have experience with this stuff in the entertainment industry, where a trailer is a very specific sort of marketing device, not what you have above, or what some 22-year old wrote in an online dictionary.

Incidentally, sport, I see that you have a history of calling people "stupid."

So it is more than a bit ironic that it never occurred to you that these not terribly clever responses are shot into my e-mail box.

Of course I realise replies go to your inbox. They go into mine so why wouldn't I? Bit of a strange thing to pull me up on. Pointless, one might say, almost like your tirade against the usage of the word 'trailer'.

You've looked into my 'history'. That's verging stalker behaviour isn't it? Naturally, if someone is being stupid, I will say what I see. Nothing wrong in that. Nothing personal against you, so you can withdraw your ad hominem remark (although I see you took up Paul's advice and got yourself a dictionary) - it's just that you have chosen a ridiculous battle to try to win so I am merely pointing out the absurdity of the argument and any person who would defend their stance at the length you have. Is it OCD or plain refusal to be beaten in an argument? Either way, no-one cares. You don't look big, you don't look clever. The more you write, the deeper the metaphorical hole you dig for yourself - so therefore I look forward to what you have to say next. I will be watching my inbox...

Of course you do. We all believe you.

Hilarious! Each response you write is better than the one before! Pure comedy gold! This discussion is turning from a dull argument over semantics into something much more enjoyable.

You don't actually expect me to waste more time with your screeds, do you?

Your history, sport, is available by clicking on your (naturally) anonymous handle.

Bye bye.

Everything I've said is accurate.

If you were to go into Hollywood and say that little thing above is a trailer, they would tell you that you don't know the difference between a TV spot and a real trailer.

But keep thinking you're amused. I wouldn't want your feelings to be hurt.

Whatever, sport.

Ah, the 'Whatever' response. I always wonder how long it will be before someone gives in and writes it. Not long this time as it happens.

What it means, child, is that your sarcasm in lieu of any substance is not worthy of much.

I don't expect anything of you.

Explain to me how using my real name, albeit my surname, makes me anonymous? If you can be bothered to reply that is since you seem to have given up.

I know how you view someone's history - it's still creepy that you took the time to read through mine.

Your history of personal attacks was obvious in the 30 seconds I spent on you.

"On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog."

I don't give your handle much thought, and care less what you claim it means.

You're irritating, but hardly interesting.

If I am hardly interesting, why do you keep replying? I appear to have your full attention.

Shoo, fly.

And yet you still reply. You just can't let someone have the last word can you? Hilarious.

Some info about Landerson. Yes he can be harsh and yes he calls someone stupid if he thinks they are being stupid. I've been on the receiving end of his keyboard before. Turns out he was right in the end too so I deserved it.

But he's no troll. He contributes positively to many more discussions. He knows his pop culture and sci-fi, Very well indeed. If you engage in an argument with him you'd better know what you're talking about because he WILL pick up on any signs of weakness and exploit them.

He's also very good at winding trolls up, so if you don't want to be thought of as a troll, I'd give up now. You're backing yourself into a corner and your 'Whatever' and 'Shoo Fly' comments really did you no favours - they just made you look petty.

It's OK to lose an argument. Whether or not you lose it gracefully is what matters.

Bzzzz ....

Why thank you sir.

You are, of course, correct. While our friend is writing witty little things like 'Shoo Fly' and 'Bzzzz...' the matter in hand is: Is this a trailer, or isn't it? And we have lost sight of that question. A question that is not even worth discussing. The BBC call it a trailer. They do have a little bit of experience in the field of the media so I am going to put my amateur opinion on all matters 'Trailer or Not' into their good hands.

You're most welcome sir.

I too, trust the BBC to call a trailer a trailer.

Thanks for your backup on the whole DS9/Wormhole debate btw - makes up for the whole Peter Jones debacle. I'm still embarrassed about that, you know.

Ah, no worries mate. Listen... you know it's not 'ad hominem'... I try to gently correct inaccuracies but sometimes mouth off too soon! I do speak my mind when I see, to quote, Mr. T, a crazy fool!

And that whole Peter Jones thing was an easy mistake to make - we were, of course, getting into very geeky territory - a long way from the mainstream.

Your own grasp of SF GK is pretty formidable too. Keep it up :D

Internet thugettes, in stereo.

How unintentionally hilarious.

Glad you accept what you are told so readily.

Really can't believe you've dragged out an argument for so long. Ever stop and think there is more to life than kicking off a pointless argument about what to call a trailer? We are all Doctor Who fans. Just relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy this brief look into what promises to be a great series. Life is too short.

Dude, you just proved their point. You said they were not worth your time, yet you still reply to every comment. Paul Childs was right - you can't let someone else have the last word. You'll probably reply to this comment too. If you do, you prove them right and if you don't no-one has to listen to your ravings - so everyone's a winner (except you of course, but I think we all worked out you were a loser quite a while back).

The funny thing is, because I have no interesting in registering with Facebook or Disqus account, when you inevitably reply to my comment I won't get an email alerting me so you'll be talking to no-one.

If you do reply to slag me off, you'll be proven as a troll, but no-one will care (and, as I said already, I won't even see the comment so it makes no odds to me) and if you don't you're admitting defeat. I don't envy your position. Your credibility as a commentator on this site is shot my friend.

PS - Paul Childs and Landerson are two of the most respected commentators on Den of Geek - you should choose who you pick on more carefully in future. Internet Thugettes indeed! Hahaha!

He's clearly a troll. Didn't seem so at first but he soon revealed himself after some gentle prodding. Best not feed him any further.

Also - in ancient times fleeces were often used for filtering water - and this included looking for precious metals in slow running water - the Golden Fleece could very well have been real - it would have been an ordinary fleece laced with gold flecks from some river used by the Greek equivalent of prospectors.

Hahahaha - This troll got well and truly trounced! Loved the bit where he claimed to work in the entertainment industry. In a way, he was telling the truth... I was certainly entertained! Well done to Paul Childs and Landerson on exposing this moron!

Yeah - what a tw*t. Never seen a troll fall apart so badly before. Must be a noob.

Hehehehe - he found that dictionary!

Not so much a noob... rather, remove one of the O's add a K on the front and then you have it!

Funniest thing I have read all week - William_Bradley made himself look a total pillock!

I've shagged that Jenna Coleman when we was at school. Just saying.

Come on Bill - say something funny to make us laugh... We're all waiting to see what you say next!

This is a lot of typing that won't be read. You are quite insistent, though ...

What an obscure anono handle.

I don't accept personal attacks from Internet thugettes.

Not hard to figure out.

By "gentle prodding" you mean false personal attacks. Too bad you don't know what a "troll" is.

I don't claim to work in the entertainment industry. I have worked in the entertainment industry.

Keep telling yourself that, anono-twit.

Says another anono type ...

Hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha. You did not disappoint!

Best laugh I've had all day - the replies are even funnier. Desperation much!

So you claim. We only have your word for that and your credibility is shot to pieces by your own foolishness :D Keep these replies coming Billy Boy - they get funnier each time.

You do realize, I assume -- which means I know you really don't -- that you display the exact behavior of a small pack of adolescent boys. Who attempt, the key word here, to turn anything into evidence of their amusing sense of superiority.

:-D Billy - you are so easy to wind up. And you just can't let someone else have the last word. But you are welcome to prove me wrong by not replying.

Brilliant! You just get better and better. Can't wait to see what you say next. I still can't believe you are keeping going with this - like you have point to prove. What that point is has been lost by now though!

For someone who doesn't accept attacks, you are spending an awful lot of time defending yourself!

Do you get these replies from a book?

Thanks for that interesting insight into your life

Precisely what an adolescent Internet thugette says.

("If you respond you are what I say you are. If you don't, I get the last word.")

You really do live down to the stereotype.

Gosh - you had the last word! Well done!

You seem to know an awful lot about Adolescent Internet Thugettes. Why is that, pray tell? I also love how you try to wind us up by pretending to assume we are female, despite knowing absolutely nothing about any of us. You will, naturally, now follow this up with a comment about how you do, in fact, know exactly what sort of people we are or some other such 'witty' riposte. I'm eager to see what you say!

Troll Hunter's website was right - this conversation is a blast!

Oh, no, we must all applaud you, dear intrepid anono bloke/blokette/whatever. It is you who has the last word.

William - Just give up why don't you? Can't you tell when you're being baited? These guys will keep on for as long as you keep replying. You are doing yourself no favours by trying to take them on. The more you insult them, the more they enjoy it. I used to be a member of Troll Hunter's site so I know all about their modus operandi.

You've already made yourself look very silly - if you continue this will degrade further and further until you are provoked into typing something you later regret. They can't be goaded or insulted. They want you to say offensive or clichéd things you have already ticked many of their boxes.

Essentially you have become the target of a notorious internet game in which each reply you make gives one of the players varying points depending on what you say. There is no end to this game - it is ongoing and only stops when you do.

The biggest and cleverest thing you can do right now is stop addressing them right now. You can NEVER win in a battle of wits with these people. The more you engage, the more personal and upsetting the responses will be - and more aimed at getting a response from you, increasing the points awarded. I'm probably giving one of them points right now by intervening and telling you this.

You really expect me to read all that, especially when it's died away?

Spoil sport!

Although I do get 100 points, so thanks Ponzer! We had a bet on when you would drop in and ruin the fun. Ah well - I'm still gonna hang around a few more days just to see if Billy does respond - I'm always after a few more points, especially now that Snorgins! is now in the lead

I'm only just behind you TH, thanks to Landerson - never met the guy before but luckily for me he pushed all of Billy's buttons exactly how I needed him to for me to get the green star. Cheers Landerson.

Don't care whether you read it or not but you just gave me another 25 points so thanks good chum

Thanks for the points buddy. This is the best game we've had in years. 40 points for me. You're like the gift that keeps on giving.

Bill, Bill, Bill... You just won't let it lie will you? And because of that I take the lead with the 60 points you just gave me.

By all means ignore the friendly message I sent you but be warned that if you keep replying they will keep prodding. This could go on for a long time. I did warn you.

William - please stop feeding Troll Hunter's gang. They are not adolescents as you surmise but grown, educated men with jobs and families and are playing you for a fool. You are the subject of a game called The Last Word and these guys bet for real money depending on what you say. It's not childish and it's not personal - but it's not illegal so there's nothing you can do about it but to stop talking.

It's all about the bet and your replies. They probably started playing you right near the top of this page when you first started arguing with the good denizens of DoG. They only joined in when the discussion started to wind down, and you began to repeat yourself.

They make bets on things like:

* Making fun of someone's username

* Always insisting on having the last word (hence the name of the game) - they get even more points if you do it after being dared to.

* Making aspersions about the age, gender, persuasion or intelligence of the 'Prodders', as they call themselves.

* Commenting just to say you have not read a comment

* Saying you are leaving the conversation but not making good on that promise - another big scorer

* Claiming to be more intelligent that the Prodders

* Making fun of the anonymous nature of the Prodders (of course they are anonymous - you don't think they'd leave themselves wide open like that do you?)

* Saying in your comment that you have checked the history of another user who is not in the game (and that's a big scorer).

This is played for large amounts of money and your stubbornness is fuelling the game. Just stop.

OK Chaps - here's the score (literally!)

In first place so far is Bandersnatch
Bombarly is second and he hasn't even said a word yet
Uncle Albert is third
Snorgins! and Snood Wearer are joint fourth
I am in fifth place
McBroon is sixth
Blunty is seventh
and Pardew is currently last place and he's placed a rather large bet which, if it pays off, could shoot him into the lead without even joining in.

The Frondsters are gonna kick themselves over this one on not getting in before we did


He used the R word! 50 points for me. Thanks Billy. You're a real pal.

A faint tapping sound, almost as though something is trying to type.

That puts me in first place. Thanks Mate.

Tied for last, with yourself.

Get stuffed. It IS interesting. I would wager your lack of interest is due to your alternate sexuality.

Bang! And there it is! 200 points to me. That's £30 you just made me Billy Boy. I am enjoying this game more and more - keep those comments coming. This is close to a world record for Last Word so I can't tell you how grateful I am, I really can't!

A faint tapping sound somewhere...

Uncle Albert gets the money. Seriously Billy - what do you get to gain from this? Aside from fame amongst players of The Last Word as the greatest ultracrepidarian ever encountered and a misplaced sense of superiority?

We, however are making money with every reply (and I get double points for your repetition) and we get to beat the Frondsters, who will be paying up big time. I mean it - every reply you make, does us huge favours!

Tapping, as if a tiny bird at a windo...

I, on t'other hand, would wager that it was because nobody really cares who you've "shagged", and that it doesn't exactly spark relevant discussion

Not sure why this guy is so stupid but I'm not complaining! Double repetition and a double score for me!

Tap tap ta

This guy just doesn't give up. He think's he's funny. He doesn't realise what an legend of idiocy he is rapidly becoming. He's all the rage at 4Chan now - I think he might be getting a little more aggro from those guys so I don't envy him. In the meantime his triple-rep has added another fiver to my pot. Thanks Mate!

William - if you are trying to insult these guys, you will fail. They thrive on your attempts to insult or belittle them or to feign ignorance. The only way to win this argument is to man up and be the first to keep your silence. No-one will think any less of you - you will have won and put a stop to their sick game. They are not lying - you are the current hot topic of conversation on a number of the underground gaming forums and these guys are tame - if some of the hardcore ones target you it has the propensity to turn nasty. Just stop.

and you'ld wager wrong. get back to masturbating over pictures of gary glitter now, there's a good girl

Nice comeback. You definitely sound fun at parties

Don't feed the troll

Now where would be the fun in that?

The concussed bird has a new burst of tapping ... Tap ta

You think I am one of the trolls trying to wind you up - why is that? I'm just giving you friendly advice.

Because he's clearly mentally unstable Ponzer - exactly the sort of person we like to toy with.

Idiots - it's fine to engage them - they give such amusing responses. Trolls, not so much. Not worth the time of day.

Such lengthy <concern>. Someone is wound up, all right.</concern>

Bill my old mate - you are a goldmine. We've never had a game like this. As long as you have the last word we get more money and you have just achieved world record status. So thank you, thank you very much.

Keep kidding yourself along (at great length).


Will do - as long as you reply, one of us will too, and as long as that happens... ch-ching!

Riight. It ain't my "money," child.

Nope - that's the idea. We identify the chump. Bet on the replies and the more they talk, the more we earn. And you, by 'insulting' my age, have just made me another £50 so God bless you my friend.

Don't kid a kidder, you look like a fool.

If you say so.

In 20 years on the Net, this voluminous nonsense of yours doesn't even make it into the top 100 BS stories I've heard. But keep typing away. It's mildly amusing.

Let's hear these 100 stories. We are all ears. As you seem to now be, despite professing to not hear us just a few hours ago.

Yeah. Looking forward to this.

Get real.

In what way? Are you admitting you don't have 100 stories? I'd like to hear them.

Me to brother.

The concussed bird, feebly tapping under a hundred frantic fake handles... Tap tap ta...

The Last Word goes on! Will it ever end? This is epic! Quadruple Repetition!!! Brilliant! I finally enter the game and shoot straight into the lead! William_Bradley. I love you! Thank your mother for bringing such a wonderful boy into this world!

So many words, so little meaning... Tap tap ta

When will it end? Never I hope!

No sale on your stories, sport. Keep up the embarrassing effort.

Will do - as long as you keep replying. When you stop replying it's game over for us and we move onto the next chump - so it's entirely in your hands.

Poor soul, there is no group, no game, just blah blah.

If you say so

You're drizzling in the wind, little man.

I most surely am. Whatever that means. And how do you know I am male? :D

Tap tap tap

Tap tap tap right back at you!

The concussed little bird, mental energies and stories in its head at last exhausted, taps at the window futilely...

Still too slow.

What's speed got to do with it?


Glad to amuse you. It's the least I can do after all you've done for us

Very slow ...

Indeed. Not very garrulous are you? Repetition seems to be your thing too. Need to improve on the old vocabulary there.



You're become very monosyllabic. Is it your bedtime? Too late for your tiny little brain to make long words? Either way. I'm off to bed. Can't wait to see what the morning brings. The Game enters its fourth day - never seen the likes of it. The gang are going to be thrilled in the morning when they see all the points we've gained. Oh, and if you don't believe it exists... a little research should reap the right results. Perhaps we'll invite you to join in the next one when this one ends. You're good at being annoying - you could make a quid or two.

Damn right! Best. Game. Ever!

A sudden burst of furious tapping from the concussed little bird...

It's another beautiful day in which William Bradley attempts to have the last word. Will he win? We'll just have to wait and see.

The sad little bird awakened and resumed its pointless tapping ...



The concussed bird has a sudden burst of sustained, desperate tap tap tapping...


Well pick yourself up off the floor and have another last word. See it as my gift to you.

Keep on tap tap ta...

Will do, as long as you do. You're welcome to stop. By the way... did you know that the need to have the last word is a mental disorder. We are, of course playing a game. What's your excuse? Feel free to reply. One of you little 'tap' messages will do just fine to priove me right about you :-p



You are going to stroke out with all this desperate tapping ...

Not before you do. Can't break our own rules now can we?


Heh. Your massive typing is quite pathetic.

Let's see what's inside that packaging. Could be a big lump of used coal. (We won't know how good it is until it is seen. Teasers are usually made as marketing to encourage attention and enthusiasm... a good salesman would get a person to buy bottled air or manage to sell a piece of junk... unethical, yeah, but who said society runs on ethics? Anyway, I digress - back to the main topic... a teaser is not the run of stories, and those might be far different to what is encouraging you to feel excited.)

Still, it's like "dating vs marriage" and the married people are just those lame, sexless little fanboys, right?

She's a bloke, and in all the wrong places...


But in seriousness, did you miss an aired episode? Involving those pesky balled salt shakers with egg whisks and plungers, aka the Daleks?


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