Doctor Who: Classic villain redesign revealed

News Louisa Mellor 1 Mar 2013 - 10:57

The new poster for forthcoming Doctor Who episode, The Bells Of St John, sneakily reveals a redesigned classic foe...

Warning: this news contains a spoiler for a returning classic monster.

Has everybody who doesn't want to know which Who monster is returning in series 7B gone off to put the kettle on/add rinse aid to their dishwasher/keep up with their correspondence?

Good good. That leaves the rest of us to ponder these first look images revealed in this morning's Who poster, here courtesy of our chum Blogtor Who

The news about the return of the classic foes (who are set to return in episode 7.9, written by Mark Gatiss) has been doing the gossip rounds for a good long while now, after a set visit press tour last summer was reportedly led into a storage cupboard in which, unbenownst to the PRs, an enormous cardboard box marked "Ice Warriors" was being stored. Subtle.

Just to refresh our memories then, here's a shot of the hairy-necked, spanner-handed blighters from The Ice Warriors

Blogtor Who

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Looking good

That she is. The ice warriors OK too.

It's the bloody same, Why bother, they changed the cybermen, and redesign ed the silurians, this just looks the same , seems pointless to me, I will most likely enjoy the Episode.

This is just Lazy, Why completely redesign the cybermen and the Silurians properly. I here Moffat say he wasn't keen on the idea. This doesn't mean he episode will be crap, just why

They look amazing! I like that they aren't too different to the old ones as sometimes when they re-design the monsters too much, like with the Silurians, they loose what it was about them that made them special in the first place. The Silurians are just generic Lizard Men now. So long as they still have the rasping voice and the sonic boom guns then I will be happy.

I bet Mark Gatiss begged Moffat not to tamper with the design after the new Daleks tanked so badly. Gatiss quietly hated the redesign. I dislike the Michael Westmore Silurians.

The cybermen where redisigned every few episodes in the classic series. Wherease the ice warriors never really changed, only different warrior class's wore different armours.

Exactly...hurray! The new daleks are god awfull. That Ice warrior looks great. Most of the really good stories with classic monsters in them had perfect design. They dont need that much doing to them if they brought them back. Zygons, Mummys, Sutekh and the Silurians new design is not good either. They should have left them alone too.

Good - they're keeping to the basics.

The Dalek redesign was... more garish than the 6th Doctor's coat, complete with humps on their backs...

The silurians replaced third eyes with b00bies for absolutely no reason... the scales looked nice, but removing the third eye and adding human overalls were cringe-inducing... and if we're going to put in sexy body parts, they should stick to humans. Would evolution for a lizard species really have things popping out as such?

At least the Cybermen under the Moff's watch have improved for their upcoming story. The RTD revamp was hideous (Melkur and C3PO sitting on a tree, K-I-S-...)


Especially the sonic boom guns... those still creep me out today. The effect used in the Troughton stories was very low-tech, but it sold the concept of what happens to one's innards very well indeed. Especially with the backing music, which crawls on the nerves for all the right reasons.

The new design appears to be a little more angular in places.

What would you do differently?

"The silurians replaced third eyes with b00bies for absolutely no reason..."

Sounds like a pretty solid reason, actually :-)

Err Gatiss oversaw the redesign. He was NOT happy with the end result but he chose the direction (including having the multi-colored Daleks as he has a huge fan of the 60's movies).

What do you mean by Zygon, Mummy and Sutekh new designs? None of those have ever appeared in more than one episode.

I know they only appeared in one story. I was trying to say, the design of them was superb, even if they only were in it once. If they brought back the zygons, they would not need any redesign at all. Just use whats there and make a new costume with modern materials so the makeup and rubber blends into the eyes and mouth on the face perfectly. As for Sutekh its unlikely we would see him again, but what about others of his race? Same thing again...just use the old classic design because it was perfect.

I am sort of making the Porsche Point. The 911 is a classic design in its own right, and each time they bring out a new one, they dont stray from the familiar shape.

That was the point I was trying to make. I like the look of the new old Ice Warriors and cant wait to see them.

Ah right, thanks for clearing that up. The "should have left them alone too" part got me confused.

This design is great, unlike the colored Daleks and human Silurians...

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