Doctor Who: John Barrowman in talks for 50th anniversary

News Louisa Mellor 1 Mar 2013 - 14:02

Whether he was supposed to or not, John Barrowman has confirmed that he is in talks for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special...

One entertaining thing about Doctor Who's impending 50th anniversary special (about which you can read more, here) is the eighteen-month-long staring contest in which it's forced the various former Doctors and Who cast members to participate. In every interview, public appearance, and quite possibly trip to Waitrose they've carried out for the past year and a half, this group of people have sat, eyeballs drying and extruding from their sockets, trying not to blink, trying not to be the first one to divulge that yes, of course it's happening, of course they've been asked, and of course they're doing it.

The first to break? The wonderful John Barrowman. In the course of a This Morning interview with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langford that took place, fittingly enough, this morning, Barrowman said:

"I haven’t had any information until just about right now, and all I can say to you is that we’re discussing things. That’s an exclusive. You guys are the first. Even yesterday I was giving interviews and I was saying ‘I have heard nothing’ and now I can give you a little bit of an exclusive."

We love you John Barrowman. Watch the full confession over at Blogtor Who.


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I sooooo hope he will be in this episode and will finally meet River ! i'm pretty sure they both already know each other from the time when Jack was a time agent.

Its not like he hasn't touted himself for about the last 18 months is it?

Very good news!

I watched Torchwood: Children of Earth again a few weeks ago. It really is excellent, and he's terrific in it.

Yeah, but he was pretty much sidelined in Miracle Day. Will be interesting to see if they address the whole MD continuity thing if he does come back. I'm betting they don't.

Miracle Day was, as the saying goes, an interesting failure.

I didn't much like the first two seasons of Torchwood, but they sure got it right in Children of Earth. It's practically a masterpiece.

I want more Torchwood! But don't let RTD screw it up, yet again.

Not sure that the discussions are actually about Jack participating in the anniversary story as it would be odd if he disclosed that he was involved in that before any returning Doctors.I know Moffat has played around with the idea of a story involving River Song and Jack Harkness helping out and would think it would be quite attractive to make that part of the anniversary story.Would be interesting to see Jacks reaction to the Doctor being kind of married.Would be really great to see him with Doctors nine, ten and eleven at the same time if possible.

Oh god not this idiot back again!!

Shut your gay homosexual mouth, captain jack is awesome it's a shame the same cant be said for yo mama in bed.

I think the Jason is an idiot. But what you just said about shutting his gay homosexual mouth is offensive, especially as the guy you're defending is gay! So please think before you type!

Actually he hasn't. All you have seen is re-doings of one interview he did a while back.

Ditto! Would make for interesting TV! lol

I really don't want to see him back. They didn't bring past companions back for the Three Doctors and it worked a lot better than it did with all the spare parts hanging around the Five Doctors. This should be a celebration of the Doctor himself.

Well let's hope there's no horses involved.

But isn't the point made over and over again that without companions the Doctor is not whole - travelling with friends is his raison d'être.

Doctor Who, as a show, was always supposed to be about the companion with the Doctor being a mysterious authority figure guiding the audience, through the eyes of the companion(s), around various fantastical situations.

Oh God no. I hope he is not in it. The character is annoying and in love with himself and so is John Barrowman. I just think he is done, I dont want to see him in it again, for another few years. I dont particularly want to see River Song in the special either.

Its only an hour long, trying to cram in lots of things and people will mean that Doctor himself will get less screen time. They should be making this special an hour and a half like the docudrama.

I would like to see people from the classic series. Get Leela back, or Romana or Susan etc...even if they are played by different people. In Romanas case wouldnt it be nice to see her again? She should still be alive, the last we saw of her was she was helping the Tharils beyond the gateway....she could appear with that universes K9 too.
Oh well, no doubt we will get Captain Jack and his over the top ego instead. Meh...

Leave the captain(sexy) alone, you don't get to decide what's offensive and I'm pretty sure the captain(sexy) knows John is gay and said shut your gay homosexual mouth to make a point

I'd like to see him (The Doctor) reconnect with Arthur, but that would involve crossing his own time stream, as well as that of Mme. DuPompadour. Probably not a good idea.

Much proffered the Five Doctors to Three, far better tribute to the show.

Don't feed the troll

Steven Moffat has already said don't believe the stories about a 60 minute either there are multiple specials or something like a 90 minute special.

Yes I saw that interview too. However there is so much false information, rumour and deception going on, I am not taking anything as red until I see it listed in the Radio Times etc.
I am just keeping an eye on other internet sites that have information posted on them by people in Cardif etc that go out to see the filming, get autographs and appear as extras etc. Thats the only way I have found to get the most accurate info as to whats going on.
So far there is nothing happening apart from the Docudrama. The special begins filming soon, and fans should be able to tell by how much filming is done and what they get to see being made, that will give us a more accurate guide as to what to expect on Tv. Unless a lot of it is studio based of course...

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