Doctor Who: Peter Davison thinks no older Doctors in 50th anniversary episode

News Louisa Mellor 8 Mar 2013 - 07:49

Peter Davison has said a few words on whether Doctors past will be making an appearance in the 50th anniversary special...

Monday the 18th of March is the date Who producer Caroline Skinner has confirmed the 50th anniversary special will begin filming, and no doubt information as to location and guest stars will begin to filter through when it does. That said, the team is particularly adept at keeping secrets (including, remember, the genuinely surprising reveal of Jenna-Louise Coleman's role in Asylum of the Daleks which wonderfully made it to the screen intact despite the episode having been seen by hundreds of journos and fans), so don't expect to know everything before the credits start. Indeed, why would you want to?

One thing people do seem very keen on knowing though, is how much truth there is to the persistent 'Eleven Doctors' 50th anniversary special rumours. Another day, another Doctor denies, prevaricates, or wiggles his eyebrows knowingly in response to the question, "Will you be appearing in the anniversary special?".

The latest to do just that is Fifth Doctor (and David Tennant's father-in-law), Peter Davison. Speaking at a recent Mysticon Convention in the US, Davison said, "I don’t think it will involve the older Doctors, certainly in their present form, because of course we’re meant to look exactly as we did when we left the TARDIS and none of us really do". While the previous Doctors would likely be seen in the special, "I should think it’s probably footage lifted from older Doctor stories", said Davison.

Davison then went on to joke that "I decided that if we weren’t going to be involved that I would get together with Colin [Baker] and Sylvester [McCoy] and make our own little special. We’re going to get into the 50th anniversary special whether we’re invited or not!”

All that may need to be taken with a pinch of the white stuff, as Davison also confirmed that upon his return from the convention, he had a meeting scheduled with the head of BBC Wales "to go through various things the BBC have got planned. I don’t think she’s going to offer me a part in it… I might be wrong.” 


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"Time Crash" was filmed in 2007. PD can't have aged that much in six years...

" a pinch of the white stuff," - immediately read this as cocaine

That'll work too.

True, but you can only use the "time differential" excuse to explain his ageing once. And even then it would be a stretch to use it to explain the balding, greying, expanded waist-lines of the other 80's Doctors.

It's more likely that past Doctor's are meeting the BBC in order to participate in an anniversary documentary.

So will crystal-meth.

...Where does it say that the shorting of the time differential excuse can only be used once? It basically acts as an explanation for why in every story with a Past Doctor, at least one of them has aged noticeably since we last saw them! (The shortening of the time differential literally ages the Older Doctors bodies.)
Also it is worth noting that immediately before Time Crash was announced, when rumours about a Peter Davison appearance for Children in Need were being mentioned, Peter Davison consistently denied having filmed anything! (So while he could be telling the truth now...It is not like he hasn't lied before to keep an appearance a surprise.)

None have their voices have necessarily aged too much though...

Spot on! The thing to note here is that 'THEY MAKE THIS STUFF UP', it they wanted to use the time differential again they could or they could make up a hundred other reasons why we have a bunch of old Doctors together. Moffat has never exact denied himself logic bending excuses if it's given the effect he wanted.

Surely as it's the 50th Anniversary it shouldn't matter how old any one is. This is likely to be a very rare thing how many shows get to their 50th anniversary? It shouldn't matter if it's a sloppy mess it should just be a proper tribute to 50 years and every single person that made those 50 years so loved by so many.

Did you notice he totally snubbed Tom Baker. ; )

Not only is there a "time differential" at work when older Doctors show up to help out the newest guy (Hartnell and Troughton in "The 3 Doctors", Troughton and Pertwee in "The 5 Doctors") but there is also, apparently, a "facial differential" that can be incorporated when necessary (Hurndall as the 1st Doctor in "The 5 Doctors"). And none of the other Doctors, or the Doctor's Granddaughter herself, seemed to notice that the 1st Doctor's face had completely changed!

So yes, the writers and producers "make this stuff up" as they go along, so there ain't no reason why a tubby Tom and the others can't show up in "The 11 Doctors".

Didn't Tennant come up with some fancy-shmancy-pseudo-scientic explanation for Doctors looking older when they show up to the current doctors doorstep?

The other bulbous Baker might be harder to explain... (he's such a nice person I actually felt bad typing that!)

We have more evolved audiences now, who wouldn't accept anyone over 45 as the Doctor...

Or so we're told.

Often by people who forgot that 6 of the original 7 actors were all 40 or older when hired to play the role...

I am pretty sure we wont see any past Doctors from the classic show, in anything other than a video flashback. We will be lucky if we get David Tennant. The special is only an hour long and there wont be enough room for them.

John Barrowman is in negotiations to be in the special. So the Doctor will probably just bump into Captain Jack, and there will be a monster to fight and Jack will flirt with the Doctor and Clara and be very annoying, over the top and a pain like he always is.

I cant stand the character and I cant stand John Barrowman. He is an egotistical, arrogant prat. But thats just what I think, I know a lot of people love him.

We will soon see whats going on as filming starts on the special this month and they wont be able to keep whats going on secret from the fans this time. Someone somewhere will see something and put it on the internet.

Oh god, I would love to see that. Davison, McCoy and Baker with a video camera, filming their own low budget 3 Doctors special in Davison's basement.

Hmm. A lot can be done with old video/film footage (cleaned up and enhanced), CGI effects (especially very brief, moving shots), stand-in actors in the right costumes (like David Tennant's 'twin' a few years ago), and newly-recorded or newly-stitched-together audio of actors' voices. Jon Pertwee's and Patrick Troughton's sons are actors with voices similar to their fathers: have they met the BBC recently, I wonder...?

I am beginning to suspect we won't even get Tennant in the special. I think they may save him and John Barrowman for the ten year anniversary of the new series in 2015. That way they get to "celebrate" another occasion and an excuse to keep it in the medias eye. I have to say, I will be a little disappointed if this does turn out to be the case...

If they keep cutting seasons and messing about like they are, they will be lucky if the new series gets to ten years...

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