Doctor Who: Peter Davison thinks no older Doctors in 50th anniversary episode

News Louisa Mellor
8 Mar 2013 - 07:49

Peter Davison has said a few words on whether Doctors past will be making an appearance in the 50th anniversary special...

Monday the 18th of March is the date Who producer Caroline Skinner has confirmed the 50th anniversary special will begin filming, and no doubt information as to location and guest stars will begin to filter through when it does. That said, the team is particularly adept at keeping secrets (including, remember, the genuinely surprising reveal of Jenna-Louise Coleman's role in Asylum of the Daleks which wonderfully made it to the screen intact despite the episode having been seen by hundreds of journos and fans), so don't expect to know everything before the credits start. Indeed, why would you want to?

One thing people do seem very keen on knowing though, is how much truth there is to the persistent 'Eleven Doctors' 50th anniversary special rumours. Another day, another Doctor denies, prevaricates, or wiggles his eyebrows knowingly in response to the question, "Will you be appearing in the anniversary special?".

The latest to do just that is Fifth Doctor (and David Tennant's father-in-law), Peter Davison. Speaking at a recent Mysticon Convention in the US, Davison said, "I don’t think it will involve the older Doctors, certainly in their present form, because of course we’re meant to look exactly as we did when we left the TARDIS and none of us really do". While the previous Doctors would likely be seen in the special, "I should think it’s probably footage lifted from older Doctor stories", said Davison.

Davison then went on to joke that "I decided that if we weren’t going to be involved that I would get together with Colin [Baker] and Sylvester [McCoy] and make our own little special. We’re going to get into the 50th anniversary special whether we’re invited or not!”

All that may need to be taken with a pinch of the white stuff, as Davison also confirmed that upon his return from the convention, he had a meeting scheduled with the head of BBC Wales "to go through various things the BBC have got planned. I don’t think she’s going to offer me a part in it… I might be wrong.” 


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