Doctor Who: Classic villain redesign revealed

News Louisa Mellor
1 Mar 2013 - 10:57

The new poster for forthcoming Doctor Who episode, The Bells Of St John, sneakily reveals a redesigned classic foe...

Warning: this news contains a spoiler for a returning classic monster.

Has everybody who doesn't want to know which Who monster is returning in series 7B gone off to put the kettle on/add rinse aid to their dishwasher/keep up with their correspondence?

Good good. That leaves the rest of us to ponder these first look images revealed in this morning's Who poster, here courtesy of our chum Blogtor Who

The news about the return of the classic foes (who are set to return in episode 7.9, written by Mark Gatiss) has been doing the gossip rounds for a good long while now, after a set visit press tour last summer was reportedly led into a storage cupboard in which, unbenownst to the PRs, an enormous cardboard box marked "Ice Warriors" was being stored. Subtle.

Just to refresh our memories then, here's a shot of the hairy-necked, spanner-handed blighters from The Ice Warriors

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