Doctor Who: lots of new series 7B pictures

News Louisa Mellor 6 Mar 2013 - 07:00

See the Doctor and his new companion in action in these brand new pictures from the forthcoming episodes in series 7...

On Monday, Who fans were treated to a picture of a motorbike and some broken glass, and were grateful for the privilege. Imagine our giddiness then, when this series of fourteen new shots from Doctor Who's forthcoming episodes arrived online, featuring submarines, South Bank busking, ghostly candles, aliens in glass boxes, and a soaking wet Doctor.

Take a look at the new images, featuring guest stars Jessica Raine and Dougray Scott, alongside Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, below: 














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What's in the glass case? sycorax/weeping angel hybrid?

Updated Draconian...?


One word: Fez.

My reaction on seeing these pictures : "Boring, boring, boring, FEZ, boring, boring..."

Well it could make sense for them to take the form of statues native to their location (more sense than 'just happening' to mimic human statues).Though given that they're clearly up there with the Daleks and Time Lords in the 'ultra-advanced-civilisation' club, with an innate link to time travel that's as easily as substantial as the Time Lords', it wouldn't be inconceivable that they formed in the far future where (ever since the very first series with William Hartnell) humans have been depicted as one of the larger empires in terms of occupied systems, and then proliferated through time/space from there, keeping their 'human statue' form.

Something that looks like the pattern on the Pandorica lock in that first picture... It's a pre-requisite for Eleven to get wet and do something requiring a military jacket in the companion's first adventures? I'm not complaining. And Jenna is really really pretty.
Also - welcome home, The Fez!

MY reaction: "boring, boring, call the midwife, boring, FEZ, boring..."

These stills never do much for me. But they do show progress to the season premiere ...

Dougray Scott. I would.

I hope i'm not crazy but we actually seem to be criticising and debating ,how effective and informative publicity photographs for press releases and articles are.While i'm as enthusiastic about what's forthcoming as usual,this stuff is for journalists more than fans and is absolutely perfunctorary.

I'll take sloppy seconds

The season premiere was last year. This is the second half after an eternity.

Definitely looks like a Draconian in that framed box. Draconians vrs Ice Warriors? That'd be cool. Or rather, that'd be ice!

Talk about a boring response. Thanks for sharing. Not.

Am I crazy to assume, or was that a Syccorax in the picture between 11 and the guy in the horn rims trying to hold Clara back?

Is it me, or is that the Watcher in the background of the shot outside the TARSUS?

I know that.

But the reality is that this is a premiere of some sort coming up, whether we call it season, mid-season, annual, whatever.

Especially since the ending last year really was a major ending, the departure of the companions ...


All these shots are from the last 10 minutes of the last episode. :-)

The Draconian is the most interesting of the bunch...

But who said that every pic put out to tease the fans with has to be whiz-bang-big? (unless you're the Moff (and even then), please don't make a trite, cliched, stupid pun out of the first sentence...)

And will somebody please destroy the blasted sonic panacea screwdriver already? :(

Maybe Ice Warriors have willies on their heads; until now we've never seen an Ice Warrior happy to see anyone... :|

It's actually a minor spoiler -- much thanks all the same!

So Clara's back from the dead!!!

What an unforeseen plot twist! Almost as if M. Night Shallowman's occult hand is guiding the series.

What next? Adric on a dinosaur?

The sailor in picture 2 is Scott Stevenson

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